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Free legal rådgivningJuridisk advice är något as we alla behöver någon gång in life Free legal advice används av flera juristbyråer för att locka till sig clients On the internet finns också gott on free legal information, such as exempelvis Juridik On the InternetDenna välrenommerade sajt används av individuals och företag in hela Sweden, därutöver use themselves flera gymnasieskolor av denna information in his or her teaching.

Free legal advice erbjuds också inför inköp av juridiska document such as a will, äktenskapsförord och samboavtal. Thorlund Juristbyrå är en juristbyrå with great erfarenhet av juridiska document and online advice.

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You can get advice from only kr

You get the response from our legal advisers online within twenty-four hours on weekdays, and we have a hundred satisfaction guarantee- this means that you will get a refund if you are not satisfied with the answerOur legal advisors are ready to help you with your questions. I am a lawyer and have started the eJura in order to make it easier and more transparent to get legal advice. We can also help per. the elapsed time against the payment via the invoice to the fixed hourly rate. A lawyer can easily have an hourly rate of. If you go to a lawyer, don't you know what the bill ends with the sound on. You can ask any legal questions that you have, but we can only reach to answer them within the time, you have booked advice. Our -minute advice is for simple cases and questions. Here we can not achieve that look documents, letters through. With our -minute advice, we can answer more questions and slightly more complex cases. We can often also achieve that look shorter letters, documents through, if your case is not so complex. With our vouchers, ten x fifteen min. (five hours) do we have good time and can look longer letters documents through or the like. When we answer your questions we always start in your particular situation and provide an answer to your problem. Therefore, you are assured of a thorough and understandable answer to your questions.

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If you want telephone service, we usually have my. ten hours of notice That can occur the longer waiting times on the helpline. You get the response among legal advisors who have extensive knowledge in our areas of expertise, as bl. counts family law, leasehold, collection agency debt, and companies. Maybe you sit and think, that you could use some legal advice, but is afraid that it will be too expensive.

The problem we will at eJura help with.

Avoid a advokatregning, there can easily be. just to answer a few questions and get the answers to your questions at eJura in the site. By the purchase of thirty min. advice or vouchers (or the elapsed time against the payment of an invoice), you can combine between e-mail and telephone, so long as there is enough time for it.

NJORD Law Firm international and Danish legal advice

NJORD advises you on how you wise do to the new rules

If not the UK and the EU given its understanding a udtrædelsesaftale, or gets postponed the date of withdrawal, there will be a hard Brexit

The UK thus becomes a so-called third country in relation to the EU.

The postponement of the new ejendomsvurderinger provides a number of opportunities for you as a homeowner.

This course will equip you for the new ferielov and give you a review of the overall rules about holidays and special holidays. We review the new rules, the period of transition, and how you should prepare yourself for the new ferielov. You will also get useful tools for handling of the period of transition. floor, Copenhagen K. april, at. Law is under constant development. Therefore, we hold a brushupkursus in general employment law, where we review the latest legislation and case law in the area. The course is mainly about to dress in a HR responsible at ift. the most recent relevant changes that are need-to-know, and that may have significance for the company's employees and, not least, handling of HR. NJORD Law Firm, owners of number. sal, København K.

NJORD Law Firm, owners of number

on Tuesday. June, at to. the Minister of justice has the. February at L put forward a proposal for a law amending the code of civil procedure and the Tv overvågningsloven. the processing of the bill will take place on. Persondatalovgivningen regulates the handling of personal data from the time at which they occur - that is, where there is the establishment of a connection between an information and a person - and up to the time when the this connection is no longer present, which is usually the time when personal data will be deleted. But what deletion is, is not apparent from the legislation, and the deletion is not just deleting. The German competition authority, the Bundeskartellamt, has the. February in a case against Facebook, used GDPR in the context of the EU competition rules on abuse of a dominant position.

DLA Piper Global Law Firm

You will be a part of the only global law firm in Denmark

Then see what vacancies we have. The website contains both global and local informationCustomize your search on our site to enter your location and your preferred language below. DLA Piper is a global law firm with offices in more than forty countries in North and south America, Europe, the Middle east, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and thus can provide legal advice in all the world. DLA Piper is a global law firm with offices in more than forty countries in North and south America, Europe, the Middle east, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and thus can provide legal advice throughout the world. DLA Piper is a global law firm operating through a number of separate legal entities.

