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(Read here about the sitenotice) A member of the European Parliament, MEP or europaparlamentariker are directly elected to the European Parliament and represents as such the citizens of The European UnionThere are elections to the European Parliament every five years.

The first choice was in and the most recent was in may, which was elected members, of whom thirteen were elected in Denmark.

Europaparlamentarikernes power and power is in the degree has been strengthened by the time - most recently after the Lisbon treaty entered into force in.

MEPS'primary parliamentary tasks is the drafting of laws and the setting of the annual EU-budget powers of the members of parliament shares with the Council of ministers (the twenty-eight national governments in the EU).

The members also exercises democratic control of the European Commission and bl.

choose the European Commission president and approve the European Commission.

In order to promote their constituents interests most of the members of parliament join a political group to make common cause with the members from other EU countries with similar political position. There are currently seven political groups in the European Parliament, ranging across the political spectrum and representing close to two hundred national parties. Members also come to sit in a parliamentary committee, where they spend their time and energy to check and draw up legislation. There are twenty standing committees in the european Parliament, focusing on each policy area. The committees are legislative powerhouses in the european Parliament, where key negotiations are taking place, the sharpest political arguments played out, and the necessary agreements are often concluded, although the final decisions are made by the European Parliament of members. In addition, members of parliament can be members of interparliamentary delegations, whose task is to nurture contacts with the parliaments of the member states outside the EU. Member of the European Parliament since. Here he is sitting in the Committee for Industry, Research and Energy and is in addition, a deputy in the Committee for International Trade. Bendt Bendtsen was from - member of the Danish Parliament for the Conservative, and from - he was chairman of the party. From to, held the offices of deputy prime minister and Economy, trade and industry. Bendt Bendtsen was a trained policewoman in and later chief inspector, in. Elected to the European Parliament at the elections in. Here he is sitting in the Committee for Industry, Research and Energy and substitute in the Economic affairs committee. In addition, he is vice-president of the Delegation for Relations with The United States. Jeppe Kofod has been sitting in the Danish Parliament for the social democrats from.

He has been a foreign policy rapporteur from, vice-president of the Socialist folketingsgruppe from - and a member of a number of committees, including the defence committee, the foreign affairs committee and the european committee.

Jeppe Kofod has also been vice-president and chairman of The Foreign policy Board.

He has a master's degree in public administration from Harvard University from.

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Has been sitting in the European Parliament since, where she took over from Henrik Dam Kristensen. She sits in the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer protection and substitute of the Committee on the Environment, public Health and Food safety. Before Christel Schaldemose Member of the European Parliament, she worked among other things as forbundskonsulent in AON Denmark, and as head of secretariat for the Danish council for adult education. She has also been the president of DSU the Lake and DSU Funen County and a member of the DSU's executive committee. Christel Schaldemose has an ma in history from the University of Southern denmark. Member of the European Parliament since. He sits in the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs and substitute in the committee on fisheries. Ole Christensen was trained in business administration in. Before he was elected to the European Parliament, he has worked as erhvervskonsulent and arbejdsmarkedskonsulent, and then he has been mayor of the city of Brovst Municipality from to. He has also been deputy mayor, chairman of the Employment committee and the social welfare committee in Brovst Municipality and vice-president of the Arbejdsmarkedsrådet north Jutland, denmark. Has been sitting in the European Parliament since.

Here he is a member of the Committee for Constitutional Affairs and substitute in the Economic and monetary affairs committee and in the Committee for Industry, Research and Energy.

Morten Messerschmidt has been in the Folketing for the Danish people's Party from, where he was the EU rapporteur and energiordfører. He was educated cand.

from Copenhagen University in.

Elected to the European Parliament at the elections in.

Here he is a member of the Committee on budgetary control and substitute in the committee on Budgets and the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs.

Anders Primdahl Vistisen has a cand. from the University of Aarhus. He has since been employed by the EFD group in the European Parliament as a legal consultant for MEP Morten Messerschmidt. Was elected to the European Parliament by the elections in. Here they are sitting in the committee on Culture and Education and the Committee on Petitions. Rikke Karlsson is a trained educator and has previously worked in social psychiatry, as gadearbejder and orphanages, taught in primary schools and at secondary schools and been principal of a school for disadvantaged children and young people. Up for election in, she worked full-time as a town - and regionsrådspolitiker, and she was among other things involved in the Rebild case, where she directed a sharp criticism at Rebild municipality. Elected to the European Parliament at the elections in. Here he sits in the Committee on the Environment, public Health and Food safety and is a deputy in the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development. In addition, he is chairman of the Delegation for Relations with Switzerland and Norway, to The Joint Parliamentary Committee EU-Iceland and to The Joint Parliamentary committee of the EEA. Jørn Dohrmann was in trained mechanic and has worked as a technician in different countries such as Switzerland, Germany and Australia for a German swiss company. In he was elected to Parliament, where he was miljøordfører from - and the chairman of the Committee for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries from. Elected to the European Parliament at the elections in. She is vice-chair of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs and substitute in the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer protection. Ulla Tørnæs has been sitting in the Parliament from. In the time she was among the other political, the rapporteur, minister for education and minister for development cooperation. Ulla Tørnæs has studied language and law at the copenhagen business School and Copenhagen University. Member of the European Parliament since. Here he is sitting in the Agriculture committee and is a deputy in the Committee for Industry, Research and Energy. Jens Rohde was a member of the Parliament from to and was the political rapporteur from to and member of, among other Foreign policy Board, the committee on culture, Political-Economic Committee, the committee on foreign affairs and Foreign policy Committees. He has read political science and has previously worked as a journalist and medieunderviser. Jens Rohde switched in december to the Radical Left. Elected to the European Parliament at the elections in. Here he is the vice-president of the Committee for Industry, Research and Energy and substitute in the Committee for Civil rights. Morten Helveg Petersen has been a member of the Danish parliament for the social liberal party from to, and he has been finansordfører, defense, sikkerhedsordfører and it-rapporteur. Morten Helveg Petersen was the director of the Association of Danish Interactive Media from to. After the merger of the Association of Danish Interactive Media with the Danish Media in, he was deputy director in the Danish Media until. Before he was elected to Parliament he was employed in Danish Industry from. He is educated cand. from Copenhagen University in. Member of the European Parliament since the. February, where she took over Søren Søndergaards space. She is a member of the Committee on budgetary control and the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs and substitute in the Economy and monetary Affairs. Rina Ronja Kari, is educated cand. in business Management from Roskilde University. She has worked as organizational consultant in a professional organization, before she was a member of the European Parliament. Member of the European Parliament since. Here, she is a member of the Committee on the Environment, public Health and Food safety and Borgerklageudvalget as well as vice-president of the ParlamentetsPalæstina delegation. Margrete Auken, is educated cand. from Copenhagen University in and has since been the parish priest at Frederiksberg Church in the present dispute, however, she is only of a position by the side of the work of the Parliament. She has been in the Danish Parliament for SF from - and again from. Although europaparlamentarikerne be selected nationally in the individual member states, it is not their nationality, but rather their political group, who decides, how they organise themselves in The European Parliament. The groups are of central importance to the work of the European Parliament, as they are the main stakeholders in relation to to gain a majority on the new legislation. The groups sets the parliamentary agenda and to play the decisive role in the elections of the president of the European Parliament and other members with special functions.

