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Trains in Denmark - reimbursement

The service charge represents forty-kr

The possibilities to recover DSB tickets and cards are equivalent to those applicable to the sale of consumer goods in general

This means that in principle, there is no right of withdrawal.

But the DSB does, however, yet, like many other outlets, various options for a refund or exchange after purchase.

Returns you a ticket or a card, there is a fee, since there is a part cost by making a refund. It is always the price at the time of purchase, apply if you want the money back.

The ticket must be sent to: DSB customer centre po Box Taastrup, indicating the reason and the name, address and cpr no. The following applies only to the repayment of domestic DSB banebilletter and short, and only when they are bought in Denmark.

For certain types of specialbilletter, which are not listed, recovery is not possible or is possible only according to special rules.

Different rules apply for international tickets

DSB Orange can not be recovered.

Print tickets and tickets purchased at the DSB app can only be refunded online and no later than the day before departure. There will be no charge If you lose your commuter passes, you can not normally get it replaced.

If you buy a new card and find the old again, however, there are certain options for repayment. If you want to refund your ticket, there are different rules, depending on which ticket or card type it is you Will be sick, you can get your money back, if you call DSB at seventy thirteen fourteen before your trip should be started. The seller will then guide you on how you can get your money back. There is a fee of forty-kr Some tickets are not included in this option.