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how can I apply for a visa for a group of people

Foreign nationals and stateless persons may only cross the Russian-belarusian border through the designated checkpoints, which are open for international flights. can I submit documents on behalf of another person, who travels to russiahow do I find the into the online appointment system and what information should I provide. can I submit documents in order to apply two visas at the same time. where can I get information on the type of visa I need. what type of health insurance do I need. when is it necessary to submit a certificate containing information that the person is not hiv infected. in what situations should the original documents be presented.

you must have an appointment to retrieve the passport

nationals of which countries do not need a visa to the Russian federation. I'm not an eu citizen, on what conditions do I get visa. what documents must be nationals of australia, usa, uk, ireland and canada show. how many days can a travel product at a tourist visa. I must change planes in a Russian airport. do I need a transit visa I will be travelling to russia in the car, what additional documents do I need. can I get a rush visa how long is the turnaround time. how can one register his stay in russia.