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DANA: the Termination of the company

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To close your business can be associated with many emotions and uncertaintiesHow is your life in the future, what shall you live on, and what things should you specifically do now. We know that there can be challenges associated with the cessation of a business. In order to make it as simple for yourself as possible, you must both have a focus on how you choose to cease, and on the documentation. An end - formally setDu must be idle, for you can get unemployment benefits. As a self-employed it means you should be definitively ceased the operation of the company. It is different, what you need to send as evidence that the company has ceased. It depends on the reason for termination, and what type of business you have. You can get daily allowance when your entire business is transferred to the buyer, and the agreement is legally binding. You must either have full or partial legal available, or actually available over the company. If the agreement does not include the entire company, should the effects be written off, sold, transferred or repatriated. As proof of your termination with the company, we must have a so-called ophørsbevis.

The declaration must also be signed by your spouse

A ophørsbevis shall consist of a confirmation of the termination by the company of the CVR from the Danish business authority and a confirmation from the TAX authorities that the unregistering of the company is approved by the TAX.

Rental and leasing If you have used the rented or leased equipment, those agreements must either be terminated or be transferred to the buyer.

Who is the buyer. When you are idle, your employer, as a rule, pay compensation for your first two ledighedsdage. The also called G-days When you leave, you have the right to get paid G-days, if you're within the last four weeks have been working for at least hours and the termination is not due to you. We have a duty to pull the two G-days in your daily allowance. Therefore, it is important that you make sure you get them paid by the employer. If you would have to get paid G-the days from your employer, you can get help from us. In certain situations we can put out for the lack of compensation. If you stopped work several times for the same job, has your employer required to pay you a maximum of sixteen G-days for each calendar year.

Are you self-inflicted free.If you decide to speak up, or are you at fault in the termination, you as a general rule, hours of effective quarantine equivalent to three weeks of daily cash benefits.

However, you can avoid quarantine, if you have a valid reason to stop your work. If you are in connection with a termination to accept a short notice period, you self-inflicted vacant for the remainder of your notice period, subject to a maximum of hours after the termination. The rule applies even if neither you nor your employer is aware that you have been terminated with a short notice period. It can happen in the case where your work area is covered by legislation, such as funktionærloven. What can lift the quarantine Sometimes there may be valid reasons to say her job - in such cases it may give you the right to cash benefit with the same. There are many more valid reasons Therefore, it is always a good idea to contact us first, if you're thinking of saying your work up. What does it mean, that the quarantine is effective. That the quarantine is effective means that you just might wind up in quarantine for weeks, where you otherwise would have been entitled to the allowance. It will among other things say that you need to be registered in the job centre, and that you can not wind up in quarantine for weeks, where you keep the holiday. If you have not settled the quarantine no later than three months after the termination, lapses in quarantine. This means that you after the three months you can get unemployment benefits, although not all karantænetimerne is settled. Are you several times been self-inflicted free. If you two times within twelve months has been self-inflicted free without a valid reason, you may not get unemployment benefits. A member has two times within a year, said a job without having a valid reason. The second time the member is not quarantine, but the member may not receive unemployment benefits before the member meets one of the three demands of work. When you step out of your business, there are several facts you should be aware of. If you are eligible for unemployment benefits when you step out of the company first and foremost depends on whether you: Faith and love-statement Are you working in your spouse's business, you can withdraw by signing a faith statement. You and your spouse in writing that you have ceased to work in the company.

Are you working in your spouse's business, and you have entered into a wage agreement after kildeskattelovens § twenty-five A, shall be deemed to be an employee.

You will be subject to a period of six months after termination with company, where you can't start a new business. If you establish a company in the period, you will lose your right to benefits in the rest of the six-month period.

Trade union and a-box - Business Denmark

Business Danmarks A-kasse is for you, working with sales and marketingWe have as the only (a-kasse) in Denmark to fully focus on your professionalism, so we know what it takes to get you back on the job market again. As a member of the Business Danmarks A-kasse you are guaranteed unemployment benefits if you lose your job. At the same time, we help you back on the labour market through advice, individual coaching sessions, workshops, courses and much more. Whether you are a manager, employee or self-employed, organise we are together a flow that fits you and your situation. per month (equivalent to dkk. after-tax) You can enroll yourself at the same time, our trade union, you get one of the cheapest kombinationsløsninger for only kr. Are you under training, is it free to be a member of the Business Danmarks A-kasse). Remember to sign up for an a-box within the twelve months prior to the end of study period. You are guaranteed the right to unemployment benefits with the same, when the diploma is in the house, and the hunt for a dream job kicks off. Are you both a member of our a-box and the trade union, then you have the option to draw a lønsikring as a supplement to the your unemployment benefits. about how you can ensure up to of your salary if you are terminated.

