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Trade union and a-box - Business Denmark

Business Danmarks A-kasse is for you, working with sales and marketingWe have as the only (a-kasse) in Denmark to fully focus on your professionalism, so we know what it takes to get you back on the job market again. As a member of the Business Danmarks A-kasse you are guaranteed unemployment benefits if you lose your job. At the same time, we help you back on the labour market through advice, individual coaching sessions, workshops, courses and much more. Whether you are a manager, employee or self-employed, organise we are together a flow that fits you and your situation. per month (equivalent to dkk. after-tax) You can enroll yourself at the same time, our trade union, you get one of the cheapest kombinationsløsninger for only kr. Are you under training, is it free to be a member of the Business Danmarks A-kasse). Remember to sign up for an a-box within the twelve months prior to the end of study period. You are guaranteed the right to unemployment benefits with the same, when the diploma is in the house, and the hunt for a dream job kicks off. Are you both a member of our a-box and the trade union, then you have the option to draw a lønsikring as a supplement to the your unemployment benefits. about how you can ensure up to of your salary if you are terminated.