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How can I get a afdragsordning

If you want to get a afdragsordning in a different collection than the seven mentioned, you need to call Charging onYou can request a afdragsordning of Payout Denmark, if you have to pay money back. To request a afdragsordning you must use the self-service solution ’Request a afdragsordning'. *If you have a child and ungeydelse, by we it you owe in dinudbetaling. This means that you can only request a afdragsordning, if not longer to get children and ungeydelse If you want to get a afdragsordning in a different collection than the above, you must call the Collection Even if you have made a afdragsordning with the Payment Denmark, your debt will still be registered to the set-off of Gældsstyrelsen. It will, because you do not pay the whole amount within the period for payment, but instead pay off the debt with monthly installments. However, there will not get reminders or the interest on it, you have to pay back when you have a afdragsordning. If Gældsstyrelsen shall deduct the tax, you must have back, it works as a extra repayments on your debt. Covers the deduction is not the entire debt, you must continue to pay the monthly installments until you have paid the entire amount that you owe. If you get a afdragsordning of Payout Denmark, you must pay the money back within twenty-four months. In addition to the repayments at a minimum of one hundred kroner. If you pay with the payment form, you have the option to register the payment for direct Debit, then the money will be drawn automatically. You must have a power of attorney from the person who owes the money, if you need to request a afdragsordning on behalf of another. The person who owes the money, can give power of attorney digital, and select the services afdragsordningen concerns. Then select the ’Unrestricted full-power’, and you must conclude the agreement on repayment on his her behalf.

The person who owes the money, can fill out and sign a paper proxy, which you must attach when you request afdragsordningen. A power of attorney allows you to act on behalf of another The power of attorney, may at any time withdraw it by contacting the Payment Denmark.