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When you are traveling in Sweden, you must show a valid id

It means that you as a traveler must carry a valid photo ID (e.g. However, you should still be able to identify you when you are abroad, so please bring a form of photo id, e.g. a driving licence Your passport will be suitable as a photo id and is required sometimes by plane and ferry operatorsDenmark is, together with a number of other countries in the Schengen cooperation. This means that when you travel to the following countries outside of the Nordic region, you must not show your passport: austria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Greece, Holland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech republic, Germany, Hungary and Austria. But since you must be able to prove your citizenship, you will still need to bring your valid passport, when you stay in a Schengen country outside of the Nordic region. If you are travelling outside the Nordic countries and the Schengen area, you must always bring your passport, otherwise you risk to be rejected at the border. Applicable in several areas, the other rules for foreigners living in Denmark for Danish citizens: If you are a dane, living abroad and should have a new Danish passport, is the cheapest, if you order the pass, when you are on a visit in Denmark.

All Danish citizens can obtain a passport in person to the citizen service in any municipality.

You do not need to live in the municipality, or have any special connection to it. If you can't get to Denmark, you can apply for a passport at the Danish embassies and consulates. The foreign ministry's website you will find country list Here you can click your way to where the embassy and or consulates located in each country, as well as how you apply what you must pay and what documents, photo and other things you must have with. If you are a dane and have become parents while you are abroad, your child must have a Danish passport on an equal footing with all others, to travel wherever there is raised to. Apply for a Danish passport at the Danish representation to the embassy in the country in the same way as the search for a passport in Denmark of citizens services. In order to obtain a passport for your child, both holders of parental responsibility to fill out the fields on the consent form in the application, if there is joint custody. When you are applying for a passport for your child, the child must be present. Apply the same rules for passports for children, passport for adults, as regards for example the quality of the brought photo. However, children under twelve years, so far do not provide fingerprints. If your child is under the age of eighteen years out to travel, and you as the parent or guardian should not be, can your child risk being denied entry in some countries. There is not yet a list of which countries it is about Therefore it is a good idea in advance to contact the embassy or consulate of the country your child will be travelling to.

They will be able to inform you about the rules children and young people under the age of eighteen years, who travel into the country without their parents or guardian.

If you lose your passport abroad, the Danish embassies issue a temporary passport. However, you must first report the loss to a local police station, as the embassy needs to see a receipt for the notification.

You can get more information about the rules for passports in the municipality.

The foreign ministry's citizen service can help with information on other countries passport and visa regulations. The ministry of foreign affairs app, UM Rejseklar can be downloaded from all app stores. The app allows you easier to prepare your journey - and not least the ability to more easily get in touch with the Ministry of foreign affairs, if something goes wrong.