Most of the current groups in the European Parliament is linked to a pan-european political party.

A political party at european level is an organisation following a political programme, whose members are national parties and individuals, and which is represented in several member states. According to the treaties, are 'political parties at european level are important as a factor for integration within the Union. They contribute to forming european awareness and to expressing the citizens 'political will'. There are currently seven political groups in the European Parliament, ranging across the political spectrum and representing close to two hundred national parties.

It requires at least twenty-five members from a minimum of a quarter of the member states to form a new group.

The thirteen Danish europaparlamentarikere is divided into six different political groups in the European Parliament. Rina Ronja Kari, from the people's Movement against the EU sits in The European United Left-Nordic Green Left. Jeppe Kofod (S), Ole Christensen (S) and Christel Schaldemose (S) sitting in the socialist's D-group, while Margrete Auken (SF) sits in The Green group. Morten Helveg Petersen (RV) and Jens Rohde (RV) sits together with Morten Løkkegaard (V) in the liberal ALDE group. Bendt Bendtsen (K) sits in the conservative and christian democrat EPP group, and Morten Messerschmidt (DF), Rikke Karlsson (DF), Anders Vistisen (DF), Jørn Dohrmann (DF) sits in the ECR group.


You can apply to get removed this rejsebegrænsning

You will as a foreigner with a residence permit in Denmark apply for a convention or an alien's, because you are unable to get a nationalitetspas by the authorities in your home countryForeigners residing in Denmark will normally have a nationalitetspas. When it must be renewed, it is therefore a task for that country (statsborgerskabslandets) embassy in Denmark or abroad. If you have a residence permit in Denmark as a refugee, you can't refer to apply for a passport from the authorities in the country where you are citizen and you are therefore entitled to have a passport issued by the Danish authorities. If you have a residence permit in Denmark and is recognised as stateless under the Un convention on the status of stateless persons of. september, you are entitled to be issued with a alien's indicating that you are recognised as stateless under the convention.

The immigration office shall also issue a Danish alien's, if you have a residence permit in Denmark, for example, as joined by family members, and you can't get issued a passport by the authorities in your home country (country of citizenship).

This means that you can be issued a konventionspas, once you have been issued a residence permit according to the aliens § paragraph, or §, paragraph.

You may under certain conditions also get a konventionspas, if you are recognised as refugees in another country, but subsequently obtained a residence permit in Denmark in accordance with the rules on, for example, family reunification. Refugee status (protection status) for aliens § paragraph, §, pcs, §, paragraph. two or residence permit in accordance with the law §, paragraph, a Residence permit in Denmark, when you are recognised as stateless under the UN convention on stateless persons retstilling of. september, indicating that you are recognised as a stateless person under the convention. Residence permit for aliens §, paragraph, no, if one of your parents has a residence permit in Denmark as a refugee. The rule applies regardless of whether you are over or under the age of eighteen years. A residence permit in Denmark, for example, as joined by family members, and you can prove that you cannot obtain a passport from the authorities in your home country (country of citizenship). It can for example be documented with a statement from the home member state that the - notwithstanding the fact that they recognize that you are a citizen of this country, will not issue a passport to you. If you are a child of eleven years or less, the price is, and if you are a child between twelve and seventeen years, is the price kr. you several times within recent years there has been a new convention - or an alien's, because you have lost your passport, or we determine that it is necessary to deny you a passport in the name of national security, public order or the state's reputation.

If you have a residence permit as konventionsflygtning or has been issued an alien's, in which it is stated that you are stateless, we can only refuse to issue a passport to you on the basis of the above, if there are compelling reasons of national security or public order.

Even if you several times within the past year have been issued with a new passport, can the immigration office udtagelsesvist issue a passport if there are exceptional circumstances. For example, if you can show that you have lost the passport as a result of a fire, or you have lost the passport as a result of a theft, and the police subsequently found the passport again. If we refuse to issue a convention - or alien's for you, because you several times within the past year have been issued with a new passport, you will not be able to get a new passport for a period of five years, unless there are exceptional circumstances. Exceptional circumstances, e.g, death or serious illness in your immediate family abroad. It can for example also be a specific trip as part of your work, where it would cause significant inconvenience or financial loss for you or your employer, if the journey can not be implemented. In that case, you will be able to obtain a passport, which is valid to implement the specific journey. If you are a refugee in Denmark, will come to stand in your passport, that it is not valid for travel to your home country (statsborgerskabslandet) or the country where you risk persecution. Children who have a residence permit in Denmark, and as going on a school trip to another EU country will usually be able to travel without having a passport if they are listed on a skolerejseliste. Declaration of lost passport (P -) from the police (only if you are applying for a new passport because you lost your convention or alien's) Ansøgningsløsningen contains a thorough guide to how to complete it, and what documentation you must attach. If you are a child, and is under the sixteen years, your holder of parental responsibility to submit the application. If you want to continue to complete a saved digital application, select the ”Start the digital application”. When you are logged in, you can retrieve the saved application. If you have changes to a digital application, which is sent to the immigration office, you must contact us. You do not need to submit a new application It is mandatory to use digital self-service solution PA- online, when you are applying for a passport for foreigners, unless you are exempt from this requirement. When you submit an application to the immigration office, we will process your personal data. You can read more about your rights and how we treat your information in the application form or on this page: Once you have submitted your application, you must appear in person in Udlændingestyrelsens Services. If you live outside greater Copenhagen, you can also meet up at a police station, recording the biometrics. When you meet in Udlændingestyrelsens Services or in the police, you must pay the fee and sign a record card. A fingerprint, which should be stored in a passport, are temporarily stored for up to days.

This means that you must have recorded a new fingerprint, if the passport can only be issued more than days after the fingerprint has been recorded.

It may be the case, if you at the time of application for a new passport seeking for extension of your residence permit or seeking permanent residence. In this situation the application for the passport will first be processed when the residence permit is extended, or you have obtained permanent residency, which usually takes more than days.

The UN convention in the light version - Children's rights

There is also that children must not be beaten

The uncrc is some rules, which stipulates that all children in the world have the same rightsIn the uncrc is that children have the right to play, go to school, get food, speak their mind. The uncrc states the right of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. But is often called the just for the uncrc. The uncrc consists of rules - or as it correctly is called: articles'.

The main article - or rule - is number.

In article three it says that you should always look at what is best for the child when making decisions about the child's life. It is called also 'the child's best interests'. The uncrc applies to all children.

In the uncrc says that you are a child until you are eighteen years of age.

It is no matter where in the world the child comes from and regardless of religion, skin colour and gender. The uncrc was adopted at the united nations on. november Denmark acceded to the uncrc in.

The uncrc applies to all children - regardless of where in the world they come from and regardless of religion, skin colour and gender.

According to the uncrc is one child until you are eighteen years of age.

