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At Judan Lawyers, we have specialized in cases concerning the forced removal of childrenRegardless of whether a tvangsanbringelse has transpired, or whether the matter has only just begun, so we can help you. We put everything into order, to bring the families together again. You are very welcome to contact us, if you want to know more about how we can help you to avoid a forced removal of your child. You can call us on the telephone or fill out the contact form to the right of the page so we contact you today. At the order we take care of your interests and helps you manage the unmanageable many rules about the forced removal of children. We review the municipality's work regarding the seizure, and make sure that all sagsbehandlingsfejl, lack of materials, studies, justifications, etc. being detected and pointed out. We can usually meet with you the same day or the day after you contact us, any. A case of forced removal is a brutal experience for the child as well as the relatives in addition. At the same time, the type of cases drag on for far too long, as there may be dialogical challenges to lawyers, family and the municipality from. As a family, to a tvangsanbragt child you are entitled to a free lawyer. It will say that the municipality should cover the costs that may arise in connection with, that you receive legal advice. Also, you have the right to choose exactly the evictions lawyer, you want. It gives you the freedom to find a skilled børneadvokat, which has your needs in mind. At Judan Lawyers we put everything into in order to avoid evictions and to bring families together again, and we helps you through the entire process by the order. We keep track of the rules, documents and, not least, your rights, so you can spend time on yourself and your family. Our many years of experience with cases concerning evictions gives us a full understanding of the difficult and vulnerable time, you're going through as parents - and especially if you are alone. We go high up in your and the child's well-being, why we in particular are struggling, that evictions are always the last measure taken in use.

We abandon, therefore, is not your case, if not it is upheld.

Instead, we bring this matter forward, as far as you wish.

We like to check in a case concerning evictions, regardless of the child's age and place in the process.

The earlier we are introduced in your case, the better we can help you to avoid a forced removal. We are aware that no two cases are the same and they all require a high level of commitment and attention - here we go never compromise. Process of a order is extremely cumbersome, and requires deep insight to ensure the right outcome in the case. Therefore, it is important that you always take advantage of the free legal assistance, which you can obtain through us. When a family unraveled due to a forced removal, is it something near impossible to look rationally at the reasons for the given order. For the same reason, it can and relatives to be hard to figure out, whether there is a anbringelsesgrundlag in the case. The reason for the order to be found in the act, and it requires an in-depth understanding. It is the municipality who takes the first step in a process of evictions, and they must not without a solid basis to do it. Here, there are typically a number of alerts. A transmission can, in principle, come from anyone, but most often it comes from a person in the child's network - for example, as an educator, a neighbor or a family member. There is, however, often more reports, before a municipality has evidence enough to assess whether a forced removal of the child is necessary. Common for all of the reasons for the evictions is that there are these must be able to retrieve the evidence, that the child's health or development put in serious danger in the home. Be assessed during the course of the process, that there is a stable basis for the problems in the home can be solved in another way, can the seizure of the child does not take place. Therefore, there is a high probability that the municipality's assessment can be overturned.

This is where we as experienced tvangsfjernelses-lawyers may be able to assist.

Mistrivsel in the home is among the most frequent reasons for the evictions. This will be, for example, if parents struggling with alcohol abuse or drug abuse. Also seen mental illness and violence among the resident members of the family also often as reasons for the evictions. It is Servicelovens §, describing the circumstances justifying the forced removal of a child. It is prescribed so that the order can be current, if there is a risk that the child's health or development is hampered by the following reasons, the Forced removal of infants is a violent attack on a freshly baked family. here is the decision on the forced removal often taken even before the baby is born. It means that the reasons are based on a forældrekompetenceundersøgelse, and that the parents have not had the opportunity to prove their abilities in practice. Why is the forced removal of infants also a decision which in many respects can be reversed. The most frequent reasons for the forced removal of infants due to the fact that the parents have an addiction, for example alcohol or drugs. Likewise, mental illness, violence or that the parents commit themselves in an inappropriate environment also frequent causes. It is crucial for the child's upbringing, that constantly keeps pace with the parents development, and thus also their ability to raise the baby by herself. The relationship between children and parents is fragile and very important, through the child's first year of life. In Denmark one sees the most cases of forced removal of children under twelve years. This is due to you by law need to have tried all the less invasive measures before evictions can take place. Therefore, the family has often been in family therapy, the parents and the children have been offered individually necessary help, and the like. When the final decision for the forced removal of a child under twelve years of falls, the causes typically mistrivsel in the home. This comes known as the super bowl, there in the home, violence, mental illness, alcohol or drug abuse. As I said, so should the order be the absolute last resort. You disagree that this is the case, then make sure to avail yourself of the free legal assistance, which you are entitled. As with the other age groups, a forced removal of a child above twelve years bottoms in, that there be assessed, to the child's health and development is threatened due to inappropriate conditions in the home. By children over the age of twelve years, we are dealing, however, cases where the child's mistrivsel most of all comes to expression in the external environment, as the child is in. Here, for example, if a child, who commits himself in a småkriminelt environment. When you choose to take the child, however, it is because, it has been estimated that the parents do not have the necessary resources to help the child on the right track. Forced removal of children of this age stands out in that the child has the right to a børneadvokat, and thus bear an important voice in the matter. Reasons for the order may, therefore, have to be assessed from the child's opinions.