For further information about these entities and DLA Pipers structure, please refer to the page Legal Notices here on the website.

All rights reserved. Advokatannoncering The website contains both global and local information.

Customize your search on our site to enter your location and your preferred language below.

EUROJURIS Denmark - Find a Law firm, Attorney, Lawyer in Denmark

offering legal advice and local representation to companies

Eurojuris Denmark is a Danish non-profit organization that seeks to enhance members skills and provide them with benefits such as professional traininginternational exchange of staff and the ongoing review of internal business processes. Eurojuris Denmark is a network of Danish law firms. public authorities and private clients in the whole of Europe and in the rest of the world. To make use of local knowledge and expertise is the most effective way to deal with the legal and commercial differences that exist in Europe.

Before you sell used car - Juraguide - Avoid the pitfalls of selling used car

Before you sell used car contract of sale

By Rune Moefelt, attorney at Maare Advokataktieselskab, DenmarkAs a seller of a used car, you should secure a good contract in order to avoid complaints.

A good agreement can not take into account all possible problems or possible complaints that may arise, but it can prevent and respond to many.

You can with advantage also read the article ”Before you buy a used car”, as the article deals with more issues, as you, as the seller also should be aware of. As a seller of a used your you have a duty to inform the buyer about all the faults and shortcomings you know. You are not doing it, you run the risk to be responsible for any defects either known or ought to ken-to the. Information which you provide, should always be written into the purchase contract. You must not disclose more about the car than you can prove or is quite sure. how much the car has been driven, the vintage, when the car is registered, equipment, etc. Therefore write f. not what any of the ads, when you put the car for sale. It is information that a buyer will put weight on, and they will be included in a mangelsbedømmelse late-re. Købets funding. It is of course up to you whether you want to give a buyer credit, so that he or she does not pay the purchase price wholly or partly in connection with the acquisition.

It may not, however, recommended that, as a private seller provides the credit.

It you should let retailers and banks. Get therefore the purchase price not later than the time you deliver the car to the buyer. Buyer pays with check, it should be listed or issued by a bank, otherwise you may risk that the cheque is unsupported. Lien or reservation of title in the car.

Your obligation as a seller - deficiencies, etc

It is you who is the seller responsible to buyer for, that there is a mortgage or similar in the car.

Is taken mortgage or reservation of title in connection with the fact that you bought you, you must make sure to get the mortgage or retention of title shall be canceled before the car is handed over to the buyer. Has a former owner of the car told you that there is no lien in the car, you will still have the responsibility of the buyer. You should therefore investigate, whether there should be a mortgage or similar in your car before you sell.

This you can do by going into.

Disclaimer or prejudice. It is our experience that the wording such as ”sold as is”, ”purchased as is” or ”without liability for errors and deficiencies” often used by sellers in purchase agreements. Such general terms you should avoid to use. They will often be ineffective and is not accorded much weight by a specific mangelsbedømmelse. You should instead take concrete subject to all the defects that you know of and write them into the agreement.

It is a common misunderstanding that the buyer has the warranty after the sale of goods act.

The buyer has no warranty according to Danish Law, and Danish Law contains no rules on the warranty. You are as the seller is not obligated to provide the buyer warranty of any kind. Guarantees must be separately agreed. However, you must be aware that the information you specify in f. ads can be interpreted as properties of the car, which you warrant to buyer. The buyer's examination of the car. Any errors and shortcomings as a buyer will be able to discover, or should discover, by an examination of the car, he may not subsequently claim. It should therefore be reflected in the contract of sale whether the buyer has had the opportunity to examine the car, and f. test driven the car prior to purchase. It may with advantage be indicated when and how many times. The re-registration, and insurance. In order to avoid any ambiguity it should be clarified in the sales contract, who will pay and arrange for a re-registration of the car. You should in the contract of sale to provide information about when the car lately, have been to the sight, and the buyer should obtain synsrapporten as an annex to the agreement. BemærkDenne article is not meant as an exhaustive review of sales contracts, what you, as the seller must arrange for the sale of a used, and there may be other conditions than those mentioned above, you should be aware of. It can therefore not replace the need for legal advice in a concrete case. Since have car prices been the leading source for the assessment of used cars. All assessments are based on BilpriserPro Pricing, bilbranchens independent tool for bilvurdering.