The uncrc is the most popular menneskerettighedsaftale. It was adopted at the united nations on. november Since almost all countries in the world said yes to comply with the rules, which are in the uncrc. Denmark said yes to the uncrc in. Children are people with their own opinions, emotions and needs on an equal footing with adults. It stands in the uncrc. Earlier, many adults do not accept that children should be respected as self-employed persons. The uncrc has made it quite clear that children just as adults have rights f. to speak their minds, choose their religion and not be exposed to the bank. If some adults f. will stop the children to say their opinion, the children can shout out loud and say that it has the right to according to the the uncrc. The uncrc beats too fast, that children should have a good life. If children are starving, they must have food, because they have the right to it, and not just because, it is sin for them. Compared to many countries Denmark is a pretty good place to be a child. Here, there is free schooling, and there is not a lot of children who go to bed hungry or carry out hazardous child labour. But it does not mean that all have it really good.

The rules of the uncrc is about children's rights

In fact, there is a part of Danish children who have it bad. It may be because they are being beaten at home, or the parents are drinking, or they have it bad in school. You believe that out of ten children, is there one or two that have it so bad, that they need help. The help they are entitled to under the uncrc. You can't go directly into in a court of law in Denmark and use the uncrc as the law. But when a country has agreed to the uncrc, it must adapt its laws according to the rules of the convention. And of course, countries must ensure the children all the rights are in the uncrc. The country's government also has a duty to inform the population about what is in the uncrc. In fact, should children's rights and the uncrc stand on the school curriculum anywhere in the world.

The UN has set up Børnekomiteen, which is an assembly of ten people from around the world.

Børnekomiteen must verify that countries are living up to their duty and ensure that children have their rights fulfilled. All member states must every five years submit a report to the Børnekomiteen about what they have done for the children. Børnekomiteen write a report back to the country, where the committee points out, what the country must do better for children. There is no penalty for failing to comply with the uncrc. Various organizations such as the Red Child also keeps an eye out, they do not violate the rules in the uncrc. For organizations like save the children, Unicef and other børnerettighedsorganisationer is the uncrc is an important tool. Organisations performs relief work in the poor countries, where many of the children's rights are not being respected.

The organizations inform the children, their parents - indeed the whole population, that children have the right to a good life according to the uncrc.

The organisations also goes to the governments and points out that they are actually even has approved the uncrc and therefore committed itself to improving conditions for children.

The uncrc is written by adults, and the language can be difficult to read. We have therefore created a version in a slightly easier language, which can be easier to understand. Below you can download Un children's convention, for which it was written. You can also download the uncrc in a slightly easier version. A little further down on the page, you can read the easier version directly on the website. forty - four The state has an obligation to report to the komiteenKontrol with the achievement of the convention's intentions. Save the children has published a number of educational materials about children and the rights of young people. See the materials here. Red the Child process your personal data according to applicable EU persondataforordning and in accordance with the Danish data protection officer. your rights, our data processing and privacy policy.

The un universal declaration of human rights

Since the recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world, whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the league of nations highest goal, since it is of crucial importance that human rights should be protected by the law, if not man as a last resort should be forced to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, as The united Nations have in the charter reaffirmed their faith in fundamental human rights, in human dignity and worth and the equal rights of men and women and have determined to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom, since the member states have committed themselves to cooperation with The united Nations, the promotion of universal respect for and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms, whereas a common understanding of these rights and freedoms is of the greatest importance for the full realization of this pledge, proclaiming the plenary, therefore, now this universal Declaration of human Rights as a common goal for all peoples and all nations, to the end that every individual and every samfundsorgan ever with this declaration in mind, shall strive by teaching and education to promote respect for these rights and freedoms and by progressive measures, national and international, to ensure that they are recognised and observed everywhere and effectively, both among the peoples of member states themselves and among the peoples of territories under their controlAll human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this declaration, without distinction of any kind, for example on grounds of race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. There should not be any difference because of the country's or area's jurisdiktionsforhold or political or international position, to which a person belongs, whether this territory is independent, under trusteeship, or is a non self-governing territory or its sovereignty on the other way is limited. All are equal before the law and has without discrimination of any kind just the right to the protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.

Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights which the constitution or by law.

Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in arriving at a decision with respect to his rights and obligations and of any against him, directed the criminal accusation.

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference in private matters, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation.

Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks. Everyone has the right to thought, conscience and religion this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance. Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security and is entitled, to the economic, social and cultural rights indispensable for his dignity and his personality free development, through national effort and international cooperation and in accordance with each state's organization and resources. Everyone has the right to rest and leisure, including reasonable limitation of working hours and periodic holidays with pay. Everyone is entitled to a social and international order in which the in this statement that rights and freedoms can fully be achieved. Nothing in this declaration may be interpreted as implying any state, group or person the power to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the herein enumerated rights and freedoms. The universal declaration of human Rights is a declaration of intent. It will say that it must be considered as a kind of guiding principle or as a wish of how the world ought to be. There is no court, committee or the like, to monitor or punish those countries that do not comply with the UN's universal Declaration. Therefore, it was necessary to translate the declaration to the conventions, which the individual countries can connect itself - and thus becomes legally binding. The conventions are more specific and are based on parts of human rights. Your donation helps us protect people fleeing from war and violence. Families that have a need for security Because of you we may investigate and disclose, when states commit war crimes. When people are being persecuted and discriminated against When governments and large corporations to violate human rights.

property - Gyldendal - Den Store Danske

Limitations of acceptance may result from e.g

property rights, full property rights, the right to in every respect to have the use of private property, to the extent that there are made specific restriction, by private contract or by lawa pantsætnings or lease, and restrictions according to the legislation due to provisions in the bl. Ownership is also referred to the immediate property, because the court is not derived from another higher right. In contrast to the complete property is partial or limited property rights, providing access to a has a property in a special sense, e.g. pledge, easement or tenancy rights.

environment or byplanlovgivningen

The parties to the agreement can have a number of problems in relation to the third party by property the transfer this problem can be referred to as the transfer of ownership transition. It can for example be a question of when the buyer obtains protection against dobbeltsalg or protection against the seller's creditors carries out an attachment of the goods sold. Or it may be a question whether a seller can maintain an access to terminate a purchase or to make an objection of invalidity applicable to a buyer's creditors and aftaleerhververe. Ownership passes not necessarily at a particular time in the course of an agreement.

There will often be talking about different times, depending on the nature of the problem, and partly the nature of the transferred goods, e.g.

real estate, movable property or claims. The transfer of ownership inviolability is guaranteed by the Basic law §. The protection consists in the fact that the public only under certain conditions may require that an owner waives its property: a Sale can only be made against full compensation, renunciation can only be made where the public interest requires it, and the interference must have a legal basis in the law. Such ordered abandonment termed expropriation. The protection includes not only the full ownership of a thing or a property, but also limited rights such as leasehold and mortgage law as well as intellectual property rights, e.g. Also publicly created rights can be protected, e.g. rights according to a granted patent or the right to a due benefit. The constitution § thus places limits on the legislature's freedom to regulate, and these limits must the legislature, of course, be paid to the design of laws, regulations, e.g.

land-use planning, nature conservation and commercial regulation.

