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Tax Return Denmark

employers, pension funds are being studied, banks, etc

Taxable persons in Denmark will automatically receive a statement in the digital service in the month of marchThe financial statements contain that which is reported to the tax administration of the f. Many taxable persons have no more information to the financial statements. Therefore, you must only correct the financial statements, if there is incorrect or poor information, in relation to the income and fradragsbelĂžb reported to the tax administration from employers, pension funds are being studied, banks with more. If you are liable to tax to Denmark and you have not received your annual tax return in march, you must disclose your income, whether it is positive or negative. You can indicate on the tax beyond where you can log on with NemID or digital service code. Oplysningsfristen is. But you have the income or deductions outside of Denmark, are self-employed, with more, is oplysningsfristen. When you have entered all your incomes and deductions is formed and immediately a tax.

It shows whether you have paid too much tax and when you will get the amount back or if there is calculated an additional tax that you must pay.

If you are self-employed, you can see the information that is reported to the tax administration in the digital service tab, in the 'Tax information'. In order to ensure the real taxation has all of the nordic countries, the rules on employers, banks and others to submit information to the tax authorities about the payment of wages, pension, dividends, interest, etc. the recipient's name and address, what kind of income it is and the amount of the state. The obligation to provide information also includes payouts to persons who are resident in other countries. In order to ensure correct taxation, it is the nordic countries agreed to share information. The exchange happens every year between the designated entities with the tax authorities and through secure channels. Exchanged large amounts of information between the nordic country. This information is used by the tax authorities in the country of residence to ensure that persons with cross-border activities have fulfilled their obligations to disclose income and assets they have abroad.