Tax credits, Remember your tax credits on the financial statements

Second, it will be hard to miss out of tax deductions due

When you get your annual statement from the TAX, so it's important to check this through

First, it is required by law that you check whether everything is correct.

omissions or other errors that make the indicated deductions are not already in the the financial statements. Do you have unused tax credits, so you must therefore self-assess these via Skat's website. This is also where you make changes, if there are other errors in your annual tax return. A tax deduction is an amount that you can earn without having to pay taxes on the amount. This tax goes to the common costs we have in the country such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals, police, fire brigade and much more. However, there are certain expenses that can trigger a tax deduction, where one can get his salary paid, without paying tax. A tax deduction is a skatteundtagelse, where you can get paid a salary free of tax in order to pay the expense, which triggers the tax deduction. be using to your kørselsudgifter, when you're driving to work, or if you donate money to a charity. Further, all danes a tax-free bottom line, called a personal allowance. As a young man under the age of eighteen years is personfradraget in at. five hundred kr, while for adults who are over eighteen years of age are at. This means that you, as the eighteen year old can serve up to. without paying tax. You only pay tax on the money you earn more than. In addition to personfradraget you have also raised, if you are in work. The earned income tax credit in at, five of your salary, however, max.

three hundred kr.

in the deduction in total.

The earned income tax credit deducted automatically from your tax, and therefore it is not something you even have to think about. In the sections below, we come into popular tax deductions. These can in some cases be reported automatically, f. of the charitable organization that you have supported.

For every penny we earn, then we must pay the tax

But often, you must even report the numbers.

In all cases, it is worth to investigate whether you have tax credits that are not yet listed on your statement.

Allowances for transport expenses or kørselsfradrag, as it is often called is a deduction for your transportation to and from work.

You must have more than twelve miles to your workplace to be able to get allowances for transport expenses. The size of the allowances for transport expenses depends on your overall driving distance, and if you live in the udkantskommune. It is also of importance if you need to over betalingsbroer, or if you need to use the ferry or plane to get to work. Read more about the rules for allowances for transport expenses via the link below. You can get deductions for gifts to charitable associations m. nine hundred kr.

Have you provided your social security no.

to the association, then the association will automatically report your deductions. Have you not it, so you may even report through the tax return. Have you used the craftsmen in the course of the past year, then you can probably get tax credits for lønudgiften. Until you could draw labour costs of. From and forward, the deduction was changed to a green deduction with up to. in deduction per. person for håndværkerudgifter, and. in the deduction of services such as cleaning. In the latest budget for the håndværkerfradraget made permanent.

Håndværkerfradraget is also referred to as BoligJobordningen.

Are you a member of a trade union or an unemployment fund, you can withdraw the quota from.

Besides the tax deduction, so is it also the state that pays of your unemployment benefits if you are a member of an a-box. So are you not already a member of an unemployment fund, then it might be worth to consider now. See here for a overview of a-boxes.

You have the loan, so you pay also likely to have an interest.

These you can pull from your taxes. Often will låneudbyderen, the bank or the mci automatically report the numbers, but it is worth checking so you are not cheating yourself of deduction. I have figured out that I would get an allowances for transport expenses at, on the year (per. month) that combined with my tax credit of. is the, - per month. I have an average monthly salary of, - before tax - it will then say that I did should not pay tax. Is there really the, - on top of the tax deduction on the. I have never had allowances for transport expenses before, but I'm considering to move to Slagelse even though I work in Valby. It is there that is able to live with so small an income.

According to Google Maps, there are approx.

km from Slagelse to Valby. Let us assume that you work days per year (which is all normal working days in), and that you have low income, so the deduction would be on, kr. in direct kørselsfradrag and, kr. in appendix pga. The real kørselsfradrag, however, will probably be lower, since you probably have days when you are not working f. disease or another.

But you work all the days, then the above result you can count on.

Therefore, there is a piece way up to the, kr. as you are writing. I think, therefore, that you have made a mistake in your calculation. I have since January of worked as assistant in a kindergarten (I'm twenty years old).

I have had an average wage of.

kr per month before tax. It is only now dawned on me that I haven't got my personal allowance. Nowhere on my paycheck there is something about skattefradragelse. I pay A tax of thirty-eight and ATP contributions and the AM-contribution. I have the right to the.

tax free dollars, when I have put my forskudsopgøresle for on the.

Who should I contact.

My employer or tax.

It is done automatically.

You need not do anything. Via forskudsopgørelsen is calculated, it is how much you approximately have to pay in tax. From this the calculation of your tax rate.

You thus have a lower tax rate than the real rate of tax on the last earned krone.

