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In the beginning of spring, introduces a citizenship test

It is your own responsibility to bring proper id on the day of the testIf you do not bring proper identification to the test, you will be expelled from the sample. Right now you can easily make use of all of the different features in our training program, which helps you to pass the citizenship test. We offer over questions, which are regularly revised by the help of our users suggestions. Denmark's history is important to know, if you want to understand Danish society as it looks today. The welfare state, the political system, culture and everyday life is the results of a long historical development. The viking age, the middle Ages, the Reformation, the Renaissance, the enlightenment, landboreformerne, the war with england, the Schleswig wars, industrialization. World war, Denmark in the global community. The Danish geography, the Faroe islands, Greenland, the Danish language, schooling and education, family life, church and religion, customs and celebrations, movement, literature and performing arts, art: visual arts, music, architecture, design, and Danish films. The Danish velfærdsmodels development, welfare society's tasks and actors, the funding, the Danish economy and labour market. 'I think that the samples you have on the web is the perfect way to know many of the things on Denmark, Europe and a part of the world. Of course, it requires time, but is a great help for passing the official tests. 'It was actually fun, I learned a lot of useful information about Denmark. To know what is waiting for one, is a big help. I went to the test with a feeling that I would surely pass. 'It was a good, easy and effective way to be prepared for Statsborgerskabsprøve. Thank you so much for Statsborgerskabsprøve I have used the website to prepare myself for the test. I have graduated with twenty-seven right.

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Hall re-opened (read more)It is seven years ago that the K. hallen on Frederiksberg in Copenhagen tragically burned down. Now it is reopened and the crown Prince Frederick md. Rocker-the murder weapon on display at the museum the murder weapon from a thirty-four-year-old murder case has been on display at the museum. It is about the submachine gun, which was fired at the president of r. Queen Margrethe and singer Oh Land in new samarbejdeDronningen and the singer are both to put on a new show, which will premiere in the Concert hall of the Tivoli gardens in. Danes are worse at English than norwegians and svenskereSelvom the danes still are really good at English, so, according to a new report, Denmark's head lands on a number. Coop makes borgerforslag to save tobaken vækSupermarkedskæden Coop has made a borgerforslag, forcing the Parliament to respond to their proposals on the beast. Refugee children perform significantly bedreEn new study shows that children of refugees are doing much better than a few years back. The proportion of refugee children who end up with to stand. A new theme park coming to London in the I, there comes yet another amusement park to the west jutland town of Billund, which already houses the theme parks of Legoland and Lalandia.

The popular musician and singer Kim Larsen passed quietly indOm morning d.

september slept singer and songwriter Kim Larsen after a prolonged illness. Ubådsbyggeren Peter Madsen gets life sentence for gruesome drabLandsretten now come to the same decision as the district Court came to in april. Ubådsbyggeren Peter Madsen, was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Danske Bank in the big scandal of money laundering of pengeChristiansborgs politicians are both shaken and shocked, after it is on Wednesday.

september came forward, that the Danish Bank has been involved.