Lawyers beach road - Legal advice

We represent businessesassociations and individuals all over the country and puts great emphasis on personal contact. availability and security of the entire counselling process We are established as a full-service law firm with a legacy of specialisms The office has great experience with litigation and our lawyers meet regularly at the country's courts. and we have the right to appear before both the high courts as the Supreme court.

Council to the Attorney

I also understand Serbian and Croatian

I have twenty years of experience in legal and HR staff in the private and public companiesI've worked a lot with psychology, counselling and coaching and have experience both as project manager and supervisor. I have since, driven Betzer HR (sole proprietorship), which primarily delivers HR services to small and medium-sized companies without HR function, and I spend a lot of time on tasks such as recruitment, ledersparring, coaching, stress coaching and many other exciting HR tasks. I myself am very interested for my fellow man and have a big social heart.

I work a lot of volunteering, including I took in, the initiative to found the Danish Assistance, as I remain an active part of.

I am passionate about helping people get on the other side of the challenges we all meet through life: legal, personal, work-related or something completely different.

The help we you in where appropriate to get searched

I take pride in my holistic approach to problems and have a positive human being and outlook on life.

In the several years I have been self-employed in Bulgaria, of which I have mindsettet to vocational counseling.

In addition to my legal training, as I train in Denmark, I have also a sygeplejerskeuddannelse from my home country. This inside information is very useful when there is personal injury cases. I am a happy, positive person and very curious. I communicate smoothly in Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian, Danish and English. Have a good cooperation with the Bulgarian and the Macedonian embassy in Copenhagen and with the Danish embassy in Sofia. I have recently started as a volunteer advisor in the legal Aid, because I want to make a difference. Has taught for a number of years at Copenhagen University, the Danish school of public administration and on the ejendomsmægleruddannelsen. Nearly twenty years ago I began to offer free legal aid in both Aarhus and Gellerupparkens legal aid, and when I am around moved to Sealand, it was natural for us to continue to offer legal aid. It has given me a great experience with a great many jurisdictions, given me a tremendous life experience and I have been in contact with people from all social layers and I am passionate about solutions and want like conciliation or mediation rather than a hard trial. If a trial reverse can not be avoided, it is exciting to litigate. It is in the courtroom that the lawyer by his work differs from all the other professional groups. I sing, play a little on my grand piano, vinterbader, playing golf, reading, and strength coach. I am happy for my family and I are very socially adept We are very flexible and would be happy to come to you and holding a meeting for example, if you must have a written testament, or the like without it costing you extra. Advice to the Attorney also has an office in Roskilde, which has its own website. We have a reasonable hourly rate, and with us there will be no unpleasant surprises when you get the bill: We inform you always about the price, before we get started with a case. It is not possible to grasp in advance, and we will keep you regularly informed on the timeforbruget on the case. Should you pursue a trial, you will most likely be covered by a legal expenses insurance, which covers the costs to the solicitor in this connection. This insurance is part of your other insurance policies, as a rule, your home insurance policy. Are you without financial resources, then you have the opportunity to get free, oral legal advice on the libraries in the city of Aabenraa, Haderslev and Sønderborg via The legal Aid, as Marianne Betzer is the director of the. Similarly, you can also get help in Hvidovre legal Assistance, where Advice to the Lawyer's liberal employees work as volunteers. Is The advice not enough, it is under certain conditions also possible to get legal aid lawyers on steps two and. Call and consult you about the possibilities. In order that we can assist you in your case, we must use information about you. In addition to the information on the case, we must use information about your name, address, phone number, and email address. In cases covered by the money laundering act, we must in addition use your cpr.

and have a copy of your id at the beginning of the year.

We inform you about it in our order confirmation, if the matter is covered by the money laundering act. We must seek retshjælpsdækning or free process for the matter, we must also use your tax information. Personal information registered with Council to the Attorney Advokatanpartsselskab and kept for five years, after which the information will be deleted. We do not use the information we have about you, other than the processing of your case. We will only disclose your information with your express consent, or if it occurs in connection with the examination of the case, where it may be necessary to disclose information to the Court or authorities. As registered with the Council to the Attorney Advokatanpartsselskab you always have the right to make an objection to our recording your information. You also have the right to know what information we have registered about you.