It is compensated over the whole year. Forskudsopgørelsen is used solely to calculate how much you ca. must pay in tax in the course of the year. Forskudsopgørelsen thus has no impact on how much you are going to pay in the end. This is calculated on the tax return.

If Forskudsopgørelsen not have been hundred properly (which it never is), so getting your tax corrected upon the tax return.

It is therefore sometimes you have to pay extra tax, when the tax return comes, and in other cases to get money back in taxes. My husband was a student in aug. In the year and came thereby on the SU. Thus he must have an unused tax credits that are oveført to me, But how is it being made up.

We get it back in tax in connection with the financial statements or is my deduction higher for next year or is it a completely.

I'm at work while my gf is at SU We use both our personal allowance to the full, I of course get there the earned-income tax credit.

You will be able to transfer her potential earned-income tax credit to me if we were married.

or are there other advantages to being married rather than cohabiting.

I am aware that you can get some tax advantages of mht. interest deductions capital gain. Yes, spouses can transfer unused personal allowance to each other. Quote: “If you are married by indkomstårets output happens automatically transfer to your spouse any unused personal allowance,” I have been in work throughout, but have found that my personal deduction was calculated incorrectly, and you thus have been incorrectly calculated personal deduction for ten out of the twelve months of the year. Should I get the money from the incorrectly calculated personal deduction back in the form of financial statements. Hi, I have not been notified of child support maintenance for on my annual tax return. I have so just been in to do, where I can now see I should have had a further.

Is it so some I get in a year or they are lost.

Them you get paid. You can correct your financial statements for up to three years and four months after the year is completed. may, you can fix your tax for the year. The financial statements for the year, can be directed to. When you dishes in a year-end report, so will the tax always be adjusted later on, so you must either pay further or have the money returned.

Daily subsistence allowance, the free encyclopedia

In march, we focus on the food and drink

(Read here about the sitenotice) Unemployment (or just unemployment benefits) in Denmark, a voluntary insurance scheme for employees and self-employed

In other countries there are different variations of dagpengeordninger in Germany is arbejdsløshedsforsikringer through legislation has made mandatory and employer-financed.

In all the nordic countries, there is a dagpengeret, which can be earned. The Danish insurance scheme, which is a significant element in the Danish model, administered by the state unemployment funds, according to the law aims to ensure members financial compensation for loss of income in case of unemployment.

You can also get unemployment benefits in connection with illness and other injuries or pregnancy and birth - this is called Sickness benefit.

You have the right to receive unemployment benefit for two years if you meet these criteria, there are some exceptions for fresh graduates and conscripts. Some temporary exemptions adopted by the Danish Parliament in the period - in conjunction with the lost dagpengeret.The highest daily allowance is at kr. on the day - it is similar to kr. Are you deltidsforsikret, is the highest rate of kr. on the day, which is equivalent to. a week.The highest daily allowance is kr. on the day - this is equivalent to. Are you deltidsforsikret, is the highest rate of kr. on the day, which is equal to. The basic principles for the allocation of social benefits were established in Dagpengeloven of, which was the first Danish act on state aid for funds. Then came a gradual change to the principle which was in force at the entrance to the s. It was based on an objective, that the compensation for loss of income or loss in wealth should be sufficient to create a general security for the citizens, who could not even clear provide. This objective was amended at the end of the s and the first decade of the s, where the activation was the central principle In the same period there were introduced special low benefits for persons who are considered unfit or unwilling to be integrated in the labour market, f.

start, -timersreglen and kontanthjælpsloftet.

You can also participate in this year's forårskonkurrence

These special benefits were terminated in connection with the Government Helle Thorning-Schmidt, finanslovsaftale for Citizens who want to ensure a better compensation if they are affected by a social event, therefore need to ensure through a private additional insurance or through collective schemes. The compensation for loss of earnings at the transition to unemployment benefit (the so-called replacement ratio) and early retirement fell from of a LO-worker's average earnings in to in. A more differentiated analysis from showed that a murers compensation was decreased from seventy to forty percent, while a low-paid rengøringsmedarbejder, in, got a compensation of, got this reduced to in. in may, the CONSERVATIVE government a 'recovery package' which they felt would contribute twenty-four billion. for the public budget. At the time, was the prospect that we would get a deficit, which did not live up to the EU convergence requirements. The proposal contained bl.

a freeze of overførselsindkomsterne (pension, SU, etc.).

But DF wouldn't go to the top of the pension, and therefore they suggested during the negotiations that you instead, shortened the unemployment benefit period to two years and doubled genoptjeningsperioden.

This was adopted by the Danish Parliament d. June, where V, K, DF, LA and RV voted for.

