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Michael Lindquist is appointed by the ministry of Justice in Denmark and is a part of the bar Association and thus subject to the rules which regulate the lawyers and the legal profession - more details can be found on which refer to the rules in the code of civil procedure §Prior to any agreed conclusion about a lawyer with advokatfimet Lindquist, the client will receive a compulsory information on the bl. pricing for assistance, a conto the collection, settlement, attachment to the certificates and the fees and including information on evs. fixed prices and the possibility of legal assistance and or legal aid, as well as the information that there is a duty of attorneys general to obtain the id information on the client, the information given at the initial meeting and followed up with a written order confirmation which shall be adapted to the agreed. Of the order confirmation will state the agreed order, information on the fees and on the possibility of obtaining legal assistance and or legal aid. By assistance in criminal matters follows a special supplement Statement of the Forsvarerhonorarer which further describes the nature of the assistance and the guiding taktster which can also be found. Advokatbistanden settled, where there is no fixed pricing or where the fees are not determined by the public authority, with kr, oo incl. time and excl.