WORLD cup Legal Advice ApS - Legal assistance legal Aid - Contact

We are specialized in the field of family and inheritance law, person and arbejdsskadeerstatning as well as the marketWe are so happy to help with personal and professional advice if you need advice in matters of personskadeerstatning, inheritance or a will or conveyancing, and other proceedings in connection with your home purchase. Have you contracted PTSD after posting INTOPS is there to talk about a work-related injury, and consequently there is a possibility that you may get compensation for permanent injury and compensation for erhvervsevnetab. We offer to handle your workers compensation case, and you only pay fees if you get recognized your work-related injury. Without a will you run the risk that you or your spouse partner are forced to go from house and home when førstafdødes heirs take their inheritance, but creates a common testament, you can ensure that it will not be necessary. Did you know that it is possible to ensure that your spouse inherits up to thirty-one thirty-two-two of your common fortune. When you buy a new residence, there are many things you should be aware of, including any easements on the property, offers of ejerskifteforsikring etc. We advise, among other things in cases of injury, where there is a need for an experienced legal overview. For example, have you incurred an injury at work or an occupational disease, we assist you to handle your case. It is always our objective to offer you a complete overview of the case, just as it is our goal to get your case settled without the necessity of a trial. You are thus assured of an effective process and a personalized treatment when you choose VM Legal Advice ApS. As a legal business, we prepare also legal documents such as wills and title deeds and refusionsopgørelse in connection with the purchase of a new home. Are you considering to buy real property, and if you need a lawyer who can advise you before and during the buying process, we assist you also like to. Regardless of the nature and extent, you are always guaranteed a personal advice, with a focus on your specific needs with WORLD cup Legal Advice ApS. Do you need legal advice in a case concerning the person or arbejdsskadeerstatning Or do you want legal assistance for the preparation of key documents such as the deed or testament. Perhaps you should use the help of the property or the estate.

The employment law and labor law - Contact for advice - NJORD Law Firm

We advise clients in all industries and in both the public and private sectorOur advice will therefore always be based on just the labor and employment challenges of your industry. Even if your company has a strong and competent HR department, there will still be situations where you need external legal advice from a lawyer. The Danish labour market is regulated by complex legislation, and at the same time many Danish companies covered by collective agreements. This can create challenges for you as a manager or employer, when you need to ensure that the company acts in accordance with the latest applicable legislation in the employment law area.

Therefore, it can be a good investment to get help from a lawyer with expertise in employment law and labor law.

The right legal advice or coaching to ensure your business has a grip on the existing rules in this area, as In, for example, avoid to be met with demands for compensation for unfair dismissal. NJORD offers legal advice and legal representation in all areas of employment law and labor law. We will answer your questions about employment law and labor law and provide legal assistance for the drafting of contracts and clauses for the employees. We provide also the incentive and bonus programs, as to be adapted to the specific needs of the company. We also have extensive experience with matters concerning collective bargaining and offers advice on conflict resolution and negotiating tactic. Is your company facing major changes in the organization, we can also represent or assist you at the negotiating table - for example, in the context of: We keep ourselves updated on latest legal news. This ensures that our legal advice is always up to date with the latest practices in the field of law and labour law. You can get access to the latest knowledge and all of our paradigms with a subscription to HR eBogen - our online legal directory. In order to keep our clients informed about the latest news, we will also receive regular newsletters on employment law and labor law. Herein we tell what is happening within the area and on the specific conditions that are relevant for your particular work area.

The termination must, however, be factual, if you want to avoid being met with subsequent demands. It can be expensive for the employer to dismiss a disabled employee.

Therefore it is our recommendation that you as the employer always makes an individual assessment of the people employee, before progressing to a possible dismissal.

Did you know that the right to holiday entitlement is not regulated by the holidays act.

Therefore, it is important that you make a clear, written agreement on the special holidays with your employees.

Legal Advice in your city - Get five st offerter Icke-bindande

Fyll in formuläret with the uppgifter as we frågar after

Granska dina uppgifter so att de stämmer, the är important att dina kontaktuppgifter är korrektaSkicka in din förfrågan när detta är done. You'll kontaktad av lawyers and attorneys in your city as ger you a prisuppskattning.