Get holiday pay paid

You can book the holiday by pressing the “Start”

You must log in with NemIDWhen you have booked your holiday, send Feriepengeinfo message that is to pay out the money. Also, you can't take a holiday on days which are traditional holidays in Denmark, unless you normally work on these days. Please be aware that. may, Constitution day. december is holidays. Are you unemployed and you receive unemployment benefits from your unemployment fund, you may like to take a holiday on holidays and get paid holiday pay. You do not have the right to unemployment benefits on the holidays. If you can not order the vacation pay digitally, you should instead use a claim form. You can see who will pay your holiday pay and how many vacation days you have earned in the feriebrev, as you've got at ferieårets start. You must, therefore, do not receive holiday pay at the same time with certain public benefits. If you receive one of these benefits, you must give notice of your vacation to your a-box or your municipality. You need to contact them for more information. Please be aware that Feriepengeinfo transmits the information to the a-boxes and the municipalities. You will not be deducted in SU, when you get paid holiday pay. You must book the holiday pay as if you are on holiday. You can state any date during the leave year. If you have a job beside your studies, you need to keep the holidays from the job in the period you book the holiday pay for. Please note that holiday pay counts towards your annual income in the year you have earned them. If you have earned too much, you can risk having to pay the SU back. When your money is paid out depends on which date you have booked as the first day of vacation, and who must pay them to you. Your first day of vacation can at the earliest be the.

If you book your holiday less than four weeks before your first day of vacation, will the money be paid to your NemKonto within four business days.

It is different, when employers or other feriekasser pays out the vacation pay. You must therefore contact the responsible for paying your holiday pay, if you want to know when the money is paid out.

You must keep holiday, to get your holiday pay paid out

Your holiday pay is paid out of FerieKonto, your employer, or a feriekasse. Below you can see an overview of your accrued holiday pay, and how you order them.

You can see under each individual employment relationship, who should pay the holiday pay to you.

Although the leave year expires on.

april, you can book your holiday pay from the last leave year up to.

september at the citizen. Note that you can only get the money paid, if you have kept the holiday or have been prevented from holding holidays in the leave year. After the leave year expires on. april, is it possible to get the holiday paid if they originate from the. holiday week or from an employment relationship, where you are resigned at the latest by. You must order them within.

You have no Friends, or have you received public benefits in the leave year, you must apply with the application form: After the.

september will the money be transferred to a market holiday fund, and therefore, you must apply for the money from them. If it is FerieKonto, who has transferred the money, send the documentation to the Labour market holiday fund, the Otto mønsted's Street, Copenhagen V. If it is your employer or another feriekasse, who has transferred the money to feriefonden, you should contact them to find out which market holiday fund they have transferred the money to.

Regardless of the market holiday fund, which has been transferred to your holiday pay, you must send documentation that you have kept holiday.

Documentation can be: Up to. september you can book a holiday here at the citizen, if special circumstances have prevented you in the holidays.

It can for example be pga.

maternity leave, illness or military service. september you can't order them on the citizen, but you must apply for them. Send a message with evidence of having been prevented to the Danish Agency for Labour market and Recruitment via Digital Post here at the citizen. You should remember to book your holiday. Your holiday pay will be obsolete three years after the leave year expires, and then you can't get them paid. If you have earned. five hundred kr. or less in holiday pay when the holiday year begins, will the money automatically paid out. FerieKonto paid the money to your NemKonto. You should contact the, who will pay the money if you have not received your holiday pay, no later than. or less for good when the leave year ends, will the money automatically paid out. FerieKonto paid the money to your NemKonto. You should contact the, who will pay the money if you have not received your holiday pay, no later than. If you leave your job and have earned $. in vacation pay after tax, must your employer pay holiday pay directly to you when you stop - even if you do not keep the holiday. If there are errors in the information regarding your holiday pay, you must contact the employer, where the holiday pay is earned.

If you and your employer cannot agree on your holiday, you must contact your union for help.

If you do not have a trade union, or your union can't help, it is the Danish Agency for Labour market and Recruitment, acting in disputes concerning: Please be aware that the agency does not take decisions on issues regulated by collective agreement.

Maternity benefits for self-employed - Companies - Report

in) This is equivalent to, seventy kr

You must apply no later than eight weeks after the child is born so that you can get maternity pay

If you start your leave after the birth, you must apply for benefits within eight weeks after the first orlovsdag.

