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You, as the applicant, has in some cases the ability to submit your application for family reunification while in Denmark The same applies if you are staying legally in Denmark, because you already have another residence permit (e.g on the basis of work, studies or as an au-pair)Finally, you may be allowed to submit your application and get it processed - in Denmark during the examination of an appeal against a decision of the immigration office, if this complaint is conferred a suspensive effect with regard to the law § (b)). However, you can not get your application processed in Denmark, if it is obvious that you do not meet the conditions for family reunification or if you have already got the refusal of an application for family reunification, because you did not meet the conditions. This means that if you have been refused family reunification, you can not enter Denmark on a visa or visa-free stay, and then submit a new application for family reunification in Denmark - unless your circumstances have changed in a way, so now you will be able to meet the conditions.

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a successful update of a well-rounded work

The court of arbitration is a supplement to the book the court of Arbitration by Jakob Juul and Peter Fauerholdt Thommesenedition, prepared by Peter Fauerholdt Thommesen, is published by Karnov Group the. On the website the book will be continuously updated bl.

with new case law and literature, and there is the option to contact Peter Fauerholdt Thommesen for comments and questions. Professor, ph d.

Kasper Steensgaard, Department of law, Aarhus University, denmark, wrote bl. in his review of the book in the Journal of Housing and building law, flat. The first edition of 'Arbitration' from was a milestone in the description of arbitration in Denmark - and the book will continue, now in a third edition, be a cornerstone of any library on the subject.