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(Read here about the sitenotice) A condo is a self-employed real estate, which is typically part of a larger property, usually a block of flatsEach condo has a separate number under the hovedejendommens matrikelnummer, so that it can be entered in the registers of every single condominium in hovedejendommen. The owner of a condo owner direct apartment itself, while reason, stairs metres. is owned by all the owners in the community. The joint ownership is exercised through the owners association, which all owners are a member of. ex. a lejelejlighed provides central city so more freedom to the resident, the f. free can lease it.

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The condos are a the general legal type of ownership in many western countries, bl.

Belgium (since), Finland, Germany, and since also in Denmark. The possibility of udstykke private properties in condos, however, were abolished in, and exists only for tofamiliehuse today. In Norway, condos, first introduced as the type of ownership in, and in Sweden only in.