The private citizen, who believes that a law goes beyond what The constitution, section allows, may refer the issue to the courts. The Danish Parliament has adopted a draft law on expropriation, a minority of one third of its members require that the bill cannot be promulgated before it has been held new elections to the Folketing, and the proposal is adopted. Ejendomsretsbegrebet was first known in English law in the -t. the notion of a right in immovable property or movable property was probably originally linked to the use or exploitation of the asset and was based not on an abstract ejendomsretsbegreb.

The ownership concept gained a foothold in Denmark under the influence of the natural law, who viewed ownership as an absolute right which could not be limited by the power of the state.

Against this view argued Anders Sandøe Ørsted in the early t.

under the influence of foreign theory, that ownership may be subject to the restrictions, which were necessary to the society, 'the legal Breakdown best Interests of the child', as he put it.

Questions and answers about medical cannabis

The initiative must come from a company

The Danish medicines agency may only assess and possibly approve several cannabisbaserede drugs, if there are companies seeking to get some preparations are approvedThe Danish medicines agency may not ask the companies to apply for approval medicine. The Danish medicines agency has approved in a medicine with cannabis. The application came from the company GW Pharmaceuticals, who desired the approval of the medicinal product Sativex for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. The Danish medicines agency has not refused any applications for authorisation of medicinal products with cannabis, but we have notified several companies about the procedure. In short, there must first be someone who is applying to get their cannabisprodukt approved as a drug. It will say a company that has the authorization to produce medicinal products, the need to develop a cannabisprodukt and then seek to get the products approved for the Danish market. The company must submit the evidence of the medicine's effect and side effects as well as be able to demonstrate that the drug is being produced under approved conditions. The purpose of the approval procedures is to ensure that patients do not receive ineffective or dangerous drugs. The Danish medicines agency may only incorporate cannabis products in the pilot scheme, if there are companies who ask to get concrete products busy.

We process requests for footage of cannabis products, as soon as we get them in, and we record all the products, which companies and products meet the requirements.

The law on the pilot scheme of medical cannabis came into force on. January, and several companies have indicated that they are currently working on applications for new products. It is the Danish medicines agency expects that the ongoing will be added to more products in the pilot scheme. All the doctors have the ability to print the products, which are recorded in the trial on medical cannabis, but no doctor is obliged to do so. All the doctors can print magistrally manufactured medicines based on cannabis, but is not obliged to do so. In relation to applications for Marinol and Nabilone on the compassionate, so take the Danish medicines agency position to the doctors specific applications. January will be automatically calculated grants to medical cannabis in the pilot scheme, when it purchased after prescription at the pharmacy.

If a doctor prints Sativex, magistrally manufactured drugs with cannabis, or cannabisholdige medicinal products compassionate use (Marinol and Nabilone), the doctor can apply for enkelttilskud to the specific patient.

The Danish medicines agency may grant enkelttilskud for patients with diseases, where it can be convincingly that cannabisbaseret medicine works. As at other non marketed drugs are required in addition to all other treatment with approved drugs for the disease in question has been tried without sufficient effect. Applications are processed individually after the behandlingsvejledninger from relevant scientific societies. If you feel sleepy, lethargic, or dizzy, you should never drive a car, operate machinery or participate in hazardous activities. If a doctor prescribing THC-containing medication, the doctor must talk with the patient about trafikfarlighed, and in this context, your doctor may decide to impose a so-called driving ban. The Danish agency for Patient safety recommends currently to doctors, who prescribe treatment with the products included in the pilot scheme with medical cannabis, issue medical driving restrictions during the entire processing time. driving and cannabis treatment on the ministry of Patientsikkerheds website. Evidence does not belong in each of the countries. The results of scientific studies published in international journals in English and shared within scientific communities and between authorities across borders. Worldwide, there are not made very many scientific studies of high quality, which have investigated the effect or the side effects of cannabis in humans. So the evidence-based knowledge on the medical use of cannabis is very limited. This applies both in Denmark and abroad. The Danish medicines agency guidance for the pilot project on medical cannabis is among other things based on the international scientific literature on cannabis, as well as on the experiences from both the Netherlands, Canada and Israel. The cannabisolier sold on the web can have many different strengths and usually contains both THC and CBD. They are sold both as food, drugs and cosmetics.

The scheme is based on the initiative of private companies

That applies to the different legislation in the three areas. If there is talk about cannabisolie for medical use, the answer is no. Cannabisolie for medical use may only be sold in pharmacies and only to patients with a prescription from a doctor. For information about the rules for cannabisolier f. as dietary supplements or as cosmetics, we refer to respectively. The fda or the environmental protection Agency. It makes the Danish medicines agency. There is talk of an individual assessment of each product. If the oil contains active substances such as THC and CBD in a scale, which has an effect on the body, or if it is to be used for the treatment of disease, so it will probably be assessed as a medicinal product. If an oil is rated to be a medicinal product, it shall be approved or recorded in the pilot scheme in order that it can be sold at the pharmacy. July is considered cannabis products with a content of, two THC or less is no longer as regulated drugs. This means that it will be permitted to possess and distribute cannabis products with THC below the threshold. But by the side of this continues to apply rules on medicinal products, food supplements, food m.

v, which must be maintained.

It is difficult to answer, in general, of cannabis products on the net now are legal or not.

It depends on a concrete assessment the actual content, application, country of origin, production conditions m.

But in general, much of the cannabisolie sold on the net contain CBD in a quantity that affects the body. The oil will therefore probably be judged to be a drug, even if the THC content is below, two. If cannabisolien is a drug, it must either live up to the rules in the act or in the law on the pilot scheme with medical cannabis. Cannabisolie, which contains the CBD and sold on the web, therefore, is for the most part illegal - even if the oil contains less than, two THC, because it does not live up to the other rules that apply. First, one can not be sure of the content of the substances THC and CBD, when you buy products on the illicit market.

The strength may be too high and thus there may be a risk of serious side effects.

Secondly, even with the 'right' doses be side effects that require medical monitoring and possibly. Thirdly, there is no regulatory control of illegal drugs. Unfortunately, we have examples of illegal drugs are being made under unhygienic conditions and contain other than what it says on the label. It is dangerous in particular for sick people to ingest unknown substances, since neither the doctor or patient has the opportunity to anticipate, how the unknown substances will affect the disease and the other medication, you get. Ultimately you run the risk of becoming more ill. Children should under no circumstances be exposed to uncontrolled medicine. Specifically, in relation to the CBD is made research that has examined how the legally manufactured drugs with CBD affects children and young people with the rare epilepsisyndrom ”Dravet syndrome”.

The research showed that there might be a moderate positive effect on the number of seizures, but also showed serious side effects in the form of pronounced sleepiness, diarrhea, and elevated liver function tests, which may be signs of a toxic effect of the liver with a fifth of the children who received the CBD.

The Danish medicines agency does not recommend, therefore, strongly condemns the treatment of children with cannabisolie without medical supervision.

The Danish medicines agency is not aware that other EU countries in general would consider cannabisolier with the CBD to be a dietary supplement. Part countries just like Denmark, CBD is a substance.

It is possible that there are specific oils with a very low content of THC and CBD, which in certain countries have been classified as dietary supplements by the authorities in the specific country.

