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Efforts in Afghanistan

The country continues to face major challenges

From the beginning of, took over the afghan national security forces full responsibility for security in AfghanistanThis ansvarsskifte marked the beginning of a more balanced cooperation between Afghanistan and the international community. The former ISAF-mission (International Security Assistance Force) is therefore, at the invitation of the afghan government, been replaced by the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission (RSM). RSM consists of more than. soldiers, aims to strengthen the afghans ability to manage their own security. RSM is not a combat mission, but focus on training, advice and support to national institutions, including the afghan national security forces. RSM is also in Afghanistan on the mandate of the UN security council. Denmark's military contribution in Afghanistan operating within the framework of warns B of. december on a Danish military contribution to the RSM. The objective of Denmark's military efforts is to contribute with sought-after fitness, advice and støttekapaciteter in the mission. In the course of an adjustment was made to the Danish force contributions, which have created the conditions to meet the new objectives under the RSM. Fitness rådgivningsindsatsen is gathered in Kabul and the file size of the Danish military contribution consists of approx. Includes approx. twenty-five persons, distributed in advisory functions at the afghan army academy and the afghan officersakademi, the afghan army's special schools and instructors to the building of an afghan C- transport aircraft capacity. The overall objective of the Danish efforts in Afghanistan is to contribute to national, regional and global security by preventing the country again becomes a sanctuary for terrorists. At the same time, the Danish efforts contribute to the emergence of a stable and more developed Afghanistan, which carries its own security, continuing the democratic development and promote respect for human rights. The purpose of the RSM is including to ensure robust security institutions, where the security forces are under civilian control, and manages the security in accordance with afghan law and international law. Denmark has with Afghanistan plan - a comprehensive three-year plan for the Danish military and civilian efforts in Afghanistan until the end of. The emphasis in the Danish engagement is on the development effort. Including based the exposure on three strategic principles: consolidation, which indicates that Denmark focuses on the core areas, which so far has been to create results, f. in the education of afghan ownership, which underlines the importance of the afghan government to take the lead in relation to supply of tangible progress to the population normalization, which emphasises the importance of developing the relationship between the afghan authorities and the international community in the direction of a more balanced development. In addition, Denmark supports actively a peace and reconciliation process between the afghan government and the Taliban as well as the main rebel groups.

In recent years substantial progress has been made in building the afghan national security forces, so that the strength of the day includes approx.

man broken down on the police and the army. But there is still a need for further capacity building of the security forces. In the frame of the RSM is Denmark with to ensure that afghans get the right training and the skills to make the security forces able to handle the country's security, also in the future. The Danish udviklingsengagement focuses fol. on growth and employment, education and a strengthening of democracy and human rights. Allocated million annually in the period - to the development effort. Through the regional peace and stabilisation programme for the Afghanistan-Pakistan makes Denmark an average of hundred million dkk. per year to the building of the afghan national security forces. The Danish Afghanistan plan - backed by the social democrats, the Socialist people's Party, The Radical Left, the liberals, The Conservative people's Party, the Danish people's Party and Liberal Alliance.

Denmark is in Afghanistan in order to:Ensure Denmark.

We solve not the problems in Afghanistan, comes the problems for us. The strategy of the Danish effort in Afghanistan is long-term. Here you can read more about the background and strategy for action: Afghanistanstrategien is an overall strategy for the Danish efforts in Afghanistan in the period. The strategy describes both the challenges and the Danish effort. The relationship between the international community and Afghanistan is moving after into a new phase. From the turn of the year, it is full responsibility for the country's security and political, economic and social development of the afghans themselves.

The plan covers Denmark total effort - both the political, military, police and development efforts - until the end of, after which there will no longer be Danish combat units in Afghanistan.

niogtredive countries participating in the mission

The plan places crucial emphasis on afghan ownership so responsibility in all areas, both formally and effectively transferred to the afghans. At the same time it will be with Afghanistanplanen - held that Denmark also after will continue to be present and bl.

provide extensive development assistance to the country.

The reporting shows that Denmark continues to deliver a solid contribution to Afghanistan's stabilization. Despite major challenges, the Danish efforts in contributed to creating results and progress on a number of areas, and the implementation of the Helmand plan is progressing according to plan in relation to the majority of the benchmarks. The government announced in June a new strategy for the total Danish effort in Afghanistan. The strategy was prepared by the ministry of Defence and The ministry of foreign affairs in close cooperation with the parties in the Danish Parliament, which is behind the Danish effort in Afghanistan. The strategy sets out the overall objectives of the overall Danish effort and is based on an integrated political, military and developmental approach. The Helmand plan - outlines the targets for the Danish efforts in Helmand province in Afghanistan in. The gradual transformation of the Danish effort in Afghanistan, which began in, continues.

The Danish soldiers in the coming years will gradually fade into the background and increasingly let the afghan security forces take the lead.

A publication on the Danish engagement in Afghanistan in The new publication ”Afghanistan - why, how and for how long.” provides the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the strategy in Afghanistan, which Denmark concrete contribute with and what the results are. The Helmand plan describes the objectives of the Danish effort in helmand province in Afghanistan in. In, Denmark and the afghan security forces to the population in a direct cooperation, which will ultimately put the afghan national security forces able to take over security responsibilities. Denmark will in also make a significant diversion of the efforts for capacity building and the establishment of 'partnership' with the afghan security forces. The efforts in Helmand are a central part of the Danish engagement in Afghanistan. Reporting on the Danish efforts in Helmand, is an annual statement of the objectives, which the Danish civilian and military efforts seeking to achieve in Helmand province. The Helmand plan continues the work from. The Helmand plan describes the objectives, which the Danish civilian and military efforts seeking to achieve in. Priorities from - security, stabilization, education, reduced radicalisation on continue key. The one-year time horizon for the Helmand-plan must ensure the possibility for frequent adjustments in an unstable region. The first annual report for on the the government's strategy for the total Danish effort in Afghanistan. The strategy sets out the overall objectives of the overall Danish effort and is based on an integrated political, military and developmental approach.

On the basis of the strategy ”The Danish effort in Afghanistan -”, the Danish Parliament adopted the.

december to strengthen the Danish contribution to the international security assistance force in Afghanistan. This warns now represents the formal political basis for the Danish military efforts in Afghanistan. The international community are making great efforts to improve security and create a stable development in Afghanistan. NATO's annual report for provides an insight into the many diverse actions that should ensure a stable and peaceful Afghanistan. ’Denmark in Afghanistan’ tells of the military and civilian Danish effort in Afghanistan. The film shows some of the results, but also some of the challenges and costs that lie in the efforts in Afghanistan. The ministry of foreign affairs and the ministry of Defence in cooperation made ’Denmark in Afghanistan’, which is produced by the Defence Media centre in the fall of. Missionsområde: Afghanistan. The majority of the Danish soldiers stationed in northern Afghanistan and in Kabul area.