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We advise clients in all industries and in both the public and private sectorOur advice will therefore always be based on just the labor and employment challenges of your industry. Even if your company has a strong and competent HR department, there will still be situations where you need external legal advice from a lawyer. The Danish labour market is regulated by complex legislation, and at the same time many Danish companies covered by collective agreements. This can create challenges for you as a manager or employer, when you need to ensure that the company acts in accordance with the latest applicable legislation in the employment law area.

Therefore, it can be a good investment to get help from a lawyer with expertise in employment law and labor law.

The right legal advice or coaching to ensure your business has a grip on the existing rules in this area, as In, for example, avoid to be met with demands for compensation for unfair dismissal. NJORD offers legal advice and legal representation in all areas of employment law and labor law. We will answer your questions about employment law and labor law and provide legal assistance for the drafting of contracts and clauses for the employees. We provide also the incentive and bonus programs, as to be adapted to the specific needs of the company. We also have extensive experience with matters concerning collective bargaining and offers advice on conflict resolution and negotiating tactic. Is your company facing major changes in the organization, we can also represent or assist you at the negotiating table - for example, in the context of: We keep ourselves updated on latest legal news. This ensures that our legal advice is always up to date with the latest practices in the field of law and labour law. You can get access to the latest knowledge and all of our paradigms with a subscription to HR eBogen - our online legal directory. In order to keep our clients informed about the latest news, we will also receive regular newsletters on employment law and labor law. Herein we tell what is happening within the area and on the specific conditions that are relevant for your particular work area.

The termination must, however, be factual, if you want to avoid being met with subsequent demands. It can be expensive for the employer to dismiss a disabled employee.

Therefore it is our recommendation that you as the employer always makes an individual assessment of the people employee, before progressing to a possible dismissal.

Did you know that the right to holiday entitlement is not regulated by the holidays act.

Therefore, it is important that you make a clear, written agreement on the special holidays with your employees.