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Income tax return

Facing the Deadline for the extended tax return was the

The Danish tax returns are usually fully automated, but not allDo you need help with to get prepared your tax return, so read here and contact us for a refund. in order to get assistance. We offer to prepare your tax return correctly and on time, so there is not paid too much tax If you have problems with the TAX, we can investigate the matter and possibly. offer to solve the on an hourly basis or on a success-basis - contact us the Deadline for opting-in to the extended tax return In the following TAX's website is the deadline on. July, and you can add it yourself via the digital service from the. Tilmedling to the extended income tax return to have further consequences to which one should orient It, you must remember by the end of the personally owned business Preliminary (only for personally owned company) to Log on to the digital service and the right figures on the company's result. Up to the middle of september you can register your business as closed by setting the. march If your year-end report is not yet ready, you get instead a service message or a servicebrev. Once you have made your tax return, you get your annual statement. From this date you can also inform new figures or changes a tax return for rental property If you rent out a property (housing) that you don't even live in or have the right to use, consider TAX it as self-employment. Surplus deficit by renting, or leasing of property counts as your income and the Foreign income When you live in Denmark and have foreign income in the form of salary, pension, letting of foreign property, shares, etc, you need to make an extended tax return. You can type in your foreign income in your annual tax return in Beyond.

You must use the expanded income tax return, if you: operate self-employment, foreign income, or the property has rented out a dwelling that you don't even live in is an artist and It's not only you who can fix the tax return of or Beyond Your auditor or another person can also do it for you.

You may authorise an adviser (accountant, bank and the like) or any other person to typing income tax returns, tax calculations are now so complicated to make, that virtually no one can make these unless you have a skatteberegningsprogram. The calculation of the tax, Therefore, it is difficult as an ordinary citizen to check on the skatteberegningen is made correctly. Assistance to the tax return provided via this form, but you are always welcome to contact us directly.

registration - Tinglysningsafgifter fees

which can be found on their website Finally

The TAX has also created a comprehensive tinglysningsafgiftsvejledningthe application.

name and address changes.

the introduction of conditional documents

extinction of uncovered mortgage after the foreclosure auction. and all records relating to a judgment mortgage is all without charge.

The purchase of a site: Proper recording and error - With your hands - How to do yourself

Such decisions are, however, more an exception than a rule

To purchase an undeveloped plot or empty with a built house it is better to prepare in advance to avoid unnecessary expenses and problemsHow do you learn from the mistakes of other buyers of real estate. Potential buyers of a web site, with or without a house can face many difficulties - from neglect of the previous owners of the category of land and the lack of necessary documents at the conclusion of an agreement. Legal verification of the transaction so far is an essential stage in the sale and purchase of real estate. First and foremost, check the information on the current and previous owners of the allocation of transactions is implemented with the site throughout its period, as well as on the economic activities carried out on its territory.

Verification is subject to the information on surveying and jordsammensætning as well as information about the existing restrictions and coatings in the right to use the road constructions requirements and claims of third parties, potential or ongoing legal disputes over the ownership of the land.

It is also necessary to be aware of the legality of the construction of the existing buildings on the site. If the construction is only planned, should specify the categories, put the (agricultural land, land settlements), and type of permitted use (in order to make the dacha farming, horticulture, individual housing construction), as these parameters are dependent on the possibility of the building. The buyer has the option to independently collect some of the necessary information. For example, information on the cadastral number, location, category, type of permitted use of the area, the borders, the legal owner, the cadastral value of land (including information on travel restrictions, encumbrances and easements) are available to any citizen of The Russian Federation, to pay the corresponding costs. It is possible to apply to the territorial Praise-estate department with a written request for cadastral extract (it will prepare, within ten working days) or the Federal Registration Service of the Department, who requests data from the Unified State Register (issued within five working days). Moreover it is worth to consult in arkitekturafdelingen for the administration of the municipal district and the settlement where the site is located. Thus, you will be able to receive information about the planned deployment highway, industrial zone, or other objects, as well as information on any restrictions on the use of the website reserved for state and municipal needs.

Each category of land has its own limitations

Before you start looking for an allocation, you must determine for what purpose it is purchased: Will you build a country house or dacha, cultivating plants or raising animals.

Depending on the further use, the relevant place is selected.

Download classification of land: agricultural land land of settlements land special purpose industrial land specially protected natural areas, skovfonden, water fund, reserveområder.

To build a house fit for bosætningslandet - which can be used for individual housing construction.

Of agricultural land in individual cases, the possibility for individual housing construction with the subsequent registration. Often the construction is possible only after transfer to the category of jordbestemmelser. So in the places that are meant to lastbilbrug, it is impossible to build kapitalkonstruktioner. If you want to build a country house for permanent residence, you are in no way suitable land for gardening. But at the site of the landbyggeri you can subsequently register a permanent record (with all requirements of the Russian law). Transfer of land from one category to another is possible, but requires great effort, time and financial costs. The award may belong to the owner of the property or be in constant use. In the latter case, the legal documents are an extract from the household books (stored in the local administration, which, if it is necessary, and provides the extract). Such a plot may not be sold, given, be noted. On the basis of the provisions of the applicable legislation can re-register the right of permanent (perpetual) use of land that has been allocated to citizens for ancillary and dacha farming, gardening, horticulture, individual garage or housing, on the property for free. The right to own such a site can be recorded without measurement. In this case, kadastrale beware of the allocation, where the boundaries of the territory is not specified, and the area is only specified approximately. It must remember, however, that after the country's registration of property rights is land surveying is mandatory. An excerpt from the mesterbogen is a sufficient basis for registration of ownership of land, but only if the latter is intended for the conduct of a personal deltidsgård. Once a site has been allocated for other purposes, it is necessary to draw up a document establishing or certifying the right to possess the road constructions. After the state registration of the right of ownership gets the owner an opportunity to dispose of the property within the limits laid down in The Russian Federation, the current landlovgivning. According to brokers, one should be aware that the realtor is in a hurry to conclude an agreement (he may try to hide important information, f. The transfer of a plot or the presence of trouble).

