The judge - Be prepared for your meeting in bailiff's court

You can meet personally in order to declare you insolvent

The bailiff's court is that where a creditor may take legal steps to get you to pay or otherwise get his moneyYou do not pay to a creditor, they will first try to make a deal with you. If it is not managed, they will send you in the bailiff's court. A creditor will typically try to take the seizure of your car or your house and at the same time make a afdrgsordning with you. This means that you do not own anything that can be made the attachment of the. A insolvenserklæring “freder” you in six months for further fogedretsindkaldelser from your creditors.

If a insolvenserklæring is appropriate for you, you should make the bailiff aware of it during the meeting.

It is not all things, which the creditor may proceed with the attachment. that certain things are “protected” such as your bed, chairs and tables - unless they are very expensive and can be replaced by cheaper furniture. Is your car needed to get to work and have a low sale value, the creditor may not make the attachment and sell it at a foreclosure auction. You must appear in court If you do not, you can be picked up by the police.

As a citizen in Denmark should have a “modest home”

Typically you will get, however, a phone call by the police, where you get told that you have to meet at a specific time. Are you sick, it can be accepted, but the judge may require proof of your illness. A justification that you should work accepted Yes, unless the judge has determined otherwise. There is a power of attorney in fogedretsindkaldelsen, which you must complete.

The person who meets to you, know your situation and your financial situation so that they can answer the questions that are asked to the meeting.

It is important that you make sure you get a handle on your debt. Not only for the creditor, who has summoned you, but for all your creditors. You have an overview of your finances, you can make realistic installments with all your creditors. Comply with you agreements, you will not be called in court again.