It is an emotional struggle, which is difficult to handle

We understand your frustrations, and we can easily accommodate them. By your side, however, we would also guide you as to how you hold on to these during meetings with the local authority, Children Ungeudvalget and the like. It is important to maintain a nice tone for the examiner and avoid arousal, since it will never benefit your case on the order, if you let the anger take over. Even if the examiner uses a serious tone for you, so turn the cold water in the blood. It makes a difference To municipal meetings you have the opportunity to bring a friend, family member or someone who you trust. This is called an assessor. To avail of this, is mostly a good idea.

Cases of evictions is ruthless and passionate, and with a assessor you are sure to always have a person on your side.

Also think two heads are better than one. To have the right to access means that you have the right to see the documents and files which the municipality is in possession of that relates to your case.

It is often here that there can be errors from the municipality, therefore, it is extremely important to keep up to date in connection with the documents that are being presented.

We help and ensure that this is complied with. Further, it is a good idea, to take minutes of the meetings with the municipality, there are always two sides of the same coin. The municipality may have a different experience of any given point than you have as a parent. Forældrekompetenceundersøgelsen can for many families be offensive, which may lead for you as a parent reject the study. It is not appropriate, since it can be assumed as a sign that you are not suitable to get your child home. Instead make sure, to have a say in how the investigation is going to take place. That often is carried out forældrekompetenceundersøgelsen of a psychologist. You can enter into the decision as to which psychologist it should be. In order to avoid that the choice falls on a psychologist who has a previous relationship to your municipality. Which means that your case will be handled from an objective perspective. All the rules applicable by the order found in the Act on Social Services, which in daily speech are called to Act. That is the purpose of the law to offer advice and support to the citizens with the aim to prevent social problems. This is done specifically by offering a range of services with a preventive aim. The rules for what can constitute a genuine basis for the order exists in the Servicelovens §. As involved in the cases of the order will you, therefore, with the security to encounter references to this legislation.

Another unavoidable and very important rule is the rule of the genbehandlingsfrist, as you will find in the Servicelovens §.

Genbehandlingsfristen sets the framework for when an order can be resumed. Therefore, working Judan Lawyers always get reduced genbehandlingsfristen. The better you know the rules and guidelines around tvangsfjernelsessager, the greater the chance that you can get your child home again. Therefore, you should contact a lawyer specializing in its absence, such as evictions. In Denmark is approx children aged to seventeen years placed outside the home. Of which ten are removed without the consent of the parents. It corresponds to the order of. hundreds of children nationwide, which may be said to be a significant number of families as may stand with the feeling of powerlessness. Fortunately, there is help available.

Tvangsfjernede children end up typically with to get assigned a foster family, or are placed in a døgninstitution (f.

school), whichever is appropriate in relation to the age of the child. Has your child been tvangsfjernet, or, the municipality has set the process for the order in time, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The sooner you take action, the better we can help you and your family.

We have the welfare of the child as the first priority, and we are therefore struggling to the last for once again bringing your family together again. We know also the procedure for evictions, and where errors most frequently committed. Fill out the contact form here on the page furthest to the right. Then one of our experienced and professional tvangsfjernelses in-house lawyers shortly after the call to you and answer any questions you may have.