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The movement in Denmark

The municipality can ask the owner the landlord, ie

You have a duty to inform your new address within five days, after you have changed your place of residence. That is to say, when you have moved your belongings and sleep at the addressDo you have a defined period of time need to get your post sent to an address other than your registered address, you need to give your senders message. If you want adressebeskyttelse, you must remember to apply for it in conjunction with your flytteanmeldelse. Note, however, that you should give the message to PostNord, if you want to have a confidential address. Thus, ask you you the transfer of information to other distribution companies than PostNord.

If you do not have the opportunity to serve you even on the net, you can get the help of the municipality's citizen service.

PostNord get automatically notified of your new address

If you move in with an owner or tenant, and your own name does not appear on the door, you must specify the owner's or the tenant's name in the field 'At (c o is an abbreviation for the English expression 'Care of')'.

You may not be registered in the CPR on a c o address, if you don't actually live there. The municipality can require that the owner or the tenant with a logiværterklæring confirms that you live with him or her. It is free to change doctor, when it happens simultaneously with your flytteanmeldelse to the municipality's registry office. You can freely choose a doctor or clinic, which is open for the entry of new patients. Have you just announced the move - and you have made a mistake - so you can even delete the move, as long as it has not been sagsbehandlet. Is the move has not yet been sagsbehandlet, you will be on the first page in the right column under the 'Ongoing movement' be able to click on the 'Delete transfer'.

If you need to be a boarder and your own name cannot stand on the door or mailbox, in the digital flytteanmeldelse disclose: When you register on a C O address, it means that you sign up, live, sleeping regularly and staying physically at the address.

logiværten, to confirm that you live and sleep at the address. It is done by the owner, the landlord fills out a logiværtserklæring. Is you have reduced mobility or have other reduced functions, you can get the item brought to your door.

There are no special rules for pensioners in the area, but common is that you must apply to the municipality to get the item brought to your door.

When you have finished moving, letters, newspapers, and magazines automatically eftersendt to your new address the following six months. Do you have a defined period of time need to get your post sent to an address other than your registered address, you need to give your senders message. When you move, you besides give notice to the municipality, make sure to read your electric meter and notify the movement to your electricity supplier. According to the guidelines, shall be liable to the individual consumer for electricity consumption at fraflytningsadressen, until the date on which the agreement is officially terminated. In addition, you must read the meter in the new housing and provide electricity supplier message about what the meter shows. If applicable, you must also read the meters and report the movement to your heating, gas and vandleverandør. When you leave home, you have a duty to, within five days after the transfer to report the transfer to the municipality. You can send a flyttemeddelelse to the municipality via the self-service solution 'Report the movement to the registry office'. Please inform yourself of any change of address to your other contacts. For example: Your employer, the blood bank, various subscriptions, leisure activities, account and membership card, your dentist. It is your parents, which determines where you shall stay until you are of legal age as -year-old. If you need to move the address alone, your parent with parental responsibility go to the citizens advice bureau to announce to cancel the address change. If it goes bad at home, you can get help in the municipality. Børnetelefonen can guide you to the best help A child must, like adults, to be registered at the address where it is staying the most. This also applies if parents live separately, and regardless of which of you is the place of residence or samværsforælder. If the child is living with you, and you want to change the child's place of residence, you must notify it to the other parent no later than six weeks before the move takes place. This applies both if you have joint custody, or if one of you has sole custody. When your minor child should move the address, must be notified in the municipality where the child should live. Prior to the transfer of your child to be registered in the CPR, the municipality must decide whether the proposed movement can be accepted. The municipality must partshøre the parent who does not move with, if he she is not the face of the municipality have accepted the move. The registration is important for the allocation of public benefits and subsidies and for your contribution to caring for the child. Residency requirements means that you as the owner of a permanent residence has the obligation to ensure that the dwelling is inhabited at least days a year - either by yourself or rented to another. Bopælspligten is regulated in Boligreguleringslovens chapter seven on the use of the housing.

The limit of the days is not mentioned in the law, but a practice pga. Skattestyrelsens rules on tax liability The municipality shall lay down in national planning, which houses within the municipality, that have residency requirements.

Bopælspligten is introduced in order to avoid the depopulation in rural areas, to counteract the formation of ”sommerhuskvarterer” in areas that are intended to helårsbeboelse as well as to prevent unbridled speculation in the housing market always Contact your municipality to find out if there are residency requirements on a specific permanent residence or on the dwelling, for example, has the status as flexbolig. Do you want to complain about the municipality's decision in connection with the change of your address, you must send the complaint to your municipality of residence. The municipality will then send the complaint on to the social security office under the ministry of the Economy and the ministry of the Interior, if the municipality maintains the decision. You can see the laws and rules on movements in Denmark in chapter four of 'social security law - Decree of the act on The Central From the civil registration system'.