The Danish medicines agency's assessment is that the majority of the oils, as individuals introduces into disuse as cannabisolie, THC oil, or CBD oil most likely are not legal in the countries where they are sold from.

There must be a company who want to sell a specific cannabisolie as a dietary supplement.

Contains oil CBD, it must be evaluated by the Danish medicines agency to ensure that it does not contain as high a concentration of active substances that are assessed to be a drug. If the Danish medicines agency assesses that there is a drug, it can not be registered as a dietary supplement. If, however, there is not a drug, but a koststilskud is it the Fda who can then assess whether the oil conforms to the rules for dietary supplements. Legally speaking, it is not a criminal offence to buying illegal drugs for their own consumption. We enforce the rules for companies - not for the citizens who buy the products in the UK. You must, however, be aware that if you buy and possess CBD oils or other cannabis products, which may contain more than, two THC, it will also be a criminal offence to possess it. Illegal drugs may, however, be impure, wrong doses and wrong declared.

There is no security at the drugs purchased on the illicit market.

The Danish medicines agency advises therefore strongly recommended that you buy the illegal drugs.

Denmark has not approved any drugs with cannabis for horses, dogs, cats, or other animals. Animals are not within the scope of the pilot project on medical cannabis, and it is not possible to get the medication with cannabis to animals through the regulations, there is in the act ie. either on compassionate or as magistrally manufactured medicine.

There is therefore no legal possibilities in order to give medications with cannabis to animals.

It is not permitted itself to import medicines for animals, whether it is a legal or illegal product. Animals should not be exposed to illegal drugs. If you have a sick animal, he should talk with his veterinarian, who can advise on the appropriate treatment. Cannabis and synthetic cannabinoids is also on the list of prohibited substances in, for example, the equestrian.

Download free protection with antivirus Avast

You are trying to download the Avast Free Antivirus for Windows to an Android phone or tabletDownload the Android version by clicking here: Detekter and block viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, and phishing.

We use predictive analysis to stop threats before they can affect you.

Automatically Send suspicious files for analysis in the cloud, and distribute a cure to all Avast users, if it is a threat.

Find all the cracks as malware escapes into between - ranging from unsafe settings and passwords to the suspicious add-ons and outdated software. It is very normal.

You just need to remember one, does Avast Passwords the rest - across all your devices.

The Protection Of Animals

Lady has had a difficult start in life, when she unfortunately one of the dogs, which are bought with ignorance and without thought

Through her young life she has, therefore, been tied out in a garden, without access to neither the shelter, shade, food and water.

Fortunately, for the Lady was taken with the affair, and she is therefore now moved into The Residential and Retirement. She is also very kontaktsyg and curious and therefore need a family who is committed to the training and activation must fill a big part of her life. Do you know anyone who can give Lady a new and fresh start in life. Share and help her find a new home Better-looking hairstyles must therefore look long after. The two løvehovedkaniner, Hops and Dumle, were found together at the Station and as a fremlysning not paid off, they have now moved into the Roskilde Residential courses, where they're looking for a new home together. Unfortunately, they have not been so much in human hands Therefore, their new family also have both the patience and kaninkendskab. Do you know someone who can give the Hops and Dumle a nice outdoor life. Part like and help them find a new home.

Updated: Kampklædt police and PET guards for both Søren Pape Poulsen and Inger Støjberg - Denmark - pin

Midt - and Vestjyllands Police silent on maskinpistolbevæbnet police by Søren Pape poulsen's residence next to the Cathedral in ViborgViborg: Kampklædte and heavily armed officers from the Middle - and Vestjyllands Police have since early in the afternoon on Sunday guarded the minister of justice, mr Søren Pape poulsen's home a stone's throw from Viborg Cathedral. A phone call to the Middle - and Vestjyllands Police did not lead to much additional information, but now (on Sunday at o'clock.) notify the ministry in a brief press release: 'the Police are present at the minister of justice, mr Søren Pape poulsen's residence, given the security around the minister for the time being, has been strengthened.

The minister of justice is not the only one, who is surrounded by extraordinary protection Sunday. PET can tell you that the PET and the police are present at the minister of justice, Søren Pape poulsen's residence and foreigners and integration, Inger Støjbergs residence as security about the two ministers for the time being is strengthened.

At present, there are no further comments, it sounds in the press release. Both the police, the PET and the ministries keeps the cards close to the body, and it is therefore not yet if it is a concrete threat to the ministers or a more general safety assessment that is the basis for the enhanced protection. Get the day's most important news from the post directly in your inbox. It is free and you can unsubscribe at any time.

How to make a fence STRÅTLIGT legally - With your hands - How to do yourself

The average citizen is poorly knowledgeable in the law

By building a fence around its site, it is important to carry out the work in a manner that will not endanger neighbors interests and at the same time not infringe on their rightsIn order to avoid future unpleasant situations you must know the basic rules for the installation and construction of the fence.

This document regulates the not, however, many design codes, as provided in the SNiP 'Planning and development of territories'.

In the foregoing, to the maximum height of the fence between the adjoining parts is, five m fences must be transparent - reticulated or grid in order not to obscure the neighbor area (solid fence is only possible to build in accordance with the relevant authorities). Døvhegn can only be installed on the sides, no borders to other places. Residential building shall be distributed not less than three metres from the fence of the farm buildings with animals - four metres from the border area, a garage and the usual farm buildings - a mile from the border. Tall trees should be planted at a distance of not less than four moot of the area's border, medium height - by two metres, the bushes - at a m. A døvhegn can be built, when a road passes between adjacent sections. In this case, there is the opportunity to create a deaf fence, the most important thing is that the distance is not less than a mile to the next fence. Further problems can arise with hjørnehuse - for the construction of the fence is it necessary to get permission from the architectural regulatory authorities. Official documents indicate that the distance between the two houses, or other buildings on the site should be: for concrete or masonry at least six metres, concrete, or stone with wooden beams-b at least eight metres, to the wood - at least fifteen metres, a concrete or stone and a second tree - at least ten metres.

Landundersøgelsen of each site to be paid for separately

Therefore, companies geodetiske support services during the construction and the construction of the fence.

Specialists performing a full range of work: measurement, calculation, link to the terrain on the plan, that trades with all standards. Engineering and geodetiske the examinations carried out by them, provides the opportunity to develop a complete set of documents, including: a master plan, a structure of structural components, an executive drawing, a aksonometrisk plan for underground and above-ground communication, a engineering plan and other documentation. The set of documentation required for a permit to build a fence can depend on regional conditions, but usually contain the following set: This set of documents is submitted to the state architectural and construction supervisory authority. In the event of a satisfactory solution, after having undergone the owner of the site, shall be issued a certification letter for the construction of the fence. Then it must and projektdokumentationen recorded in the municipality on the construction site. Before the fence from designing recommend to contact the supervisory authority in the field of construction and architecture, which manages the area in which your site is: Is it possible, in addition to the general laws, certain provisions that restrict certain characteristics of the fence. It is not superfluous to announce the charter of the dacha, where the requirements for hegnets height and fremstillingsmaterialerne usually prescribed. In order to avoid further conflicts, it is necessary to clearly draw the boundaries between the sites. The easiest way to this - execution of surveying on the basis of instructions from the measurement of soil Roskomzoma April eight year and the methodology recommendations for the surveying of land tenure objects Roszemkadastr February seventeen year. It is performed on the basis of documents confirming the right to own the site. All activities shall be carried out after the notification of owners of adjacent sites. If one of them not be registered or refused to agree on the borders, appointed a new investigation.

