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These are so-called rogue states

The foreign segment of the real estate market in the last three years become more and more popular among our citizens, and therefore, the developer profiludviklerne like mushroomsImported real estate attracts fellow countrymen mainly by their profitability: Since the study shows the guests of the V International Exhibition 'Overseas Property' (Kiev, autumn objectives), they are the most interesting of Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Greece, the Czech republic, the UAE and Montenegro. That is to say countries with a view to getting a residence permit, additional advantages of the opening of the visa, as well as those where it is easiest to start your own business. Spain's priority is understandable, because the yen on the real estate in this country because of the crisis fell by almost ten and in the big cities - about seven. The choice of the country for the purchase of real estate is, however, a common process: the Country, or rather, its government, chooses even skattebesøgere and in some cases very carefully. Therefore, the buyer should prepare for that when you buy foreign real estate, you will have to go through a certain kind of look. Countries where it is difficult for foreigners to purchase real estate, is devices. In the rest, there are limitations that can be divided into two groups: Byplanlægningsnormer refers not only to those who need to build a house on the acquired land, but also those who purchase the finished housing in the primary or secondary market, especially in coastal areas. Adopted the convention on the conservation of the coast, which implies certain restrictions for the development. Motives for the acquisition of foreign real property in each case is their own, but almost always combine the two extremes: Any cold calculation is affected implicitly by the stereotypes that are rooted in the mind, and any incarnation of the youthful dreams take place within the buyer's financial capabilities. However, the selected wastes or scrap abroad not only on the basis of the profitability of investment and the localization of the object in the drømmelandet. A house in a yndlingsland can quickly be ignored, when the buyer hears about the local taxes or the amount of commissions.

To select a site or a house in another country, the Ukrainian buyer must not only handle the usual value for the money, how much to take into account several important factors.

It's not just about the legal restrictions for foreigners, but also of the degree of severity of the visa regime for ukrainians, the time spent on the purchase and its clearance, local banks loyalty (if it is necessary to take out a loan), the opportunity to get a residence permit, as well as for your own business. considering Everything above, the property may lose its attraction for those who went to a foreign butikstur. deposit amount can vary from country to country: in the UNITED states, as a rule, to of the transaction amount, in Western europe, from two ten to the euro in Bulgaria - from thousand euros. Additional costs for the purchase and registration of real estate depends on the specific market in a specific country. The case of the payment of taxes and the payment of intermediaries. Even on overseas properties purchased of wealthy people, not all of them ready for additional costs. When you select an object in a specific country, it is therefore necessary to know the existing orders in it. In Greece and Spain, can such expenditure f. Reply to - of the object's value, in Bulgaria - about three and in Cyprus - about one.

In Western europe, the real estate tax rate is high, while in Bulgaria and Cyprus are annual taxes less than one of the amount of the rental value.

In Egypt, from, introduced a small property tax of more than y. e, which is from six y. Some times depends on the number of the additional costs of the purchased type of dwelling. For example, in France, when it comes to building, notary services, taxes and stamp duties will add up to no less than two, and in the case of transactions on the secondary market - JSC seven value. The broker's services will cost you - of the transaction. In Italy, if a non-resident buyer primærboliger, all taxes, three, and in other cases - eleven of the the amount of the transaction. The work of a real estate agent estimated that in to of the amount specified in the contract. The ability to get a loan for the purchase of real property or the use, of installments - an important and in some situations a decisive factor for the choice of a country to a new home. In addition, in some countries easier to do this than at home, and the interest rates on mortgages are much lower than in Ukraine.

On the one hand enables it to comfortably service more convenient than loans, because the buyer can demand a maximum of passports and a indkomstattest.

On the other hand, granted that rarely rates in more than three years, so a large amount must be paid monthly in relation to interest payments on the loan.

Recently, all the mediterranean countries f

In addition, by purchasing a plot or house abroad in installments, buyer may, at best, dispose of the object at its own discretion, after having paid the bulk of the debt, while in the case of mortgages it is possible to compensate the payments to the bank by renting the object. In Bulgaria it is for example difficult to get the loan, but here is the system of instalments developed. Standardordningen is as follows: ti - initial installment, the thirty to be paid within nine months, and the payment of can be divided in - years. Turkish developers provide buyers from Ukraine, interest-free installments on the object under construction, but it is usually limited to the date of the completion of construction. Cyprus loans can provide for to of the market value of the property with a rate of, - in up to fifteen years. In France, especially when it comes to buying real estate under construction, can foreigners get a loan in the amount of of the transaction of - years.

The speed can be determined (five) or variable (effort from The European Interbank Offered Rate, to which the bank's commission, six of the outstanding amount per year).

only sections, and not scrap for twenty years, located in the city of Alanya, Antalya, Istanbul, Bodrum, Datca, Didim, Kusadasi, Mugla, Fethiye and Alanya. You can take a loan in the amount of of the estimated value of the selected object to a fixed rate of, four pa (depending on currency) for a period of - years. In Germany is a mortgage only given to a foreigner on the condition that he permanently resides, works or carries on its business on the territory of the EU or have already acquired ownership of the security. In Greece, the application for a mortgage loan be accepted only if garantisten is a citizen of this country.

The chances of getting loans in Italy are minimal, and the egyptians choose not to deal with foreigners.

If you make a mortgage abroad, you probably need to pay a valuation of the property (approx. one of its value). In addition, ask the banks almost always to insure the borrower's life for the entire term of the loan.

A broker providing services for purchase and registration of real estate abroad is not necessary.

In this case, a newbie business or a small, limited-resource agency does not only help, but also harm. These international transactions must after all, imply especially trained staff: real estate agents specializing in foreign transactions, lawyers as well as consultants and analysts who can assess the facility's attractiveness. As a rule, the full staff of necessary employees available for large enterprises dealing with the sale and purchase of foreign real estate. In the case of a particular country, an agency that has worked with success in its market for a long time, do it. There is no need to go far: there are representative offices of many big developers involved in the construction of the resort in Cyprus, Egypt, Bulgaria, The Dominican Republic, Turkey, Greece and Spain. The buyer, who applies directly at the developer, will receive the highest quality services and do not pay formidlingsagenturer. By trading with the real property or land abroad should be ready for the local color in the form of specific local constraints. For example, there is in Bodrum (region of Turkey) a certain standard of byggevita facades, and a specific architecture, that can't be changed. The same restrictions apply to one of The Canary Islands. In Bulgaria, the Ukrainian frame is stopped: the House area is bound to the area and can not exceed a certain percentage.

In addition, there are in this country two separate property - the land and real estate, which is located on the.

Homes can be bought by all, but the land will only belong to the residents. The development in Europe of local self-government, which means that a place in the French outback can the local population do not give permission to build a house in a style, which they will not like. For the above shades were not found in the process, and even after the purchase of the object it is necessary to use services of professional agencies and businesses, whose staff are qualified lawyers, consultants and analysts, which has great experience and has made more than one purchase and sale. For the registration of a mortgage for the purchase of real estate can foreign banks require a non-resident borrower: in Addition, you may need to fill in a questionnaire with personal questions (about age, residence, occupation, kinship, etc.). Generally, a purchaser of foreign real estate is useful to have with him documents demonstrating his financial solidity and legal origin of the funds, which the real estate is acquired. For example, ejendomsattester for real estate in any country in the world, shares, companies or stakes in them as well bankerklæringer. As a rule, all documents shall be translated into state language and certified by a local notary.