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where a grandfather shot his son-in-law and his lawyer in the Copenhagen city Court

One killed in road accident - Additional Magazine

A man has diedAfterA traffic accident on the Kumlehøjvej by Hasle on Bornholm There were no other passengers in the two cars than two people The accident happened at the that the killed man lost control of his car and ran across the road and hit an oncoming car.

ERSTATNINGSADVOKAT specialists in traffic injuries and whiplash - erstatningsadvokaterne that is nationwide

According to the Danish Statistics, there are annually ca

Car accidents are one of the main reasons for personal injury in DenmarkYou have come to harm in connection with a traffic accident, you often have the right to receive various forms of compensation and reparation. Cases for compensation in connection with road accidents is our specialty and our erstatningsadvokater have a lot of experience to bring compensation claims and obtaining the maximum compensation for our clients. If you have been exposed to a whiplash, you are very welcome to go to our special info page about compensation for a whiplash road traffic Accidents are one of the most frequent causes of injury in Denmark. If you have been injured in a traffic accident, you often have the right to to get compensation for your personal injury. You can usually get compensation both from any counterparty to or with the insurance company and your own insurance company. If there are no other cars involved in the accident, therefore, that there is a soloulykke, you can only get compensation if you have taken out a personal accident or have subscribed to a so-called førerpladsdækning related to the vehicle's comprehensive insurance. If you yourself are completely or partially at fault in the accident, there are still options for obtaining compensation. In the field of tort law apply the rules on so-called objective liability in connection with road accidents. It implies that the counterparty's insurance company as a basis to pay compensation to you, although the second billist not have done something wrong. You can, however, have acted so irresponsibly, that the compensation is terminated or reduced.

traffic accidents where there is personal injury

In practice, there is a lot to, if your compensation is terminated or reduced. If the compensation is to be reduced, it happens in practice, with a three of the replacement you would otherwise have had. An example of to act so irresponsibly that the compensation be reduced or terminated can be by drinking and driving.

If both parties have an equal share in the accident, that is, In are equally good about it, you are still entitled to compensation for your personal injury.

It is mandatory to take out civil liability insurance in Denmark. The counterparty liability insurance is obliged to compensate the damage that the accident causes. See more about the individual erstatningsposter immediately below under the heading options for compensation. If you, as a cyclist or pedestrian is injured by a car, the car's liability insurance will pay you compensation on the same terms as at a traffic accident, where two cars running together. You know not who the other party in the accident is under certain conditions you may still get compensation. The insurance companies have an association called the DFIM, which stands for Danish Association for International motor insurance.

This association may pay compensation in situations where the other parties are unknown.

The association may also pay compensation if the other party does not have the character of the liability insurance.

In practice, provision is made slightly more stringent requirements for the burden of proof to receive compensation from the DFIM.

We offer a professional, free and no-obligation assessment of your damages.

If we determine that we can help you to get compensation, we offer to conduct your case according to the principle of “no cure - no pay”. It will say that we gain no compensation, so you get no invoice. You can in the following read more about each of the types of compensation and reimbursements in connection with road accidents. You need to be aware of the distinction between solouheld and accidents, where there is a responsible offender. Here you can read more about the possibilities to get compensation for permanent injury and the fixing of méngrad in connection with a whiplash. What options are there for compensation from your insurance company and what should you be particularly aware of. If you permanently have fully or partially been reduced your earning capacity in connection with a traffic accident there is the possibility of compensation. You have in connection with a traffic accident also have the opportunity to recoup some of the costs related to treatment m. v. you have had as a result of the accident If you have lost income, in connection with the accident, you are entitled to compensation for loss of earnings. loss of earnings, How should you deal, if you want an action for damages resumed and what you should be particularly aware of. Read for review here When will a claim for damages is barred and the period within which, exists to make a claim. Read about the obsolescence of the claims here, You are welcome to contact attorney Anne Hviid, specializing in compensation for personal injury in connection with traffic accidents.

Lawyer Anne Hviid offer a professional assessment of your damages and your opportunities to achieve compensation.

To be able to get compensation for personal injury to the genes most often be documented in a medical report within the three first days after the accident. It is important for the possibility of compensation, to the symptoms and the genes are carefully described. This also applies in the subsequent period, where you regularly should seek out a doctor if you have discomfort or symptoms. It can also be a good idea to keep a journal of the daily discomfort and pain you have as well as medications you may be taking.