If a neighbor wants to take a ventetidstilstand without giving a reasoned justification for the refusal, will the borders be regarded as established.

The results of the survey be documented by specific documents - an act for the establishment of the boundaries of the land. It is signed by the owners of the adjacent places and certified by the inspector for the local branch of the Rozheneavstvo. Other documents prepared by officials are located in the jordforvaltningsvirksomheden, which is stored in the Rosnedvizhimost. The fence creates an illusion of security, a sense of personal space, helps to mark territorial boundaries, serving as a barrier for the animals that go along the dacha streets, hiding the dust from the road. Often a fence or other fence a protection against unwanted visitors, an assistant in fire safety. The installation of the fences causing many conflicts between neighbors before making a final decision by the construction, should many of the recommendations to be investigated. Knowledge of the recommendations for the design helps to get harmony at your favorite spot. For the construction of a border between the garden and haveområderne recommended the standards approved by the State Byggekomité. Specific requirements for grænsehegnets account of land located in the private sector in a city or a village does not exist. Architectural department set the parameters of the fence, in accordance with the applicable rules in this location, is prepared before the construction scheme of planning organization of land (SPOZU) in order to obtain permission for the construction. According to the border and kadastrale plans is the fence made along the perimeter of the site, on the border of the neighbourhood. Hegnets height is set so that it does not violate the justified interests of the owners of the surrounding places, because the fence and the design of the fence will influence not only the life of the plant, but also the quality of life of people. Too high a barrier can create a shadow on a neighbouring plot and in the house, lead to moisture and other adverse effects. An external fence to find when driving is a business card on the site, its materials and style highlights hovedbygningets architecture, showing a friendly attitude to the world, or unwillingness to communicate with it. From the side of the roadway is not forbidden to construct the fence of any height, but the maximum recommended height - up to, two m, which can ensure the normal lighting of streets, driveways and sidewalks. For sites for IZhS and LPH (urban and rural) specifies the height of the external fence in accordance with the territorial byggekoder. From the side of the street, in the yard, near the roadway, it is permissible to lay a solid (blind) fencing of secure construction materials. If the noise and exhaust fumes from the road or the highway interferes with, request permission for the installation of a high fence (more than two metres) to the architect. By the allocation of a site observed the rule, that its limits can not go beyond the red lines of streets and driveways. If the site is in a private sector, is the fence that faces the street, aligned with the neighbors fence. Gate and fence gates to open inside the yard, if the distance from the fence line to the crossing (pavement) on the street is less than or equal to, five m Residential recommended build differ five metres from the red line the streets and three metres. from the red line passenger In order to determine the hegnets parameters helps the text in the document: 'Individual haveområder (summer) areas need to be fenced. Fence with a view on the minimal shade of naboområdernes area should be masked or latteret with a height of, five m. It is by the decision of the general assembly of the members of the nursery (summer) the association is permitted to arrange døvhyller from the streets and driveways. Children in the private sector can agree on grænsevagtenes height and transparency. If hegnens future height exceeds the SNiP's recommendations, but the owners of the nearby place does not have any objection to enter into a written agreement, a mutual agreement. In dispute is this document proof of the building's legality. True enough saves it not, if the neighbors are selling their land, and the new owners are protesting against the previous agreements. The height of the fence between the adjoining parts of the law differs by region, sometimes the allowable height, two m translucent enclosure, its fixed part reach cm. In the snip private sector prohibits the setting of the fence between the neighbors with a dull coating (without spaces). Translucent design barriers have a clarity of at least fifty, otherwise, a fence can hide the adjacent part dwarfing the havebrugsafgrøder and dwell therein. The distances between the hegnposterne depends on hegnematerialerne. For the transparent application of the border fence mesh, netting, metal welded or cut lattice fence, wood fence, fences, panels of polycarbonate or hedge. To fixed (deaf) fence is used wood, sheet metal, corrugated cardboard, brick, concrete, matching materials with the building site and the architecture.

In the calculation of the distances between the hegnstolpene take into account the configuration of the site, vindbelastningen and the terrain. Material columns, the type of foundation In the most popular fence of wire mesh or corrugated sheet is the distance between the nabostole - metres.

There are restrictions that prohibits the installation of the surrounding structure on the spot, at places where gas, electricity, water supply, sewerage and so on passes.

The architectural department shall not issue an official permission for the construction of a fence, if there are such objects on the ground access to them should be opened.

Fences in the private sector should not be close to the border to the neighbor's farm. SNiP requires the location of the fence with holes that are closer than half a meter from the border. By the construction of a blindkonstruktion must the distance be a mile. Hegnets height and material can not comply with the established standards, if a displacement from the border was made to increase the fence on the fence and to prevent shading of the neighbourhood.

Maternity benefits for self-employed - Companies - Report

in) This is equivalent to, seventy kr

You must apply no later than eight weeks after the child is born so that you can get maternity pay

If you start your leave after the birth, you must apply for benefits within eight weeks after the first orlovsdag.

Looking for you later, you can only get maternity pay from the time of the Payout, Denmark has received your application. You can however only get. per week before tax benefits. three hundred kr. time (twenty-two kr. in) in Order to get the full barselsdagpengebeløb, should your income be at least. in) If you do not have profits in your business, and you do not have an insurance policy, you may not get paid anything in the maternity pay. When you are in contact with a Payout of Denmark on the barsensdagpenge allowance, treat the information about you. Here you can read what information we treat, how we treat them, and what rights you have in the connection. When you, as a self-seeking, or receive maternity benefits, unemployment benefits, you give consent to the Withdrawal of Denmark addresses a number of information about you. Payout Denmark can exchange information with other authorities, employers, banks, etc, when it is necessary to deal with the matter. Payout Denmark to treat personal data which form part of the case.

It can for example be information on: which we get from the CPR, Folkeregistreret, Tax administration, your doctor, or a-box.

Payout Denmark collects and processes only the information that is necessary for our casework. The aim is to ensure that you get the benefits you are entitled to. If you contact Payout Denmark for maternity benefits, unemployment benefits without having a case, record your comments, including typically your name and phone number. If you later seek or receive maternity benefits, unemployment benefits, you will get detailed message about the types of information included in the processing of your case. Payout Denmark treats your information on the background of the Payout Denmark-the law, and other laws. When the Payout Denmark is dealing with the case, they can disclose information about you to other public authorities, foreign authorities and the private, which, by law, have the right to receive the information, or with whom they work.

