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A lawyer is, first and foremost, the client's husband - the trusted advisor, which is independent of other interests and have a duty of confidentiality. It is often demanding, but can lead to a host of different experiences, tasks, and challengesWhat type of challenges you meet, depends on which field you choose to specialize in. The extent and complexity is one of the reasons that many specialize. But there are still many generalists who can help with the many everyday legal problems one can run into. And the possibilities are many when you need to decide what you as a lawyer want to work with. From the advice of companies in major international mergers to lead to actions for damages following a traffic accident to help parents to find good solutions for visitation with the children by a divorce. Many believe that lawyers only go in the right It is not the case. But there are cases where to be a lawyer, and there are cases, where only some attorneys may meeting.

A nybeskikket lawyer only has a right of audience before the courts of first instance, which is the first instance in the Danish legal system. Then he can obtain the right of audience before the high courts It may be of importance in cases which are the subject of the appeal from the district court to the high court.

The lawyer must pass an examination in the court of appeal (landsretsprøven) in order to prove that he is a good litigator to be allowed to appear in the court of appeal. Lawyers, who obtain right to appear before high courts, can write a (L) after their name. Finally, a lawyer can obtain a right of audience before the Supreme court, after which he can write a (H) after his name. In order to get (H) must be within five years, meet at least ten times in the court of appeal. Ulrikke dealing with everything from strategy development to the creation of international relationships and the development of tools to members. As is the secretariat's lawyer and has for more than ten years in the industry, a large network, which is exploited daily. Ulrikke is also working with CSR, diversity and leadership, as well as the increased use of solicitor of the change of ownership. Finally, As the pleasure of being the secretary of the board of directors and the board.