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Severance pay

Have you been employed continuously for a longer number of years, you might be entitled to a severance payment, if your employer terminates youIn addition, should your employment relationship be the subject of either an agreement, or funktionærloven, which lays down the detailed rules for reimbursement. You are terminated by your employer after you have been hired as an employee for many years, you are entitled to a severance payment according to these rules: It is no longer a requirement that you must remain on the labour market.

You just need to have been employed as a officer in either twelve or seventeen years, when you retire.

Only the time in which you have been employed as an employee, do count.

The severance pay consists of your monthly salary, including any employer's contributions to a pension scheme as well as the value of taxable benefits such as company car, telephone etc.

Severance payments shall be taxed according to the special rules in the assessment act, section -U. kr. tax-free Then calculated the social security contributions and A tax on it remaining amount.

If you later kontraopsiger, have you still entitled to severance pay - provided that you fulfill the anciennitetskravet on the new fratrædelsestidspunkt. You are wrongly banned, you will still have a claim to severance pay provided that you meet the anciennitetskravet at the time, where you would be resigned, if you instead had been terminated with the correct notice.