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Tax: Deductions for child support

in child support, saves you approx

You get the deduction for child support paid for your children under the age of eighteen years, who does not live with youIt requires a written agreement for the payment of child support maintenance between the two parties or by the state Administration. twenty-seven, so for example, if you pay. kr. in the tax You must use your child's social security number. Does your child not have a Danish cpr number, you must specify the name, address and country. If your child receives more than normalbidraget, the child is taxed on the portion that exceeds normalbidraget. The amount comes in automatically on the child's statement, if you have informed the child's social security number. You can get the deduction for contributions, you pay in connection with your child's baptism or confirmation. You must be able to demonstrate that your contribution has gone to the expenses incurred in connection with the baptism or confirmation time. In connection with the baptism of your child is not taxed, if the contribution is not greater than the monthly normalbidrag.

In connection with the confirmation of your child is not taxed, if the contribution is not greater than three times the monthly normalbidrag.

Live the child on the shift before you, be considered the child to stay with the parents, the child's registered address. Has a written agreement to pay child support for the child not living with you, you get both deductions.

It also applies even if the payment is made by the full or partial set-off against the amount the other pays.