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The association is designed as a professional and social community, where the focal point is an interest in itself to lead the process and to go in court. In the association we aim at two to three annual events that aims to increase one's knowledge about specific parts of the discipline procedure in the broad senseThe association's membership is diverse, not only geographically and age-but also in relation to the areas where the members usually exert their proceskundskaber. This allows for many exciting debates and exchanges of experience across the substantive law The association is as a result of a cooperation agreement with the Danish Lawyers a part of the scientific basis of the Danish Lawyers. The members of the board who also are members of Danish Lawyers, represent fagudvalget for the process This implies the possibility to give relevant responses to the consultation on behalf of the Danish Lawyers within procesområdet, and has led to a representative of the association's board of directors sitting in the Judiciary committee. The association strives to achieve better cooperation between all actors in the field of procedural law in Denmark in order to increase the quality and professionalism in the specific discipline it is to lead the process. It is the core of the Association's work, that litigation is a cornerstone of the legal profession, and that it is not all cropped to the ability to lead the process.

To master this requires work and effort, and it means something to the final result of a trial or arbitration.

The association works to provide the members have a wider access to experience and the input from all the stakeholders that have an opinion on how the proceedings are conducted in the best way possible, and through the political influence to make it more profitable to have this part of the advokatvirket as a speciality. Litigators to invite you to the exciting theme days, where we are also in accordance with the association's statutes § six invites you to the gene Selected news from the latest period of time in the field of civil procedure drafted by Litigators, in cooperation with the lawyer Mette Højberg.