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The supreme court was established by king Frederik

In march, we focus on the food and drink From the January, the Greenland high court decisions with Procesbevillingsnævnets permit could be appealed to the Supreme court, where they could be appealed to The high CourtRight on Færørnes judgments in nævningesager be appealed to the Supreme court. Decisions from the Overlandvæsenskommission and Overudskiftningskommission may be appealed to the Supreme court, in a certain extent, like the other courts of general jurisdiction, hear the Supreme court both civil and criminal matters. In criminal proceedings the Supreme court, however, did not take a position on the assessment of the evidence in the case, but can only consider case management (formalitetsfejl), the sentence imposed and the application of the law. It has since its inception been located in the various castles that have been located on the islet of Slotsholmen in Copenhagen: the Copenhagen Castle and the first, second and third Christiansborg Slot. Its current sites are listed by Thorvald Jørgensen reuse of building elements from the second Christiansborg.

The supreme court has its main entrance in Prince Jørgen's Courtyard, and here you have recycled the entrance area from the Kongeporten at the previous slot, which, however, has now been lifted up to a location at the end of the stairs to the entrance.

Supreme court judges are appointed by the governor upon the recommendation of the Minister of justice upon the recommendation of the Dommerudnævnelsesrådet upon the recommendation of the Supreme court.

To be appointed you must have a law degree and to pass a test where you participate in the voting as førstvoterende in four cases in the Supreme court.

Judges to retire at the end of the month in which they reach seventy years). civil service law § thirty-four) According to the code of civil procedure section two consists The supreme court of sixteen judges of the supreme court, one of whom holds the post of Supreme court president (currently Thomas Rørdam). However, under this finance act designation of additional judges. October is the year one thousand nine judges of the supreme court. In addition to the nineteen is the supreme court judge Lars Bay Larsen of the leave to which the Danish judge at the EUROPEAN Court of justice. The fifteen's longest-serving supreme court justices are also members of the court of impeachment. In the period - there was both a 'top assistant prosecutors' and a justitiarius of the Supreme court. Rigskansleren in the Danish Chancellery was born the 'top assistant prosecutors' until, after which kanslerembedet stood vacant. The office of justitiarius was introduced in, and in the title was changed to president.