Looking for you later, you can only get maternity pay from the time of the Payout, Denmark has received your application. You can however only get. per week before tax benefits. three hundred kr. time (twenty-two kr. in) in Order to get the full barselsdagpengebeløb, should your income be at least. in) If you do not have profits in your business, and you do not have an insurance policy, you may not get paid anything in the maternity pay. When you are in contact with a Payout of Denmark on the barsensdagpenge allowance, treat the information about you. Here you can read what information we treat, how we treat them, and what rights you have in the connection. When you, as a self-seeking, or receive maternity benefits, unemployment benefits, you give consent to the Withdrawal of Denmark addresses a number of information about you. Payout Denmark can exchange information with other authorities, employers, banks, etc, when it is necessary to deal with the matter. Payout Denmark to treat personal data which form part of the case.

It can for example be information on: which we get from the CPR, Folkeregistreret, Tax administration, your doctor, or a-box.

Payout Denmark collects and processes only the information that is necessary for our casework. The aim is to ensure that you get the benefits you are entitled to. If you contact Payout Denmark for maternity benefits, unemployment benefits without having a case, record your comments, including typically your name and phone number. If you later seek or receive maternity benefits, unemployment benefits, you will get detailed message about the types of information included in the processing of your case. Payout Denmark treats your information on the background of the Payout Denmark-the law, and other laws. When the Payout Denmark is dealing with the case, they can disclose information about you to other public authorities, foreign authorities and the private, which, by law, have the right to receive the information, or with whom they work.

This information is called personal data

In order to process your case can Payout Denmark get, share and link a range of information without asking you. Payout Denmark, can: If the Payout of Denmark or the municipality has set up a case in order to check whether you have the right to other benefits, they can share the necessary information on the matter, e.g. what is being investigated, and what steps have been taken in the matter. This also applies if the case is closed within the past six months. In order to verify that you have the right to maternity pay sickness benefit, the Payment Denmark link our own data with the required, non-sensitive personal data from other Danish or foreign authorities and unemployment funds. The result can, in certain cases combined between information from PostNord or other postal operators. If the Payout Denmark, disclose information about you to an authority in a third country, the applicable legislation and to ensure that the payments are or have been correct. Payout Denmark saves your information during the processing of the case and delete them five years after the case is completed. The information is saved after the completion of the due rules of limitation and arkivloven etc. Payout Denmark can make decisions which are solely based on automatic processing. The automatic decisions are made, for example, that the Payout Denmark obtains information from public records, which power is compared with information in the case, and, together, determine whether you are eligible for maternity benefits, unemployment benefits. Payout Denmark can also automatically process the data for profiling, ie. to be able to predict a certain behavior. You may at any time withdraw your consent to the Payout of Denmark may obtain information about you, back. You can do this by contacting the Payment Denmark. Draws you consent back, it may mean that you are rejected, get less paid or no longer can get maternity benefits, unemployment benefits. You can appeal, to the Payment Denmark is processing personal data about you. You can get a copy of the information, as the Payment Denmark deal about you. You can also request: if you Have questions as to how Payout Denmark treats your personal information, you can contact databeskyttelsesrådgiveren. You disagree with the way the Payout Denmark treats your personal information, you can complain to the Danish data protection agency. Please be aware that the Dpa only is the appeal body in relation to the processing of your personal data, but not in relation to the handling of the case of maternity benefits, unemployment benefits. If you disagree with the Payment Denmark's handling of the case of maternity benefits, unemployment benefits, you must contact the Payment Denmark. Do you need help for general and technical questions about NemRefusion, contact:NemRefusion support if you Have questions about barselsreglerne, you can call for the Payout of Denmark on the telephone. Or log on to the Act with your medarbejdersignatur and send the digital item to the 'maternity pay'.

Pernille Vermund: We will win Denmark back to the danes - Extra Magazine

Who protects the Denmark as an independent country

In the course of the spring strikes the EUROPEAN court of justice to again. They expect that a Danish law enacted in the Parliament again will be overruledThis time it's the Danish rules for family reunification, which the european UNION and the court will not accept. Even on such a fundamental area as to determine, who is allowed to settle in our country and enjoy the benefits of our welfare, politicians have relinquished power and handed over to the EU. The consequence of the anticipated judgment may be that the turks in the thousands, which otherwise had been denied family reunification, must have taken their cases up again. And according to a reply from the ministry of integration to the Parliament, so fear the ministry's lawyers, that the EU ruling also has implications for decisions on family reunification of many other nationalities than the turks.

A country with democracy, where we the danes to decide

Although Denmark has a reservation for the immigration policy in the EU, then the EU court of justice just a second section, and judge of Denmark to right into after Brussels and Strasbourg. What makes the politicians at Christiansborg. Nothing They let it happen. New Civic will win Denmark back to the danes. Not only will we see open-mouthed, while the politicians dismantle our society and the EU seems empty our democracy for the content. The politicians put the interests of the EU and international agreements over the interests of Danish freedom and security.

