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Tax: Registration and security

Registration must also be done via the report

You need to be aware of that before you import goods from outside the EU, you must be a registered importer and other factors such as collateralBefore you import goods from countries outside the EU (applies also to Greenland and the Faroe islands), your company must be registered as an importer with the Danish business authority. companies and register your business. Registration is required, your company can submit importangivelser. You must also consider how you will provide security for the customs duties. during 'Collateral' below. When you register your business, it is automatically assigned an EORI number, which is your company's vat number with GB at the front. In cases where the company does not have a CVR number, but only a VIEW number, is used to SEE the number as the EORI number. EORI is an English acronym for the Economic Operators' Registration and Identification and is your EORI number be registered in a common EU-wide register of companies engaged in the import and or exports from the countries outside of the EU. EORI number to ensure that enterprises can be uniquely identified and effectively across the EU.

However, you must specify the CVR SEE-number in connection with the import, export and transit in the Danish customs systems.

Companies in non-EU countries must be registered in the EU country where they first have toldaktiviteter.

In Denmark, the company must be registered with the Danish business authority via the report. Registration of Danish shipping companies, freight forwarders who have toldaktiviteter, but which does not need to be registered for import and or export, should be recorded for other toldaktiviteter with the Danish business authority. Request for registration for other toldaktiviteter is done by mentioning the name of Other toldaktiviteter in section thirteen of Danish companies and in section thirteen of the foreign companies by the registration request, since there does not exist a separate afkrydsningsrubrik thereto. When you are importørregistreret, you must at the same time, consider how you will provide security for the customs duties, your goods may be imposed. At import, you must also decide when you will pay the customs duty will be charged. There are three options.