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How do I pay

Here the payment will be put on hold until you get answers

If you have to pay pension or housing benefit back into Payment Denmark, you have the option to pay the amount with the same via My betalingsoverblik'. a contribution, or an instalment, you can sign payments to direct DebitWhen you register the payments for direct Debit, they are drawn automatically, so you don't even need to do anything.

The information you use to register the payments for direct Debit, you will find on the payment slip on the collection from the Payout of Denmark.

The only case in which the Payment Denmark automatically put a payment on hold, if you are waiting on a ruling on your complaint concerning the housing benefits. You can request a afdragsordning of Payout Denmark, if you have to pay money back. To do this, use the self-service solution ’Request a afdragsordning’. If you have to pay a different collection than the seven mentioned, it is not possible to use self-service solution. If you get a afdragsordning of Payout Denmark, you must pay the money back within twenty-four months. In addition to the repayments at a minimum of one hundred kroner. a month If you do not pay the installments on time, cancel Payment Denmark your afdragsordning. Instead, you must pay rest of the amount you owe, at once. Pay you still do not, the amount can be sent to the recovery from Gældsstyrelsen. You can read more about what it means to be sent to the recovery from Gældsstyrelsen: If you exceed a term of payment for a charge, you will be sent a reminder of Payment with a fee of dkk.

Note, there are no fees on the reminders relating to housing assistance.

In this case, you must contact the Collection

However, it is not the reminders on boligstøttelån. You do not pay after the first reminder, you will be sent another reminder. As soon as you exceed a payment period, your payment will be registered to the set-off of Gældsstyrelsen.

about what it means, if your payment is registered to the set-off of Gældsstyrelsen: If you have received a payment from the Payout of Denmark, which you must pay through your foreign bank, you can use our IBAN and Swift number to transfer your payment.

The collection of the payment slip will be sent by Digital Post. You must therefore remember to check your email Box, if you are missing a payment.

If you are exempt from Digital Post and missing a payment, you must contact the Collection, so you can get sent a new one.

Payout Denmark respond as soon as possible.

If you have written to the Payout Denmark, you can expect to get answers within twenty working days.

If you are unsatisfied, you are welcome to contact the Payout Denmark. If you are disagree with a decision relating to the collection, you have the opportunity to complain about it. Payout Denmark must have your complaint, no later than four weeks after you have received the decision.

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