Exactly as they did when they in, sat on their hands and let the migrants in the tens of thousands pouring in over our borders.

While the politicians are awaiting the verdict, the european UNION is negotiating about the new rules, which can give the EU citizens the right to unemployment benefits in Denmark after just one single day. Earlier, it was børnechecken, as the EUROPEAN court of justice would not recognise that you, as a foreigner would earn through that contribute to the Danish society, before you could be paid to his children abroad. And how are we regularly reminded that ’nothing over and nothing beside of Parliament’ has long since been replaced with Brussels and Strasbourg. It is a mystery to me that the politicians at Christiansborg find themselves in, to the people's Constitution, which gave the danes the right to make laws in their own country, no longer applies. Time and time again gets a majority in Parliament overruled by a court, which is not put into the world to protect citizens from harm, but to ensure a european development towards ’ever closer union’. We welcome you to participate in the debate on Ekstra public Opinion. A few simple rules must be observed.

The repayment of the map to explore

SU-loans are loans that you have taken during your training

SU-loans are a part of the training aid, which you have chosenYou have searched the SU-loan from the Danish Agency for Higher Education, which has disbursed the loan to you. You must pay your SU-loan back to the Payout of Denmark, which manages the repayment.

Your outstanding balance per.

today's date is the first thing you find when you log on to the self-service solution.

You have an obligation to begin the repayment of your SU-loan in January in the calendar year one year after you have completed your education. Are you finished with your training in June, you have a duty to pay your SU-back loans from January. Payout for Denmark to send a reimbursement plan to you in October or november the year before you must start paying off on your SU-loan. Even if you are not yet repayable, you can still choose to retire the debt. You decide how much you will pay and how often. Because you are not repayable, we can not send you invoices. Instead, you should pay with your credit card or make an account transfer. You pay by credit card, or account information by clicking the 'Start' and log on to the self-service solution. Are you a student at an education, which gives the right to SU, a vocational training or an unpaid ph. -study, you must, as a starting point to first pay your SU-loan back when your training has ended. Have you got a reimbursement plan, but you are still in training, has Payout not your latest uddannelsesoplysninger. You must therefore immediately send the documentation from your educational institution or a copy of your elevkontrakt. The documentation shall include the start time of the training and the expected finish date.

Click on the 'Start' here on the page

Remember that the documentation must be signed by the training provider.

Approves the Payout of Denmark uddannelsesoplysningerne, deferred the obligation for the repayment of your loan.

The period you must pay the back over, and the installment you have to pay depends on your debt. You have several SU-loans are the repayment period calculated from the total debt. If you are not yet repayable, you can make a forhåndsberegning of how much you need to retire with. It makes you through the self-service solution 'Your SU-debt' by clicking 'Start' on this page. Please be aware that the calculation takes starting point in the debt-to-current size, and the current interest rate. If you are taking additional loans, or, if the interest rate changes, the calculation will also change. You must pay your loan back over a period of seven to fifteen years. The performance per loans constitute, as a minimum, two hundred kr. You can see how much you will be paying with by clicking the 'Start' here on the page. Payout Denmark thus does not take into account your financial circumstances by determining your performance. You must pay your SU-loan back by equal amounts each second month. If you would rather pay every month, every quarter, every half or full year can do that, too - you need to fix the number of annual periods via self-service solution 'Your SU-debt' which you find by clicking 'Start' on this page. You have the option to postpone your payment for a maximum of two years to implement the change in the self-service solution here on the page. You also have the option to request a temporary reduction of the performance. In both cases, this means, however, that in the future you will have to pay a higher amount, then the debt should be recovered to a specific point in time. The benefit must out - or the reduction does not exceed. every other month. You can read more here: You can always pay a higher installment or pay extra on your loan, if you want to shorten the tilbagebetalingsperiodens length. If you fast will paying off with a higher amount, you must change the amount of benefit through self-service solution. If you want to pay one extraordinary repayments on your loan, you can pay with credit card or make a transfer through your bank. You can pay with credit card and other payment options through self-service solution 'Your SU-debt'.

To settle your debt, you must draw a indfrielsesopgørelse through the self-service solution 'Your SU-debt', by clicking start here on the page.

Have you received too much SU, travel Agency for Institutions and support a claim for refund. The reason might be, that you have earned too much at the same time with, that you have received the SU, or that you have stopped your training and continued to receive SU in a period of time. There will in such cases be raised, respectively, a 'Indkomstkontrolkrav' and a 'Afbrudskrav'. If you do not agree, you must pay the SU back, you must in most cases, contact your educational institution, alternatively you should contact the Danish Agency for Institutions and student grants. To find out who you should contact, you must log on to the self-service solution, by clicking the 'Start'. You do not pay the full amount back at one time, create the Payment Denmark is automatically a afdragsordning for you. This means that you each month to retire the debt, until the requirement is met.

