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LOST drivers LICENSE - Lost, lost, or stolen driver's license

In order to get issued a temporary erstatningskørekort you must meet BOTH of the following conditions: In some cases, it is possible to get the issued a temporary erstatningskørekort by withdrawal of the driving licence or driving bans in foreign countries. Therefore, you have to pay for a erstatningskørekort - a so-called Lost driver's license (lost, stolen, or damaged), which is issued in one of the other countries in the EU or the EEA (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) In some cases, it is possible to get the issued a temporary erstatningskørekort by withdrawal of the driving licence or driving bans in foreign countriesIf you have just passed the driving test or there occurs waiting time in case of renewal of driving licence (optional. in the context of the mandatory medical examination), you are issued a temporary driver's license it is Also your duty to hand over the original licence to the local authority, so until it pops up again, after you have received a temporary erstatningskørekort. A valid passport Not have a valid passport, please bring your original baptism, name or birth certificate and photo id. Erstatningskørekort (duplikatkørekort) and temporary erstatningskørekort should not be confused with temporary kørekørt you Have permanent residence in Denmark, but have lost your Danish driving license abroad, you must go to a Danish embassy or consulate. If the embassy or consulate can confirm that you have a valid Danish driving license, you will receive an official document from the Danish side confirms which type of vehicle, you have the right to drive to on the return journey to Denmark. If you have permanent residence in a EU - or EEA-country, you can no longer get issued with a new Danish driving licence, if you have lost it or to have it renewed. In that case it is not longer contacting the Danish authorities Instead it is a matter with the appropriate authority for the issuing of driving licences in the country in which you reside.

If you have lost your Danish driving licence and must have issued a foreign driving licence, will kørekortmyndigheden in the country in question usually require a confirmation that your lost driving licence issued in Denmark.

In order to receive an official confirmation that your licence is issued in Denmark, you must apply in writing to the national Police. In the application you must enter your social security number and your current address as well as explain how you have lost the driving licence.

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