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We are specialized in the field of family and inheritance law, person and arbejdsskadeerstatning as well as the marketWe are so happy to help with personal and professional advice if you need advice in matters of personskadeerstatning, inheritance or a will or conveyancing, and other proceedings in connection with your home purchase. Have you contracted PTSD after posting INTOPS is there to talk about a work-related injury, and consequently there is a possibility that you may get compensation for permanent injury and compensation for erhvervsevnetab. We offer to handle your workers compensation case, and you only pay fees if you get recognized your work-related injury. Without a will you run the risk that you or your spouse partner are forced to go from house and home when førstafdødes heirs take their inheritance, but creates a common testament, you can ensure that it will not be necessary. Did you know that it is possible to ensure that your spouse inherits up to thirty-one thirty-two-two of your common fortune. When you buy a new residence, there are many things you should be aware of, including any easements on the property, offers of ejerskifteforsikring etc. We advise, among other things in cases of injury, where there is a need for an experienced legal overview. For example, have you incurred an injury at work or an occupational disease, we assist you to handle your case. It is always our objective to offer you a complete overview of the case, just as it is our goal to get your case settled without the necessity of a trial. You are thus assured of an effective process and a personalized treatment when you choose VM Legal Advice ApS. As a legal business, we prepare also legal documents such as wills and title deeds and refusionsopgørelse in connection with the purchase of a new home. Are you considering to buy real property, and if you need a lawyer who can advise you before and during the buying process, we assist you also like to. Regardless of the nature and extent, you are always guaranteed a personal advice, with a focus on your specific needs with WORLD cup Legal Advice ApS. Do you need legal advice in a case concerning the person or arbejdsskadeerstatning Or do you want legal assistance for the preparation of key documents such as the deed or testament. Perhaps you should use the help of the property or the estate.