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Agricultural real estate - Purchase and sale of agricultural property in the whole of Denmark

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Get a good and secure sales with the greatest possible profits, and control of both tax and law.

We evaluate your property completely without obligation, advise you along the way and offers several different opportunities - according to your wishes. Whether you're considering buying or selling a country estate, then you can get lots of sparring, advice and guidance, if you get a professional from the EDC with on the sidelines. When it comes to the purchase or sale of agriculture, so there are a lot of other factors that make themselves felt, rather than if you just need to buy or sell a traditional house or an apartment. There are a whole other playing field, and all together we can make you smarter. Get advice on the purchase of the EDC. With us you can confidently make high demands We are experts in trade in agriculture and lystejendomme and has extensive experience with the trading of properties in your own local area. Before you go hunting for farms for sale so there are some things you can consider. Obviously, as you get with a farm a few more square feet to do with, not least the opportunity for many acres of land. However, there are also a lot of commitments, a lot of work and most likely also a number of larger expenses with. There are more than two hectares of land on the property, then it follows that as a starting point landbrugspligt with. It means that you are not obliged to cultivate the earth, but only is obliged to maintain it. You do not want either to cultivate the soil or keep the area neat, so you can forpagte the ground. However, there are also agriculture completely without landbrugspligt. For example, it may be abandoned agriculture or fritidslandbrug. Here there are no rules for the associated land, and likewise, there are also no special tax rules. Whether you are considering to buy a farm with or without landbrugspligt, so it does not require any special training, certificates or the like. In return, make up some rules, if you want to have animals in your farm. When you work with the EDC Agriculture, you have access to selected brokers, which specializes in all types of agricultural properties in your particular area. Therefore, you get the highly qualified advice that ensures you a professional course and the best possible price. We can take care of the entire process from end to end, which means that we with pleasure shall prepare sales materials, market your property, show it and write the purchase agreement.

But you can also choose to market it, or even be given the preparation of sales literature.

Get a general status and the latest news about the market for agricultural properties, and be particularly up to date on the cattle, pig, mink, horses and lystejendomme.