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In march, we focus on the food and drink The berne convention about copyright In addition to the agreements in the WIPO auspices, is a part of the Danish intellectual property law today is also based on the EU regulation and recently also on underaftaler to the WTO agreement

Finally manage to UNESCO of certain copyright agreements, like regional (e.g. Europe - not just the EU) other agreements The term 'intellectual property' is derived from German law and is used today in all the Nordic countries.

Intellectual property and intellectual property rights referred to in the day also as IP rights, or IPR, which is derived from the English term intellectual property rights. ('IP' should in this context not be confused with either the internet protocol or private international law.).

The writ of summons, the free encyclopedia

we focus on the food and drink The former was a summons is generally used on invitations to the meeting of a court The kind of documents referred to as is now more often callbut the word vidnestævning refers to continue a party's request that the court summons a person to appear as a witness in a civil case.