The claim should be paid back in the course of three years, regardless of how much money it is.

You can see the monthly repayments through the self-service solution ”Your SU-debt” by clicking ”Start” here on the page. Yes, you have a duty to pay your claim back, whether you want to continue in education or training.

This is because there is talk about the repayment of the SU, as you wrongly have received.

The claim should be paid back in equal amounts each month.

Minimumsydelsen is two hundred kr.

You may at any time meet the entire claim. You find your outstanding balance through self-service solution ”Your SU-debt” by clicking ”Start”. You can either pay the amount with credit card, or find other payment options on the page. In this period, you could incorporate the state-guaranteed SU-loan (STB) in a financial institution. In, it was possible to transfer the loan to the Payment Denmark. The loan will continue at unchanged terms. It means that you still have to pay back the loan with appropriate services in relation to the amount of the debt and within the warranty period. The interest rate on the SU-loan, the so-called CIBOR shall be determined by Danmarks Nationalbank. The interest rate is variable and is determined for a half year at a time, with the addition of, two per cent. to cover administration costs. You will find the current rate here: Repayment of state-guaranteed SU loan must begin one year after the completion or interruption. Payout for Denmark to send you a reimbursement plan in good time before you must start paying.

Your guaranteed by the state SU-loans must be repaid within a maximum of fifteen years from the training termination.

The amount of benefit is calculated on the basis of the amount of the debt.

We charge service each month. Timely payment is the. Benefits shall first cover any fees, then interest and finally, repayment. You can always pay a higher benefit, if you want to shorten the tilbagebetalingsperiodens length. You change the size via the self-service solution. You can always choose to repay your loan, or begin repayment of the loan, even if you are not yet liable. Payments you make by credit card through self-service solution, or to find your account information on the page. Loans for uddannelsesløft is an opportunity for you as a dagpengemodtager can educate you at the same time that you receive unemployment benefits. It is your A-box, who takes a position as to whether you can get a loan under the given training, you take. Think you not, that the allocation and calculation of the SU-the loan or the requirement for very paid SU is correct, you can submit a complaint to:the Danish Agency for Institutions and UddannelsesstøtteBredgade Copenhagen KKlagen must be received by the Board for Institutions and Training no later than four weeks after notification of the decision. Maintain the Institutions and support their decision, they send your complaint on to the Board of appeal of the State Uddannelsesstøtteordninger, which makes the final administrative decision. Will you complain about the amount of the payment, the period you have to pay back over, or over, the fees you imposed, you must make it to the Payout Denmark, so the complaint is received within four weeks after notification of the decision. Maintained the decision, send Payout Denmark will also appeal to the appeals Board of the State Uddannelsesstøtteordninger, which makes the final administrative decision. Would you like to have, to another person, ex. your parents or spouse, contacts, Payment Denmark for you regarding your loan or requirements, you need to make sure to give the person the power of attorney. The requirement of power of attorney must ensure that unauthorised persons cannot get information on your map to explore without your permission. The power of attorney can be given oral know that In calling up together. An oral power of attorney is only valid in the one conversation where the caller together.

Termination - Get a handle on all the rules and rights in the event of termination of Krifa

Advice to those of you who are self-employed or freelancer

Our unemployment insurance fund and trade union for employees, managers, and the self-employedSelect the a-box and the fagforeningspakke that suits you the best. Get help to it to operate a business and share in a variety of benefits and discount rates. You said orally, start the notice period from the day. We recommend that you ask to get the termination in writing so you avoid any misunderstandings.

You can get your termination, both orally and in writing

Are you an officer, you always have the requirements of a written notice of termination. Your employer must indicate on the notice period in your contract of employment. Here it is, how long a period of notice that applies to you, or that must be referred to the period of notice in a collective bargaining agreement or funktionærloven.

What your employer's period of notice is over for you, depends on how long you have been employed.

Here is an overview of the salaried employees general notice periods from the employer: Are you employed on probation, it appears in your contract, which notice period you have. Typically you have fourteen days notice, but if not otherwise agreed, you may terminate with one day's notice. You must be aware that if your contract says that you can be terminated with a shortened period of notice after the sick days, it means that the notice is shortened to one month to the end of a month. It is a concrete assessment whether a termination is in order. There are many different laws, regulations and rules, which determine whether a termination is reasonable. Is the termination is not reasonable, it may mean that your employer must pay a compensation to you. Are you special, protected, while you are terminated, it may mean that your employer must pay the allowance to have terminated you. You can be protected if you are terminated because of: You have a duty to be loyal to your employer during the notice period. This means that you must meet to work as normal, unless otherwise agreed.

