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The Protection Of Animals

Lady has had a difficult start in life, when she unfortunately one of the dogs, which are bought with ignorance and without thought

Through her young life she has, therefore, been tied out in a garden, without access to neither the shelter, shade, food and water.

Fortunately, for the Lady was taken with the affair, and she is therefore now moved into The Residential and Retirement. She is also very kontaktsyg and curious and therefore need a family who is committed to the training and activation must fill a big part of her life. Do you know anyone who can give Lady a new and fresh start in life. Share and help her find a new home Better-looking hairstyles must therefore look long after. The two løvehovedkaniner, Hops and Dumle, were found together at the Station and as a fremlysning not paid off, they have now moved into the Roskilde Residential courses, where they're looking for a new home together. Unfortunately, they have not been so much in human hands Therefore, their new family also have both the patience and kaninkendskab. Do you know someone who can give the Hops and Dumle a nice outdoor life. Part like and help them find a new home.