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The repayment of the map to explore

SU-loans are loans that you have taken during your training

SU-loans are a part of the training aid, which you have chosenYou have searched the SU-loan from the Danish Agency for Higher Education, which has disbursed the loan to you. You must pay your SU-loan back to the Payout of Denmark, which manages the repayment.

Your outstanding balance per.

today's date is the first thing you find when you log on to the self-service solution.

You have an obligation to begin the repayment of your SU-loan in January in the calendar year one year after you have completed your education. Are you finished with your training in June, you have a duty to pay your SU-back loans from January. Payout for Denmark to send a reimbursement plan to you in October or november the year before you must start paying off on your SU-loan. Even if you are not yet repayable, you can still choose to retire the debt. You decide how much you will pay and how often. Because you are not repayable, we can not send you invoices. Instead, you should pay with your credit card or make an account transfer. You pay by credit card, or account information by clicking the 'Start' and log on to the self-service solution. Are you a student at an education, which gives the right to SU, a vocational training or an unpaid ph. -study, you must, as a starting point to first pay your SU-loan back when your training has ended. Have you got a reimbursement plan, but you are still in training, has Payout not your latest uddannelsesoplysninger. You must therefore immediately send the documentation from your educational institution or a copy of your elevkontrakt. The documentation shall include the start time of the training and the expected finish date.

Click on the 'Start' here on the page

Remember that the documentation must be signed by the training provider.

Approves the Payout of Denmark uddannelsesoplysningerne, deferred the obligation for the repayment of your loan.

The period you must pay the back over, and the installment you have to pay depends on your debt. You have several SU-loans are the repayment period calculated from the total debt. If you are not yet repayable, you can make a forhåndsberegning of how much you need to retire with. It makes you through the self-service solution 'Your SU-debt' by clicking 'Start' on this page. Please be aware that the calculation takes starting point in the debt-to-current size, and the current interest rate. If you are taking additional loans, or, if the interest rate changes, the calculation will also change. You must pay your loan back over a period of seven to fifteen years. The performance per loans constitute, as a minimum, two hundred kr. You can see how much you will be paying with by clicking the 'Start' here on the page. Payout Denmark thus does not take into account your financial circumstances by determining your performance. You must pay your SU-loan back by equal amounts each second month. If you would rather pay every month, every quarter, every half or full year can do that, too - you need to fix the number of annual periods via self-service solution 'Your SU-debt' which you find by clicking 'Start' on this page. You have the option to postpone your payment for a maximum of two years to implement the change in the self-service solution here on the page. You also have the option to request a temporary reduction of the performance. In both cases, this means, however, that in the future you will have to pay a higher amount, then the debt should be recovered to a specific point in time. The benefit must out - or the reduction does not exceed. every other month. You can read more here: You can always pay a higher installment or pay extra on your loan, if you want to shorten the tilbagebetalingsperiodens length. If you fast will paying off with a higher amount, you must change the amount of benefit through self-service solution. If you want to pay one extraordinary repayments on your loan, you can pay with credit card or make a transfer through your bank. You can pay with credit card and other payment options through self-service solution 'Your SU-debt'.

To settle your debt, you must draw a indfrielsesopgørelse through the self-service solution 'Your SU-debt', by clicking start here on the page.

Have you received too much SU, travel Agency for Institutions and support a claim for refund. The reason might be, that you have earned too much at the same time with, that you have received the SU, or that you have stopped your training and continued to receive SU in a period of time. There will in such cases be raised, respectively, a 'Indkomstkontrolkrav' and a 'Afbrudskrav'. If you do not agree, you must pay the SU back, you must in most cases, contact your educational institution, alternatively you should contact the Danish Agency for Institutions and student grants. To find out who you should contact, you must log on to the self-service solution, by clicking the 'Start'. You do not pay the full amount back at one time, create the Payment Denmark is automatically a afdragsordning for you. This means that you each month to retire the debt, until the requirement is met.

The claim should be paid back in the course of three years, regardless of how much money it is.

You can see the monthly repayments through the self-service solution ”Your SU-debt” by clicking ”Start” here on the page. Yes, you have a duty to pay your claim back, whether you want to continue in education or training.

This is because there is talk about the repayment of the SU, as you wrongly have received.

The claim should be paid back in equal amounts each month.

Minimumsydelsen is two hundred kr.

You may at any time meet the entire claim. You find your outstanding balance through self-service solution ”Your SU-debt” by clicking ”Start”. You can either pay the amount with credit card, or find other payment options on the page. In this period, you could incorporate the state-guaranteed SU-loan (STB) in a financial institution. In, it was possible to transfer the loan to the Payment Denmark. The loan will continue at unchanged terms. It means that you still have to pay back the loan with appropriate services in relation to the amount of the debt and within the warranty period. The interest rate on the SU-loan, the so-called CIBOR shall be determined by Danmarks Nationalbank. The interest rate is variable and is determined for a half year at a time, with the addition of, two per cent. to cover administration costs. You will find the current rate here: Repayment of state-guaranteed SU loan must begin one year after the completion or interruption. Payout for Denmark to send you a reimbursement plan in good time before you must start paying.

Your guaranteed by the state SU-loans must be repaid within a maximum of fifteen years from the training termination.

The amount of benefit is calculated on the basis of the amount of the debt.

We charge service each month. Timely payment is the. Benefits shall first cover any fees, then interest and finally, repayment. You can always pay a higher benefit, if you want to shorten the tilbagebetalingsperiodens length. You change the size via the self-service solution. You can always choose to repay your loan, or begin repayment of the loan, even if you are not yet liable. Payments you make by credit card through self-service solution, or to find your account information on the page. Loans for uddannelsesløft is an opportunity for you as a dagpengemodtager can educate you at the same time that you receive unemployment benefits. It is your A-box, who takes a position as to whether you can get a loan under the given training, you take. Think you not, that the allocation and calculation of the SU-the loan or the requirement for very paid SU is correct, you can submit a complaint to:the Danish Agency for Institutions and UddannelsesstøtteBredgade Copenhagen KKlagen must be received by the Board for Institutions and Training no later than four weeks after notification of the decision. Maintain the Institutions and support their decision, they send your complaint on to the Board of appeal of the State Uddannelsesstøtteordninger, which makes the final administrative decision. Will you complain about the amount of the payment, the period you have to pay back over, or over, the fees you imposed, you must make it to the Payout Denmark, so the complaint is received within four weeks after notification of the decision. Maintained the decision, send Payout Denmark will also appeal to the appeals Board of the State Uddannelsesstøtteordninger, which makes the final administrative decision. Would you like to have, to another person, ex. your parents or spouse, contacts, Payment Denmark for you regarding your loan or requirements, you need to make sure to give the person the power of attorney. The requirement of power of attorney must ensure that unauthorised persons cannot get information on your map to explore without your permission. The power of attorney can be given oral know that In calling up together. An oral power of attorney is only valid in the one conversation where the caller together.