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The FACTS: buying property in Denmark - Residence requirement

Temporary stay due to holiday, study o

For both danes and foreigners who want to buy a real estate property in Denmark is subject to a so-called residency requirementResidency requirement means that you, as a starting point must either have a fixed abode in Denmark at the time of purchase or have previously been resident in Denmark for the total of five years. (However, see the exception for EU - and EEA-citizens below). A previous period of residence need not necessarily have been consistent.

will, as a rule, could not be included in the period

It may, for example, have been split up in a residence of two years and later a three-year period. Want a person who does not meet the residency requirement, to buy housing in the country, requires authorization from the Minister of justice. a. granted, if the person has a residence permit here in Denmark, or the individual fx are a nordic citizen and want to move to Denmark. Residency requirement is administered fairly strictly and a potential buyer who only has a temporary residence here in the country, meets as a starting point does not satisfy the conditions. Residency requirement thus applies also for the danes, which means that Danish citizens who do not live here in the country, and which previously has not done it in at least five years, must also seek permission from the Minister of justice. The reason for this is that Denmark as a member of the european UNION is obliged not to hinder the free movement of labour within the community.

That is to say, that Denmark must not prevent the other EU - and EEA-citizens to buy a real helårsejendom in Denmark, as it would at the same time hinder the free movement of labour.

Made furthermore, the requirement that the buyer sign a so-called 'declaration on honour', where to buy, under penalty of perjury declare either: Statements on these matters to be written into the digital title deed, which includes a section thereof, which is crossed by the relevant text. EU - and EEA-citizens must also comply with the general rules on residency requirements - ie. the duty actually to inhabit the dwelling - if there is such on the site. Of particular note is that the EU - and EEA-citizens ’only’ have access to buy the permanent residence in Denmark. For the purchase of the vacation home summer cottage in Denmark applies a special rule, and here the EU - and EEA-citizens do not any merits in relation to other foreigners. Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The Czech republic, Germany, Hungary and Austria. If the purchaser has permanent residence in Denmark, but has achieved a cpr-no. or entered the country within the last five years, in the deed provided 'declaration on honour' from the buyer. The declaration must include a statement that the buyer acquires the property in order to maintain the permanent residence.

If such a declaration is not, will the deed be registered with the deadline.

The deadline can be met by the establishment of an endorsement to the deed, which may be made due declaration under Erhvervelsesloven and the associated ordinance. Tinglysningsafgiften for such endorsement is kr. If the buyer alone has been the departure of Denmark for a shorter period of time, e.g. due to study, work or similar, the detailed explanation thereof provided by the review of the document type ”Forevis Documentation”. The disclosure of this type of documentation is exempt. The same residency requirement as for the persons, companies and associations m. It will say, if a company does not either have their headquarters or have been resident in Denmark for five years, the company shall seek authorization for the purchase of real property with the Minister of justice. Similar rules apply to EU and EEA citizens also for companies and associations m. m. resident in the EU or the EEA Denmark has, in relation to the other EU-countries, a special rule for the purchase of the cottage. In order to preserve the right to holiday homes for the danes and the other with permanent residence here in the country, applies to the residency requirement for all. It will say that you have to have permanent residence in Denmark, in order to be able to buy holiday homes in Denmark, which also applies to EU - and EEA-citizens. Residency requirement means that all persons who do not live or have lived in this country for at least five years, not without permission can buy holiday house in Denmark.

The same is true for Danish citizens who do not meet the residence conditions.

Is the residency requirement is not met, you get only allowed to buy the cottage, if you get a permission from the Minister of justice, which can only be given exceptionally.

In practice you can only get the permission of the Minister of justice, if one has a particularly strong connection to the country, either through close family in Denmark or to the cottage.

There is talk about an overall assessment, but the emphasis on all relevant information, such as previous stay in Denmark, and in particular the family, occupational, cultural, and economic ties to Denmark. The application thereof must be submitted to the ministry of Justice, which in practice demands a quite comprehensive and detailed explanation of why you as a buyer believe that you have the appropriate affiliations. There can be no question that you must specify dates for the time periods where you have spent holidays in a particular home or a particular area. Or report in detail on the events and the family and friendly relations that have created the association.