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Birth registration

Please attach the child's death certificate

The midwife shall report the birth to the personregisterførerenIt will say the parish priest or kirkekontoret in the parish, where the mother lives. If you are not married to each other and together wishes to undertake the care and responsibility for the child, must notify the paternity digitally. In the even that parents notify the birth to the municipality.

registration of births and names in the southern Jutland or print a fødselsanmeldelse to the registration of birth or name.

If no midwife has participated in the birth, In the even that parents notify the birth to the parish where the birth has taken place.

Have a midwife involved, it shall notify the midwife of the birth.

Have a midwife involved in the birth, the birth registered in the parish where the birth has taken place. If you give birth to a child and not have a Danish registered address, registered the birth in the parish where the birth has taken place. It is only if a midwife not participating in the birth, you must notify the birth. Send it to the parish where the birth has taken place. Find the parish on Sogneportalen If you give birth in a hospital, located in southern Jutland, hospital guide, which the municipality of the form should be sent to denmark. If you give birth to a child abroad, and you have an official address in denmark, you must at the point of entry in Denmark come and get the child registered at the registry office where you live. Certificates are not issued automatically when their birth was registered, but you can order a Personattest on your child either with Friends or by contacting your bopælssogn.

Living In together, must send the form to the mother parish

Is the child born in south Jutland, you must contact the municipality where the birth is registered.

Contact bopælssognet or a fødekommune in south Jutland, you must bring a form of identification.

Is the child not born in Denmark, you can only get a certificate from a Danish authority, if the child has received a name change in Denmark after.

Please note that the Danish authorities already have access to the information that is on a Danish certificate.

Therefore, it is only rarely necessary to use a certificate across from a Danish authority. When you are registered as a mother in the context of their birth was registered you usually get a letter in your e-box with information about: If the child's mother lives in southern Jutland in denmark, so she will be not this letter sent to them when their birth was registered to happen at the jutland municipality.

In can as parents register the paternity of your child in cases where the child is stillborn or dead shortly after birth.

The form is to be completed only if the parents are not married to each other. It may not be reported digitally, and must therefore report it using the form ”Registration of paternity”. Paternity must be established only if the mother or someone else who has legal interest in the matter, pray about it. Is one of you - or both - born in southern Jutland, denmark, before the s or abroad, please include the dates of birth and birth certificate(s), dates of birth and navneattest(s) or similar documentation. Send the form and relevant annexes to the parish where you live. Is the child born in Denmark must send the form to the municipality where the mother lives. When paternity is fastslåetBliver a paternity of a stillborn child or a child who is dead shortly after birth, established, means the.