not provide a complete package of documents (country can be achieved as a result of selvbeslaglæggelse, then a long form will be required) documents of the old standard (was probably the award repeatedly sold).

Make sure of seller's data and information about the owner of the site is the same as specified in the titelhandlingerne to the property and the house. If the property is not sold by the owner, the seller must have a notarized power of attorney from the owner with an expired period of validity and the correct data from the principal. Please note that there is no discrepancy in the data on the footprint (size, location, etc.). To eliminate the risk of buying the wrong area you have visited, you must read the cadastral passport (original, not a copy - this is important) and the title of the document on the basis of which the right to ownership of land. In kadastralplanen states kadastralnummeret, the location of the site, the category of land, type of permitted use, area, kadastralværdien. In order to complete the transaction, there are enough forms for B. -VZ, but it is better to check all of the forms (V. which contains information about the neighbors, the allocation of the allocation, restrictions on construction, etc. In the contract of sale must necessarily indicate the size and location, its purpose, the cost of land as well as any coatings. When the documents for the plot and the house is checked, and you are convinced that the seller is reliable, it is the last phase of the ejendomscheck. It is most relevant for them. buying a plot for future construction or is ready to immediately assess the possibility to rebuild an existing house (or create a new one). Thus, the buyer should explain whether it will be possible to connect to the energy sources (electricity or gas), as well as how water supply and sanitation is organized, or what are the prospects for their construction. Keep in mind that with the ownership of the owners of the landowners in the construction of communication it is necessary to nugtere assess the economic costs, because they can exceed the price of the award. The seller must request the documents relating to electricity, gas. water supply and sewerage.

In the first case the following are required: Current specifications for the connection of electricity contract for technological connection to electrical network (with payment confirmation) if the network is not built - elforsyningsprojektet with all approvals, information about byggedatoerne if built, a contract for the supply of energy.

In the second case: technical conditions for gasforbindelse confirmation of the local gasforsyningsorganisation on the possibility to consume a certain volume (hydraulic calculation) project and the conditions for the construction of the gas pipeline, if the pipeline is constructed - commissioning ants. And finally, in the third case: the data about the possibility of drilling own well or well equipment in the presence of central water supply and sanitation - an agreement with the water in the absence of sewerage - information about the possibility to install a local cleaning system or a local sewage system (septic tank). If you are buying a reason to build a mansion or with a completed home to a permanent residence, you must study the local management company work. The employees competence depends on the level of comfort in your future life. Finally, assess the possibility to expand their holdings - probably after a while you must have a house and (or) a larger area. If there is such a vantage point, it is advisable to choose an extremely place where there is a technical possibility to increase the boligarealet. When you make a transaction with real estate, you should not ignore the lawyer's help. If you do not want to use the services of a lawyer for a real estate agent, through which the purchase of the land, you can invite an independent expert of the office (his services cost in the - thousand. Under all circumstances, you must keep in mind that the seller must provide: Typically, they focus their attention on the very important issues in connection with the house and utilities, landscaping area, the presence near the woods or water, by public transport, distance from the town. But it really forget about the other important issues associated with the natural features of the site, who have decided to buy. First and foremost you must decide what you prefer - a garden or cottage flat land in a field or plot with a pronounced relief, where you can beat all of the slopes, forest area, land in the meadows or by the side of the pond. At the same time, we must not forget that the forest areas, usually the most expensive cost, and other issues associated with their development, much. This is one of the best places to stay, but not the best place to put the intensive garden. You should not choose the lowland and marshland. The price for them is usually lower. But this saving would be sideways. The cold air goes constantly down in the valley, and lingers there. And as a result of destroying all the garden and on the Gorodnov stands with greater force than on the slopes or a flat surface. Fruit trees and shrubs in the lowlands often die, because the level of groundwater in these areas is high. For garden plants, it is necessary that the level was within, - metres deep down in the earth's surface. Therefore requires the lowland areas significant dræningsomkostninger. The most favorable for the suburban areas are the south eastern, south western and southern slopes. Cold winds prevailing in the north, and the fruit freezes are often a little there.

More snow accumulates on the northeastern slopes, so they are good to grow berries.

An important factor in the choice of a site may be the soil type.

If it is possible, it is better to choose a site with light or medium loam. Most plants prefer a soil as organic material in it and enough water and a satisfactory balance. With regard to the relief of the site, there is already a question of your taste. Small elevationsændringer make the square more interesting. At the same time, the surface area is more convenient to create a vegetable garden and its mechanized technique.