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Work permits - Residence permits and employment contracts to Danish employers with foreign workers

It will say that you have found a job in Denmark, or have you found a person abroad who you'd like to hire, are there some different requirements for both the employer (often Danish company), as well as a worker (often a person from abroad) One of the basic requirements in order to employ a foreigner is that he or she has a Danish residence permit and therefore a work permitIt is not legal to employ people from abroad, before they have obtained a Danish residence permit. With us, you as the employer get help to employ a person and to meet the requirements made for both parties. We help with the preparation of the contract of employment so as to meet the conditions, as well as all the proceedings with the authorities, so it will be easy, safe and secure for your business. An irregular employment or lack of formal requirements can trigger fines to the employer and provide the travel ban to the worker. With us you get as a Danish employer a complete package, where we help from start to finish with the whole process for a low fixed price. We have extensive experience in the field and has helped many Danish companies to hire foreign workers, as well as get the order in their documents, in connection with employment and residence permit. Work permits consists of the lawyer Sharandeep Singh (Aarhus University) and lawyer Lise Moth (Aarhus University and South Texas College of Law). In connection with the recruitment of a foreign - here understood as in addition to the EU zone, since there is free movement of labour inside the european union - have you as an employer need, your worker gets a valid residence permit. It is here important to distinguish between a person who is an EU citizen and a person who has a EU residence permit. It will say that you have a Spanish residence permit, but a passport from a country outside the EU, it requires a Danish work permit. Such a Danish residence permit starts with to be temporarily for up to four years, after which it is possible to extend the if you are still working in Denmark and meets the the applicable requirements.

There shall, in connection with the issuance of a Danish residence permit submitted documents and application from both parties. That is to say from the employer but also the employee Here it is important that both parties submit matters within the time frame which applies when one party has aflevereret. It can often be a challenge if the worker is abroad In addition, the worker also have made biometrics, which is a visit from a Danish authority (often the embassy) where you get taken image, fingerprints, etc.

We offer a total package with us where we provide all the documents, application and legal guidance during the entire process up to the worker to have a valid Danish residence permit and are in working with you.

Our work will cover all proceedings from the Danish authorities and the drafting of a contract of employment which meet the conditions.

We obtain even the necessary documents, fills in the form and finalize the process for both parties. We have extensive experience with these types of cases and can be expected to be a minimum of a total of a month's time. A complete package for you who want to hire foreign workers in Denmark to a fixed and low price.