Denmark subscribes to the contentious united nations-statement - TV

Denmark belongs to the international cooperation

Denmark on Monday acceded to the UN declaration on migration at a conference in the moroccan city of MarrakechThe problem we are faced with, we can not solve alone. It requires cooperation,"says Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

The declaration, which bears the name of Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, has created big debate in many countries.

Including also Denmark.

The aim is, among other things, to combat illegal migration, but also emphasises that migrants need to be an active part of society.

The government contacts the Danish people's Party fears that the declaration will have influence on the Danish immigration policy, because it contains formulations that multicultural activities should be promoted, and that the conditions for migrants in general needs to be strengthened.

It has Lars Løkke Rasmussen rejected. He does not believe that the statement 'changes a comma in Danish immigration policy', and stresses that it is not legally binding. Lars Løkke Rasmussen told during a hasteforespørgsel on Wednesday that he was working on a so-called explanation of vote to clarify how the Danish government interprets the declaration. The purpose is to respond to criticisms and misunderstandings. Monday tells the prime minister to TV that the Netherlands, Norway and Lithuania also in explanation of vote, and that he hopes that more countries will follow suit. The declaration in the UN which has member states.

It should not be any doubt about that

It is, however, far from all that is satisfied, and at least countries have reported that they do not want to be with. twelve of the UN's member states have pre-announced that they will not tislutte themselves the Marrakesh declaration. The twelve countries are: He says that there is a 'population explosion' from Africa on the way, and therefore it is positive that the declaration suggests that it should be easier to repatriate illegal migrants. There is an existing folkeretslig obligation to take its citizens home. It just doesn't happen widely enough. And why is it valuable that some of the countries, we are pushing ahead on their international obligations, and reaffirm the political,"says Lars Løkke Rasmussen. He believes it is important to distinguish between migrants who are invited here to work, and those who are here without legal right. All people have human rights. However, migration is not a human right. And migration can never be the case uncontrolled, says Lars Løkke Rasmussen from the rostrum at the UN conference on Monday. At the Danish people's Party as party chairman Kristian Thulesen Dahl like Denmark left to sign the agreement. During a debate with the prime minister last week, he said that the government contradicts itself. On the one hand the government says that this statement has a good effect for Denmark, because we can increasingly commit african countries to take against its own citizens, as we would like to send out, said Kriistian Thulesen Dahl, and continued: - On the other hand, the government says, that, where it's all about the text of the statement, which I different places think is problematic for Denmark, is not legally binding. So we can basically just jump up and fall down on. Both can't be right On Monday, insists the party's udlændingeordfører, Martin Henriksen, Denmark should stay out of the declaration, but he looks positively on the so-called explanation. If it had been a good statement, so we had not needed an explanation. But it is good that you go in and are taking reservations for the worst things, says Martin Henriksen to Ritzau. Lars Løkke Rasmussen is taken to Morocco, after both immigration and integration minister Inger Støjberg (V) and the minister for development cooperation Ulla Tørnæs (V) denied that they would take off.