You also may not even start or begin to work in a competing business, so long as you are still employed.

Are you being said, we offer you coaching on job search and your mulighede of education. You can get a free consultation with one of our employment advisers where, which looks in exactly your situation, and helps you to continue an active life on the labour market. As Krifa Plus member, you have the opportunity to get unlimited karrieresamtaler and job advice. Depending on your needs you will get links to tools on the web and online course that can help you move on in search of your next job. Many of our members when not to be available or is available in a shorter time after the conversation with our oriented job consultants. The whole nine out of ten are ’very satisfied’ or ’satisfied’ with the conversation. You will be released in the termination, it means that you will not be meeting on work in your notice period. Always make sure to get your fritstilling on the script, so there is no doubt that you are exempt from meeting at work. A fritstilling is also a notice on the organization of holidays to the extent possible. How long you are released determines how much vacation you need to keep.

The rules about holidays in a fritstillingsperiode can be complicated.

Contact us for further advice. In contrast to a fritstilling is a suspension or an exemption from the service an indication that you, until further notice should not meet at work. During the notice period can vacation and extra days off with pay taken in the normal way. However, you have no obligation to keep your notice of main holidays in the notice period if notice period is of three months or less. This applies regardless of what you and your employer have agreed on the holiday, before you got the termination notice. However, in your contract be, that the general varslingsregler in connection with the holiday has changed. Have you got holiday pay, your employer will pay your holiday pay to Feriekonto by.

month after your termination of service.

There may be other rules, if your employer is in a feriekortordning through an employers association. You are paid, you must be aware of that paid it quarterly to Feriekonto, or to a feriekortordning. You can't see the holiday pay, you have to be good citizen, you may in the first instance contact your employer in order to hear what the reason is for the lack of payment. Will or can your employer not pay your holiday pay, please contact us immediately. In some agreements and in funktionærloven it is agreed that employees have the right to a severance payment after a longer employment.

Contact us for further advice.

Even though your employment has formally ended, when the notice period expires, is there anyway a number of conditions, you need to be aware of. If you are covered by an ansættelsesklausul, you must be aware of the rules in the field of it and your right to compensation. You can read more about the rules for clauses here. You can also read about the rules of the Law on trade secrets, which applies regardless of whether you have agreed a clause or not.

Are you out of work for opsigelsesperiodens expired, you can read more about how to register unemployed and receive unemployment benefits.

A summary dismissal is an immediate termination of your employment. You are fired with immediate effect and without regard to your notice period. Your employer may expel you, if you are grossly in breach of the employment agreement. It may be by violence, theft, no-show, the gross disloyalty or serious violation of your responsibilities.

It can also be due to other conditions, which you have previously been warned, could lead to an expulsion, if it repeated itself.

You will only get pay up to bortvisningsdatoen. In some cases, your employer will withhold your last salary in the event of there being directed a claim for damages against you. Is the expulsion unjustified, we can help you to get compensation for the wages you should have been a notice period and possibly compensation for unfair dismissal. You always have the right to say your position up with the notice that applies in your contract. It also applies even if you are said up and is in a notice period.

Please be aware, however, that if you terminate your work and would like to apply for subsistence allowances, when the notice period is over, then it will as a starting point to give you a quarantine before you can get paid.

Before you say your job up we recommend that you take a hold of us first. In addition, it can be a good idea that you book a karrieresamtale at Krifa, because: You can also, as a member of the Krifa Plus, book a arbejdslystsamtale, where you in cooperation with us to find out what gives you good luck, and what you need to focus on in your næster job, so it did not end with a termination again.

We always recommend that you make a written withdrawal in duplicate.

You ask your employer to sign the acknowledgement with signature and date. The copy, your employer will have signed you will keep. In this way you have documentation that you have given the correct notice, and that your employer has received the termination notice on time. Your employer has a duty to write your notice period in your employment contract. Alternatively, there must be referred to the period of notice in a collective bargaining agreement or Funktionærloven.

If you are in doubt about your notice, please feel free to contact us.

In your the notice period you have a duty to continue to be loyal to your employer, and you must, of course, meeting at work as usual. Many thanks for your feedback We are constantly working to make krifa better, and we are happy that you took the time to answer us.

You can always take advantage of our search function here on the website. If you want us to contact you, please write to us here. LinkedIn is a unique opportunity to get contacts in the business world. See here how to get started and attract you attention. Are you on the hunt for a new job Read here and find out how you can improve your skills If you have received a notice of termination, it can be difficult to get an overview of how to get started with the job search. We guide you as to how you take the first step towards a successful job search that will land you a new job.