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your status as a foreigner in Denmark

Here is the opportunity to be contacted by up to three lawyers who can help to solve your taskThe law firms, which are registered to this website are all highly specialized and are selected according to a number of criteria, which should be with to ensure a high quality performance.

The law firms, which are registered to this website are all highly specialized and are selected according to a number of criteria, which should be with to ensure a high quality performance.

A family arverets lawyer typical assistance consists in drawing up wills, marriage contracts, provide assistance with divorce, including division of property, who has forældrerådighed, etc, advice in disputes on parental responsibility, visitation, etc. as well as assistance at the death and estate administration and the distribution of the inheritance.

Do you need advice on.

It may be you have questions about the duties of stay in Denmark, asylum, family reunification, visas, working conditions, housing, Danish nationality metres.

Foreigners legal status in Denmark is a large and very often opaque area where it pays to have a skilled lawyer to consult with. When you need to have built new or built on, it is important that you become familiar with the many rules that apply, and what rights and duties you as the builder have. If you discover defects in your property or is it work you've got made done wrong, a lawyer specializing in real estate help you. Hegnssager, hævdsager and disputes between neighbours are also cases, as a lawyer specializing in real estate can help. When you need to buy a house, apartment, share, or projektkøb, so it is important to have a good boligadvokat to help you to get examined about the information that you get from the broker the seller is deficient and whether there is a relationship that needs to be investigated further so that you are assured of the best possible. A lejeretsadvokat can assist in cases where a dispute arises between the tenant and the landlord on the rent, the defects in the lease, etc. It can often pay off and lead to a good lejeforløb, to get a lejeretsadvokat to review the rental agreement before signing it, so as a tenant you know what you're getting into. When you buy a cooperative, so first you need to be aware that you are not buying a real estate property, but rather will be reported in an association. The purchase price is not payment for the dwelling, as you move in, but paying for a membership to the association, to which medlemsskabsnr. there is attached a right of exclusive use to just the home that you move into. Does this sound confusing. It is, and andelsboligretten is a very intricate legal area, where a large number of different sets of regulations come into play depending on what situation you are in. Who shall be liable.

Is there a harm in your residence

Is it the association or the overboen or yourself. Do you rent out. What rights do you have as a resident member of the association, and what rules govern your legal position. If you are an association, who would like to know where you stand in the relation to the operations, renovation, grants, statutes, and the maintenance of these, so there are also many questions here, which require a steady hand to get safely into the goal. The questions and the uncertainties are many. The lawyers, who features in the case through the findadvokat.

com in addition to the necessary legal knowledge and experience around the many different areas of law, as andelsboligretten covers, very often, also, a great insight into the daily walk in the cooperatives, and they have also often a large interdisciplinary network behind them, as they can draw on to use for the solution of the individual case, where this proves to be necessary, ex.

show valuarer, byggerådgivere, bankers and the like. A lawyer specializing in employment law will be able to assist in connection with the review of your contract of employment, advice on rights, disputes with your employer, unjust termination, dismissal, etc. A lawyer specializing in criminal law can assist you when you have been charged with violation of the the penal code, the road traffic act or other legislation subject to public strafsanktion. The lawyer assists typically in connection with the examination, detention, court hearings as well as advice on how you are made in the best way possible. A lawyer specializing in personal injury to assist you in connection with the fact that you are hurt, and must have determined your claim is true - both for the offender, the employer and the insurer. Also will the lawyer be able to assist in cases where a dispute arises between you and the assailant the insurer. Do you need to talk to you about your business, including contracts, positioning to customers, partners, business plans etc. Do you need a lawyer who you can contact when you have a quick question. Insurance and tort is the same, namely, compensation in relation to an (inappropriate) event. Forsikringsretten is about to beforehand to try to reduce the risk associated with a event. Tort law is about how to - after the event has occurred - try to reduce the loss, the damage event, thus causing attempts to be made as if the damage had not occurred. The two areas are often linked, a replacement can f. the ex is paid because of the insurance. Other times they have nothing to do with each other. For both circumstances different rules apply, which lays down the terms and the collar to be able to carry on insurance business, or, more determines how compensation for personal injury must be calculated. The rules and options for insurance today is complicated, and insurance policies are very comprehensive and difficult to see through. A lawyer will be able to give you an understanding of what you need to be aware of. A lawyer will also be able to help to make sure that you get exactly the insurance that you need, and on the most favorable terms for you. The same applies in relation to compensation where an attorney will be able to help you to replace the losses which a given event must have caused you. A lawyer specializing in employment law will be able to assist in connection with the review and possibly. updating your employment contracts, advice on employees rights, barselsregler, agreements, disputes with employees, rules for termination, eviction, etc. A horse can be an expensive purchase.

