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The maximum you can borrow of the home's value mortgage loans, the remaining amount available through self-payment of bank loans. RisikomærkningLån with mortgage in real estate to consumers must risikomærkes as either 'green', 'yellow' or 'red'Risikomærkningen is an expression of the loan's complexity, coupled with the risk for changes in performance for each product type. risk marking of the loans Prerequisites for beregningenKursen is deducted from a kursfradrag. You can see the current kursfradrag on our prisblad years of monthly performance': For fixed-rate loan has a fixed interest rate, while for the remaining loan change at each repricing. For adjustable-rate loans, where the loan rentetilpasses continuously, will the interest rate and thus performance vary through the lifetime of the loan. For all låntyper contributions and other costs change in the lifetime of the loan, which means that the performance of all låntyper can change. By interest-only loans are the supplement for no amortization of the contribution rate calculated from a full mortgaging of the property. The amount of the bonus size however, depend on the property's mortgage and is payable only in the period afdragsfriheden be exploited. We take reservations for errors and deficiencies in the information. At the same time, we assume no liability for any losses resulting from the transactions made on the basis of beregningseksemplerne. It is simply a calculation, and we always recommend that you receive advice before you choose to borrow.

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