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Your lawyer in the insolvency law - to Avoid being exposed to sanctions

Insolvency is an economic consequence, which in some cases may be inevitable for a business If you need a lawyer who can help you in the field of insolvency law, stands IN Lawyers You are very welcome to call us on or fill in the contact form and then we will contact you as soon as possible. Read below how we can help you in connection with the insolvency law A bankruptcy is the final solution, according to which a natural or legal person may be declared bankrupt. Both the debtor and the creditor can file for bankruptcy If not done correctly, there can be consequences in the form of economic sanctions or disqualification of company directorsIt is therefore important to get correct advice on how konkursbegæringsprocessen to proceed. If you have been confronted with a claim, on pain of disqualification of company directors, it is important that you respond.

A disqualification of company directors results in, that you can't drive business or enter into management in the next three years.

We can help you to lead a compelling defense of the right so that you will not be subject to sanctions.