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Marriage for foreign couples in Denmark - the state administration

Otherwise consult with the state Administration You can also choose to have a representative to submit the application on behalf of you If you do, you shall give to the party's representative authorized to submit the application. However, it is still necessary for you to sign the application with into marriage of faith and love The party's representative may also, with advantage, use of Government digital application form and log in with either your NemID or SMS loginIf you do not want to use the digital application form, can be In print into marriage, as In from the. January will find here on the Government website, and send it to us together with all relevant documentation. There must be paid a statutory fee in connection with the application to the state Administration about to be married in Denmark. The size of the fee shall be determined and governed by the children and the minister of social affairs. We must in the state Administration does not begin to process your application until the fee is received on our account.