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The agreement on Femernforbindelse signed - Abroad - DR

A real connection across the Fehmarn Belt is proposed for the first time and rejected because of the high pricePeriodically comes the connection to the debate again and both DSB and private stakeholders make different proposals for a connection. Denmark and Sweden are the agreement on the oresund Bridge you undertake to work for a fixed link across the Fehmarn Belt. In the course of the years to come, again, from both private and public companies, with a proposal for a model for a connection. a. traffic conditions, price and environmental aspects the Fehmarn Belt link is a part of the incoming bourgeois government's programme for government. The German minister of transport declares for the first time, that the German government want a fixed link across the Fehmarn Belt. The Danish and German transport minister to sign a 'joint declaration', which acts as a handshake between the countries that the connection is to be a reality. september: A broad majority in the Danish Parliament have secretly concluded a large-scale agreement on investment in the context of the coming fixed Fehmarn connection. march: With votes against only three adopt the Parliament of the fixed link between Denmark and Germany.