Not only in procurement, but also in the subsequent cost of medical, equipment, etc.

When you buy a horse then you have to keep in mind that as a starting point is to talk about a sale of goods. But since it is a live animal, so there is a wide range of other conditions, which both buyer and seller to have a track of compared to when you buy an ordinary ”death” of movable property, it has got the right vaccines are the handelsundersøgt, how to see its veterinary records. Which insurance you must have. Should I borrow one first and see if it suits me. The questions and the uncertainties are many. The lawyers offers into your case through the findadvokat. com in addition to the necessary legal knowledge and experience, very often, also, a great insight in the hestefaglige part of the case, and a large professional network of f. veterinarians, beridere and other relevant professional groups. As a contractor or builder, it is important to be familiar with the many different rules that apply, and what rights and duties you have and when you should respond. Often it will give a better flow and could save you a lot of trouble and money to get a lawyer to review your contract and possibly. comment on this before you sign or send it off to the other party.

A lejeretsadvokat can assist in cases where there is a disagreement between the landlord and the tenant on the rent, the defects in the lease, etc.

Also assisted often to assess the rules that apply to the individual leases, and what it has of importance to the warnings of rent increases, forbedringsforhøjelser etc. Boliglejeretsadvokater assist often with the due dilligence in connection with the purchase and sale of udlejningsejendommen.

Is your rent too high or too low.

Should you buy a rental property. You must provide notice of rent increase or evict a tenant out. You must have a new tenant or should the lease be forfeited.

These are just some of the situations where it can pay to use a lawyer specializing in commercial leases.

A lawyer specializing in corporate law can help guide you on what options the different types of companies have, and to change these as well as assist in connection with the purchase, sale and transformation of the enterprise. Furthermore, the typical tasks consist of expanding the narrow group of owners, low shareholder anpartshaveroverenskomster for the use of owners, capital, etc. Do you have a brand, trademark, or an invention that you need protected or patented. Have you seen that made imitations of your product. These are just some of the many situations in which you have need to get advice about the complicated rules in the field of intellectual property law and competition law. It and teknologiret relates to the legal issues relating to information technology. Special intellectual property issues concerning, for example, ownership of software, agreements between suppliers and customers, as well as consumer issues, etc. often occur in this area.

Pay your debtors, not your bills.

Then you need a inkassoadvokat. Unlike a debt collection agency, your inkassoadvokat also pursue the case in civil law, when there are objections from the debtor, which the bailiff's court can not take a position. A lawyer specializing in bankruptcy, restructuring and insolvency and can help both when it's gone wrong, but even more important: the Lawyer can help in the run up to a possibly. bankruptcy or reconstruction, then the company or maybe even completely can be saved or that the company will be prepared in a reasonable way to bankruptcy restructuring as the owner and the staff can get on in a proper way. A lawyer specializing in tax law is highly specialized and can help you get safely through the sometimes very complicated tax rules. For all areas, the attorneys, which are associated with the page here will be able to assist you if your case ends up in a lawsuit, in which your attorney will examine whether you have the option of legal aid or legal aid and help to apply to the proper authorities and insurance.