Välj the lawyer as ger dig ett bra price but you simultaneously get a bra contact.

Jag took contact with a lawyer genome juridiskrådgivning. now för att get advice on a månadshöjning of my hyresrätt as my hyresvärd would göra. Jag hittade a cheap but bra a lawyer as hjälpte mig att vinna över hyresvärden, tackar. Jag använde tjänsten för att comma in contact with a familjerättsjurist. Jag måste säga att it was the right skönt att bli kontaktad with prisförslag istället för att jaga runt after the lawyers, the super bra. Jag kom snabbt in contact with a advokatbyrå as hjälpte me oerhört mycket I ett patentärende of a product as the mitt företag has alla rättigheter till. Tack för snabb och smooth hjälp. Jag fick five st offerter från lawyers in Göteborg vad my boutredning was kosta. Jag bestämde me för the lawyer as jag fick bäst contact with och han hjälpte me with boutredningen after the att my father gick away.

Smoothly och bra.

Jag använde offerttjänsten när jag ville hitta a bra advokatbyrå för att rådgiva mitt företag I ett internationellt skatteärende. Allting funkade smoothly och bra, jag samarbetar fortfarande with byrån as jag hittade genome tjänsten, tackar. Jag använde mig av tjänsten när jag behövde a lawyer till a vårdnadstvist. Hittade a competent lawyer till ett bra price samma day.

It is correct, tjänsten är absolutely free for you as vill comma in touch with a lawyer or legal professional, you betalar inget för att be on a offert on vad just ditt juridiska problem comes att kosta. Diskutera rättsfall lagrum or stated relevant för ämnet juridik in the dedikerade the forum, we have specialiserade moderators as svarar på dina frågor free.

Vanliga rättsområden. Läs våra dedikerade artiklar on various rättsområden för att öka din uppfattning on the relevanta lagrummen för rättsområdet. Perfect for you as gör grundläggande research. Mer on the oss Vill du veta terms we är och vad vi håller till so you get the answers to alla dina frågor genom att gå till sidan on länken nedanför, där you can också kontakta oss single genom ett formulär, we svarar alla dina frågor inom twenty-four timmar (måndag - Friday). Ofta is the någon livsavgörande situation bakom the fact that we come in contact with juridik. De allra vanligaste situationerna as we individuals come in närheten av våra liv är civilrätt där följande vanliga rättsområden part: Know all utav dessa tillfällen you need to rådfråga a lawyer or an attorney on the specific upplysning utav it aktuella juridiska läget as man befinner sig i. Även fast medborgare förväntas företag och är skyldiga att kunna lagen så är det in praktiken inte riktigt so simple, we vet vad we get göra och inte göra när it comes to the most basala sakerna in life. But de allra flesta av oss stands in the large sett completely blinda när vi hamnar inför en mer komplex lagstiftad fråga, är där den juridiska hjälpen comes in. Befinner you are in a situation där någon av följande points är uppfyllda behöver du anlita a attorney or lawyer: Lawyers and attorneys finns till för oss medborgare när we ställs för ett juridiskt problem as we inte vet hur vi skall lösa. In the avlånga the country of Sweden finns in the large sett juridiskt expertis in all städer, it är dock inget as säger att du måste anlita a lawyer a lawyer from your city, you may, if you vill vidga dina vyer och kolla utbudet in annan city you känner or think att the advokatbyrån can hjälpa you bättre.

Välj an empty typ av juridik as you behöver hjälp

Är du ute after specialiserade lawyers so can detta vara aktuellt då de flesta av them håller till in the svenska storstäderna.

But inser ganska snabbt att de inte can läsa themselves till ett answers to frågeställningen då juridiken är väldigt complex, the finns, a rise till att de svenska juridiska utbildningarna is the most prestigefyllda in the country.

