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(Read here about the sitenotice) Unemployment (or just unemployment benefits) in Denmark, a voluntary insurance scheme for employees and self-employed

In other countries there are different variations of dagpengeordninger in Germany is arbejdsløshedsforsikringer through legislation has made mandatory and employer-financed.

In all the nordic countries, there is a dagpengeret, which can be earned. The Danish insurance scheme, which is a significant element in the Danish model, administered by the state unemployment funds, according to the law aims to ensure members financial compensation for loss of income in case of unemployment.

You can also get unemployment benefits in connection with illness and other injuries or pregnancy and birth - this is called Sickness benefit.

You have the right to receive unemployment benefit for two years if you meet these criteria, there are some exceptions for fresh graduates and conscripts. Some temporary exemptions adopted by the Danish Parliament in the period - in conjunction with the lost dagpengeret.The highest daily allowance is at kr. on the day - it is similar to kr. Are you deltidsforsikret, is the highest rate of kr. on the day, which is equivalent to. a week.The highest daily allowance is kr. on the day - this is equivalent to. Are you deltidsforsikret, is the highest rate of kr. on the day, which is equal to. The basic principles for the allocation of social benefits were established in Dagpengeloven of, which was the first Danish act on state aid for funds. Then came a gradual change to the principle which was in force at the entrance to the s. It was based on an objective, that the compensation for loss of income or loss in wealth should be sufficient to create a general security for the citizens, who could not even clear provide. This objective was amended at the end of the s and the first decade of the s, where the activation was the central principle In the same period there were introduced special low benefits for persons who are considered unfit or unwilling to be integrated in the labour market, f.

start, -timersreglen and kontanthjælpsloftet.

You can also participate in this year's forårskonkurrence

These special benefits were terminated in connection with the Government Helle Thorning-Schmidt, finanslovsaftale for Citizens who want to ensure a better compensation if they are affected by a social event, therefore need to ensure through a private additional insurance or through collective schemes. The compensation for loss of earnings at the transition to unemployment benefit (the so-called replacement ratio) and early retirement fell from of a LO-worker's average earnings in to in. A more differentiated analysis from showed that a murers compensation was decreased from seventy to forty percent, while a low-paid rengøringsmedarbejder, in, got a compensation of, got this reduced to in. in may, the CONSERVATIVE government a 'recovery package' which they felt would contribute twenty-four billion. for the public budget. At the time, was the prospect that we would get a deficit, which did not live up to the EU convergence requirements. The proposal contained bl.

a freeze of overførselsindkomsterne (pension, SU, etc.).

But DF wouldn't go to the top of the pension, and therefore they suggested during the negotiations that you instead, shortened the unemployment benefit period to two years and doubled genoptjeningsperioden.

This was adopted by the Danish Parliament d. June, where V, K, DF, LA and RV voted for.