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Bankruptcy and restructuring of companies city Listen to erhvervsadvokaten - a - Mixcloud

there are annually several thousands of Danish companies

OW Bunker and Amagerbanken are some of the major bankruptcies

which must shut down and switch off

we have seen in the last year. and unfortunately.

freelance' denmark - a dynamic and creative consultancy, working with commissioned and private label education and training

We advise and save with professional organizations ifm

We provide business advice to private companies, where we are in close interaction with the management and employees helps to implement change in the field of marketing, strategy, innovation, production, logistics, IT-management, project-management, organization and managementChanges in working life poses new demands to the professional organizations role in the modern labour market. the preparation of kompetencestrategier, if the purpose is to attract and retain members. The public sector is undergoing a rapid development with constant organizational change is a part of everyday life. Commissioner group freelance’ denmark to help the public sector to develop flexible organizations and offers consultancy in the field of project management, organization, leadership, strategy and development.

Get new inspiration and input to reduce some of the bottlenecks, exceedingly time-consuming and cumbersome routines. Try the test Is Your organization or company is able to retain and attract the best managers and employees.

Knowledge is shared through information, communication, well-known objectives, trust, openness, curiosity, joy, and recognition.

Try the test Knowledge grows when knowledge is shared

Try the test If you are in a situation where multiple persons from the same department or from different departments in Your organisation, who would like to be on the same course, seminar or training can freelance' denmark implement the activities with You, and only for You. We conduct open programs, courses and degrees Ie. that competence development is implemented in our classrooms in the north of Zealand. The participants of our open programs, courses and degrees, come from different organisations, administrations and businesses. freelance' denmark's a freelance’ denmark a s meduddanner fiskerikontrolpersonel of the Greenland Fiskerilicenskontrol. The training includes a focus on internal to external relations, self-management, distanceledelse, problem solving, communication interfaces, as well as the development and visibility of the internal culture. The ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Agriculture, NaturErhvervsstyrelsen freelance' danmark a s has the responsibility to develop and implement a targeted kommunikationsuddannelse of key personnel at FoodService Danmark A S freelance' denmark a s re-elected the ifm. development and implementation and teaching for experienced managers with staff, administration, and production responsibilities at NCC Roads A S a freelance' denmark a s to develop, implement and execute company strategic.