This information is called personal data

In order to process your case can Payout Denmark get, share and link a range of information without asking you. Payout Denmark, can: If the Payout of Denmark or the municipality has set up a case in order to check whether you have the right to other benefits, they can share the necessary information on the matter, e.g. what is being investigated, and what steps have been taken in the matter. This also applies if the case is closed within the past six months. In order to verify that you have the right to maternity pay sickness benefit, the Payment Denmark link our own data with the required, non-sensitive personal data from other Danish or foreign authorities and unemployment funds. The result can, in certain cases combined between information from PostNord or other postal operators. If the Payout Denmark, disclose information about you to an authority in a third country, the applicable legislation and to ensure that the payments are or have been correct. Payout Denmark saves your information during the processing of the case and delete them five years after the case is completed. The information is saved after the completion of the due rules of limitation and arkivloven etc. Payout Denmark can make decisions which are solely based on automatic processing. The automatic decisions are made, for example, that the Payout Denmark obtains information from public records, which power is compared with information in the case, and, together, determine whether you are eligible for maternity benefits, unemployment benefits. Payout Denmark can also automatically process the data for profiling, ie. to be able to predict a certain behavior. You may at any time withdraw your consent to the Payout of Denmark may obtain information about you, back. You can do this by contacting the Payment Denmark. Draws you consent back, it may mean that you are rejected, get less paid or no longer can get maternity benefits, unemployment benefits. You can appeal, to the Payment Denmark is processing personal data about you. You can get a copy of the information, as the Payment Denmark deal about you. You can also request: if you Have questions as to how Payout Denmark treats your personal information, you can contact databeskyttelsesrådgiveren. You disagree with the way the Payout Denmark treats your personal information, you can complain to the Danish data protection agency. Please be aware that the Dpa only is the appeal body in relation to the processing of your personal data, but not in relation to the handling of the case of maternity benefits, unemployment benefits. If you disagree with the Payment Denmark's handling of the case of maternity benefits, unemployment benefits, you must contact the Payment Denmark. Do you need help for general and technical questions about NemRefusion, contact:NemRefusion support if you Have questions about barselsreglerne, you can call for the Payout of Denmark on the telephone. Or log on to the Act with your medarbejdersignatur and send the digital item to the 'maternity pay'.

ADVODAN lawyers - find your local lawyer here

We send two newsletters out every month or as needed

Sign up to advocate dance newsletters and get news, tips and concrete advice on the law in your everyday lifeIf a new bill is adopted, it will no longer be possible to get iværksætterselskaber. crown It. The purpose is to make the process of divorce more simple for all parties, and s. It is the number of notifications of personal data breaches, as the Danish data protection agency has received since the Persondataforordningen entered into force d. twenty-five OF the ADVODAN, we are working locally, and it means that your ADVODAN lawyer has an extensive local knowledge and close contact to people and companies in your neighbourhood.

april, Denmark will have a brand new familieretssystem

Our lawyers know the city from the inside, and we know about your local challenges. A lawyer - a large netværkBag every ADVODAN lawyer working a nationwide network of employees, of which approx. are attorneys who are with to channel relevant knowledge and experience out to everyone in the chain. Solutions - not konflikterADVODAN lawyers are always solution-oriented, and with the network as the foundation, we can combine local insight and presence with full-service services. It gives you direct access to legal advice from our attorneys at the highest level.

Children - Institute for human Rights

It was, however, first with the UN convention on the rights of the child (Uncrc) from, that really came focus to ensure children special rights and protections. The convention is one of the most ratified conventions at all - only two states have not ratified it: Sudan, and the UNITED statesUnfortunately, there are still problems many places in the world with, for example, child labour and abuse. The protection of children and their rights have gained more and more attention with the passage of time, but violations are far from a thing of the past - not even in Denmark. Through among others, education, counseling and monitoring work Institute for human Rights therefore, in order to prevent violations of children's rights. Violent and sexual assault is a serious violation of children We have therefore prepared a number of recommendations which should make it easier to protect children from abuse. We recommend, among other things, that all municipalities provide open and anonymous advice that is available and known by parents, children and young people. Another focus is the so-called secondarily affected children It is the children who suffer, that their father or mother has a mental illness, struggling with abuse or has been given a prison sentence. These children must therefore have the additional protection and help It follows, among other things, of the Uncrc that all children have the right to regular and personal contact with both their parents - even when their mother or father in prison. Danish prisons and detention, however, has not been furnished to the visit of children. Therefore, we have, in cooperation with the Probation examined how you can create better conditions for the that children can maintain contact to a jailed parent. On the basis of the work considering the Probation several initiatives - among other things, introduced the so-called børneansvarlige in Danish prisons.

Discover the most amazing products from Dell - Dell Denmark

The final configuration may vary from the picture above

All information concerning prices, specifications, availability, shipping, månedsbetalinger and the configuration can be changed without prior noticeThe offer applies only to new purchase from the Dell home and home office with delivery in Denmark.

Booking is binding after order confirmation from Dell.

Dell is not responsible for typographical errors or errors in the pictures. Consumers have a fourteen day right of withdrawal for consumer contracts. Exploited the right of withdrawal will be charged delivery charges are non-part of the consumer.

Available on the website are not binding

The proposed standard does not limit the rights of consumers under applicable consumer protection legislation. Dell's standard terms of sale and delivery shall apply. Preferential rate applies only to the first five). Additional purchases are made at the usual price of the product in question. Please note that LCD screens can occur pixelfejl, either in the form of pixels that remain black or continuously lit pixels. Dell replaces the iht agreed upon service level monitors with pixelfejl in accordance with industry standards, why up to five defective pixels may be accepted. Systems are shipped the next business day (weekends and holidays excluded).

Applies to orders that are prepaid or have a credit approval. Limited number available Exact delivery date is not guaranteed.

Dell is not responsible for any loss, fees, damages, cost or expenses caused by any delay. Software and accessories can be shipped separately and arrive later, or may delay the delivery of the order total.


There are, depending on what type of host you are, the different invitations that you can use when you need to invite a subject to a visa requirement resident, on a visit in DenmarkIf the applicant submits his visa application at a Danish representation, you can benefit from using a digital invitation. If the applicant submits his application at another country's representation, as Denmark has a repræsentationsaftale with, for example Norway or Sweden, you must use a paper-based invitation. If you have completed one invitation, and the applicant submits the invitation id (only digital invitation) or the completed papirinvitation together with the visa application and other relevant documentation, it will in most cases shorten the processing time significantly. This will most often mean that the issue has been fully informed already at the time of application, so that no need to seek further information from the host in Denmark. If the applicant does not submit an invitation id or a papirinvitation together with the application, the applicant, by contrast, expect a longer processing time, since information must be obtained by the foreign office from you as the host in Denmark. If the applicant submits his her application at a Danish representation, you can pre-approved business organization benefit from using the digital invitation VF. Enter information on where the visa applicant will be staying during their stay in Denmark, and who bear the cost of the stay and the applicant lodges his or her application at a Danish representation, and your business organization is not pre-approved, you can use the digital invitation VU. If the applicant submits his application at another country's representation, you can only use the paper-based invitation. The invitation in Word format, you can fill in on screen before you print.

The invitation in pdf-format you must print out and fill in by hand.

