Cover - Benzinforhandler

The oil company Petro-Canada, which is part of the energy company Suncor, believe in a future for electric cars, and are now more than fifty charging stations - fast chargers - placed at the Petro-CanadaThe danes are showing record levels of interest in electric cars in the first twenty days of January. From a modest sale of only eighteen cars in the first almost three weeks in, is that in the same period this year sold ten times as many electric cars Petrol Kiosk - is published. The magazine contains among other things a comment from René Barrels (holder of toender. org), which points out that the winding-up of cars with internal combustion engines will come to happen in a much slower pace than predicted by bl. the Danish prime minister. Benzinforhandlernes Common Representation, the BFR, is the trade association for benzinforhandlere and other vendors related to the industry in Denmark. BFR carries out medlemsforeningernes and their members interest.