De allra flesta av oss börjar with a sökning on the internet after it aktuella problem för att läsa themselves till förklaring av rättsområdet, vissa ställer frågor in the forum för att see if it är någon which can ge them ytterligare answer, detta är dock ganska tafatta försök och man bör inte förlita itself till his own exploration of the juridiska the situation you befinner themselves in may have consequences for you. When you have kommit till the insikten so bör du börja kontakta olika lawyers and attorneys för ett kostnadsförslag. About you vet with you inom which juridiskt area you just need advice so ska du försöka contact a lawyer or lawyer which are specialinriktade at just the juridiska problem as you have. Whether it exempelvis handlar on a skilsmässa är mest lämpligt att kontakta a specialiserad skilsmässoadvokat.

Istället för att du skall behöva sitta och ringa runt till alla lawyers in your city och hämta in offerter on vad ditt juridiska problem comes att kosta so hjälper we lawyers and attorneys att kontakta you istället.

Allting baseras on formuläret as you skickar in which finns längst upp on denna sida. In formuläret framgår allting as de behöver veta för att kunna ge you a realistic kostnadsbild of the juridiska advice. We have the ett -tal attorneys and lawyers anslutna till tjänsten utöver hela Sverige och din förfrågan'll get up to five st response. You can själv välja hur du vill bli kontaktad, you can välja mellan e-mail or telephone as well as an empty time as är bäst att kontakta. As tidigare nämnt so finns det möjlighet till free legal advice. In the rule säga att den betalda advice always är bättre, free advice ges ofta av organizations or students who vill hjälpa till och simultaneously get erfarenheter, betald advice happens och andra sidan necessarily be a utbildad person with erfarenhet. De flesta think att bara för att the advice is free as is the av lägre quality, detta behöver inte always stämma. But on the you have pengar och vill ha möjlighet att träffa your lawyer a lawyer so föreslår vi att man betalar för legal advice. If you känner att du inte riktigt afford så är det bra att välja free legal advice. Denna juridiska advice happens oftast endast över telephone och e-mail but not always. If you väljer free legal advice så är det extra noga att kontrollera meriterna with the ger you advice. We redovisar mycket statistics on the hemsidan, the graph that you see till vänster är statistics as utgörs av the rättsområden which are vanligast för användare av tjänsten. You have a legal problem that you behöver hjälp with so rekommenderar vi att du tar in contact with a lawyer or lawyer genom formuläret as you hittar här: Kontakta lawyer. When you have fyllt in ditt juridiska problem, and you'll be kontaktad av upp till five st lawyers as ger you offerter on vad deras advice kostar you. You can sedan välja the lawyer as you get bäst förtroende för och as erbjuder ett överkomligt price. You release alltså sitta och ringa runt till lawyers själv utan de kontaktar you and the vet redan on your frågeställning när de kontaktar you so they can förklara för you vad ditt juridiska problem innebär för you och hur the ska lösas. Hi Välkommen till juridiskrådgivning.

now we hjälper you att hitta a lawyer or lawyer which can hjälpa you with ditt juridiska problem.

Hitta the you letar after - Sidkarta You can point in contact with the oss genom att skicka e-post till oss genom formuläret as you hittar on spring kontaktsida.

Lawyer in Padborg near Aabenraa Gråsten in south Jutland

That pretty is not always best, learns many of us, when we disappear in the big sagsstakke november, as a backlash to the many large mergers within the the legal profession, ensuring access to legal assistance in the local area The background for the establishment was a firm belief that in Padborg is the basis for an attorney, provided legal advice and assistance in the grænsenære areaThe specific problems found here in the borderland results in the need for a law firm with in-depth knowledge of the local conditions and the local mentality. As most of the other businesses here in the Padborg area, the office is internationally oriented, and we are working as a lawyer both for foreign clients, who need help in Denmark and Danish clients who need help abroad. As a lawyer, we serve both companies as individuals with ties to the local area, but also companies and persons outside of the local area, who wish to draw on our international experience and expertise. Our goal as a lawyer is to provide your company or you personally a qualified, efficient and personalized service within the basic legal areas to a transparent price.

Should you contact us with a task that is outside our expertise, we have a good network of contacts to Danish as well as foreign lawyers, so we always can provide the most effective legal assistance. We offer you an estimate of the costs that are associated with a specific task prior to task execution Call our law firm today at phone if you want to know more about what we can do to help, if you need advice to find skilled and experienced legal assistance in Padborg, Aabenraa and the surrounding area - of course also for the right price.