If the applicant submits his her application at a Danish representation, you can benefit from using the digital invitation VU to invite a friend or a family member. If the applicant submits his application at another country's representation, you can only use the paper-based invitation. The invitation in Word format, you can fill in on screen before you print. The invitation in pdf format you must print out and fill in by hand. When you have posted a digital invitation, you will automatically receive a invitation id. If the visa applicant lodges his or her application at a Danish representation, you must pass the invitation id to the visa applicant. On the representation the applicant must inform the invitation id. The visa application will then be automatically coupled together with your invitation, within the representation are going to process the visa affair.

Invitation id can only be used if the applicant submit his or her application at a Danish representation.

If the applicant submits his application at another country's hospitality, the invitation id is not used.

This is because the representation does not have access to your digital invitation. If, nevertheless, you have posted a digital invitation, you can download a copy of the invitation via My Page. You must print the invitation and send it to the applicant, as the need to bring the invitation on the representation. The immigration office recommends that you sign the invitation in hand before you send it to the applicant. Here you can log on with NemID you used to sign your digital invitation. On My Side, you can see whether the applicant has been on the representation in order to submit his or her application, and the visa affair has been sent to Denmark for processing in the immigration office. You will also be able to see if there is a decision taken by the visa affair. Personal information about you as the host, which shall be indicated on the invitation, be given to the relevant authorities in the member states and processed by those with a view on the decision on the visa application. The data will be loaded and stored in the visa information system, VIS for a maximum of five years.

Here they will be accessible for the visa issuing authorities and the authorities performing visumkontrol at the external borders of the member states and of member states immigration and asylum services.

The information is saved for authorities to verify whether conditions for legal entry, legal residence and legal residence on the territory of the member states are met.

The information can also be used to identify persons who do not or who no longer fulfil these conditions, of examining an application for asylum and decide who has responsibility for such treatment.

Under certain circumstances, information will also be made available to the designated authorities in the member states and by Europol for the purposes of the prevention, detection and investigation of terrorist offences and of other serious criminal acts. You have a right to know what information is registered about you as the host of the SHOW, and the member state which transmitted the data. You can request that information about you which is inaccurate, to be fixed, and that the information about you that is illegally processed, are erased. The authority processing the application, informs you upon your express request, how you can exercise your right to access your personal data and have them corrected or deleted. You are also informed which the appropriate remedies according to the country's national legislation. You can use the form VS to request access to VIS (visa information system) and the information registered about you. The form is in Word format, you can fill in on screen before you print The form is in pdf format you must print out and fill in by hand. The national regulatory authority in Denmark (the Danish data protection agency) deal with complaints relating to the protection of personal data. Representations can be made to the Danish data protection agency.

real estate - Gyldendal - Den Store Danske

The legislation does not use ejendomsbegrebet a unique way

real estate, in the ordinary legal parlance, a delimited area, a plot of land, with any thereon, being buildingsTinglysningslovens ejendomsbegreb is, for example wider than Udstykningslovens, since the bl. To the real estate to a certain extent, also relevant accessories and fruits, see mortgage (pantets accessories and pantets fruits). The available, as a property allows an owner of a real estate property is not unlimited. Limitations may result from the agreement or by unilateral declarations, e.g. Traditional principles of law as naboretten also contains limitations. The characteristic of a modern society is, however, that an owner's available is limited by a large number of statutory rules, if tillempning especially taken care of by the government. This regulation, for example for agricultural operating conditions, goes far back in time, in -t. been still more intense.

also includes buildings on leased grounds and the condos

The objectives pursued by the public regulation of real estate, is often linked to a specific use of the property. The regulation of agriculture, which makes up more than two-three of Denmark's land, in -t. in particular, had as a goal to maintain freehold and family-run farms and to ensure the safe agricultural use of the land. Both of these goals are under pressure due to the. the economic development, but is not yet abandoned. Regulation of urban development has especially been intended to prevent the scattered settlement in the rural land regulation of real estate in the cities have had as a goal to prevent nabogener, to organise the traffic and to address the service, as a city's diverse functions require the other purpose is to save resources, e.g. gravel and groundwater, and to regulate the competitive use of such groundwater for irrigation and for drinking water. At the ago of such special objectives of providing the public regulation of general cross-cutting objectives. One of them is old and of course: the prevention of danger. A characteristic example is a provision in the building act, which says that a municipality may require the shut-off and broaching, if a building constitutes a hazard to its occupants or others.

Environmental protection, including control of pollution and conservation, has been growing in importance.

In any use of real property it seeks to limit the pollution of air, water, soil and subsoil, the use may give rise to. Also noise is sought as far as possible limited. Bevaringsbestræbelserne terms of both nature, wildlife, buildings and archaeological sites. Two funds have had a particular importance for public regulation: By changed use of real property is made to a large extent, the requirements for prior authorisation from a managing authority, which shall ensure observance of the general rules and make further concrete requirements for the future use. In addition, a hierarchy of plans, with buildings and a lot of other use of real property occurs within established frameworks: regionalplaner for counties, kommuneplaner for primærkommuner and local plans for the specific construction.

Kvoteflygtninge: Take the responsibility, Denmark. Write under. Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke

Many die, unfortunately, in the attempt

Such is our Denmark It is a vicious spiral Hundreds of thousands of refugees have put their lives at risk to reach Europe and seek safety here

The European Union and the international community is set to one of its biggest tests ever.

Europe and the world can only solve the crisis in the community.

In the european cooperation, we must work for a worthy reception of the persecuted, and we must stand on the goal for our fundamental values: Solidarity, respect for human rights and minorities, transparency and accountability to the conventions we have signed.

And in the UN framework, we must uphold the agreements and conventions, which have guaranteed peace, stability and human rights for the majority of europeans in a lifetime. We do not solve problems by building barbed-wire fences, build walls or set up grænsebomme. It only creates yet more suffering for the already hårdtprøvede refugees.

Or by closing the eyes for a while

The situation calls on cooperation and solidarity with the persecuted refugees, and among the EU countries. We are facing a humanitarian crisis of historic dimensions, and posterity will judge us harshly for the choices we make today. Technically named the program of the resettlement or resettlement of refugees. It will say that the UN flygtningeorgan, UNHCR, each year, appoint people with a particular protection needs in the refugee camps around the world's hotspots. They are then distributed between a number of countries in order to be granted permanent residence. Outside of the usual asylsøgningssystem. Denmark has for decades embraced the five hundred on the year. In, had the UNHCR identified almost, two million people with a special need for protection under the quota system.

Unfortunately, that was only.

of them actually resettled in a new country.

The UNHCR estimates that the number of refugees with special protection needs in will reach, four million. It is far from all countries in the world, which is with in the scheme. And there are also many countries on an ad hoc basis, receive kvoteflygtninge at the request of the UN flygtningeorgan, UNHCR. But Denmark is the first and preliminary only country which, as a permanent UNHCR-samarbejderpartner the resettlement programme, which has suspended its participation. Immigration and integration minister Inger Støjberg was in november of quoted by the Ritzau for the following reason: “We have put it on pause, because we must be able to follow. We simply need a respite”. According to the government, the scale of the problem of integration as well as the number of asylum seekers made Denmark unable to “follow”. Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke point, however, in a joint op-ed with five other NGOS in Denmark to take note of a large number of integrationsfremskridt, like the number of asylum seekers per september is the lowest number of asylum seekers in almost ten years. You can read the post here.