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The history of the united nations and Denmark goes back to the time after the of our GDP to official development assistance At the opening of UN City in Copenhagen, said the UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon following on the cooperation with the united nations: Denmark should be proud of its contributionDenmark is one of only a handful of countries that meet the UN target on official development assistance.

Yes, Denmark has met, and many times even surpassed the goal, in the last thirty-five years.

It is since - since Anker Jørgensen as prime minister stood at the head of a broad coalition, and since Jimmy Carter with the Camp David agreement, brokered peace in the Middle east. Now, after thirty-five years with Danish leadership, when it comes to helping children around the world with not only ”Stayin’ Alive”, but to thrive, I am proud to say that Denmark has always been a partner that has been worth it to ”Take a Chance On,” and In is, certainly, ”The One that We Want.”.