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A nation-wide inspection and prøvetagningsfirma - Eng Inspection

Dan Inspection is a nationwide independent DANAK accreditedInspectionAnd prøvetagningsfirma.

The society for children's literature, Denmark

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By a really stupid mistake the day came today to stand as the date of the general assembly in the latest issue of 'Clumsy Hans'The Danish writers Association is holding a litteratursalon under the name of The Red Sofa the. seventeen with Anita Krumbach, who is being interviewed by a journalist Kamilla Löfström.

Together they will discuss the divergent characters in children's literature, starting in the Anita Krumbachs releases, which often revolve around themes such as sadness and loneliness, and bears the imprint of her penchant for quirky characters.

The event is open to all, completely free of charge and takes place at Copenhagen's main Library Krystalgade.


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