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What the law says

It is the electricity, gas and varmeforsyningslovene

The main relationships between consumers and energy companies are regulated in the three energiforsyningslove

Energilovene with the associated notices you get access to on the authority's website (dera).

Besides energilovene also applies to the general civil law rules, including the specific consumer laws for private consumers. It is, for example, contract law, consumer law, sale of goods act, renteloven with more. Or see the Danish Competition and Consumer authority website (kfst).

Contract law is central in relation to the conclusion of agreements on delivery of energy services.

Contracts will soon be complemented by two decrees on the protection of the essential demands of consumers for electricity and natural gas. The chapter on unfair contract terms is based on an EU directive. January approved the new statutes of the appeals Board in the field of Energy.

Elforsyningslovens purpose is to ensure that the country's electricity supply is organised and implemented in accordance with the purposes of security of supply, economics, environment and consumer protection.

The notice contains rules on elhandelsvirksomhederne duties and obligations to the consumer. The notice contains specific invoicing requirements for elhandelsvirksomhederne Rules supplement the notice of the energivirksomheders informing consumers about energy consumption and billing. The ordinance contains performance standards to fjernaflæste electricity meters.

In addition, there are rules for the measurement of electricity for end users (consumers).

The law aims to promote cross-border trade and achieve a high level of consumer protection. The law relates in particular to the rules on consumer protection in distance contracts and contracts concluded away from business premises. ændringsbekendtgørelser) information on appeal fees and rate reimbursement should, respectively, as the consumer and the trader shall pay to the ankenævnene.

Free process is expressed that the state will provide financial assistance with order to ensure citizens access to justice.

The purpose of the free process is so that people with less favorable economic conditions also have the opportunity to lead the litigation. The purpose of the act is to ensure that private collection agencies, ie. the recovery of claims on behalf of others, happens without fogedretternes involvement as part of the private collection agencies, are conducted in a fair and sound manner. The sale of goods act regulates the civilkøb, the sale of consumer goods and parties who are not consumers. The general property law principles, as the sale of goods act is expressed, are also of importance in relation to the purchase and delivery of energy services. The law on payments regulates bl.

deposit and withdrawals on an account, the use of debit cards, online banking, direct Debit agreements and transfers of funds.

Economic and business affairs has the

The law contains a number of rules, designed to protect the users of payment services. The purpose of the draft law on betalingstjenes. NaturgasforsyningslovenLovens purpose is to ensure that the gas supply is organised and implemented for consideration to security of supply, economics, environment and consumer protection. Information requirements through the establishment of customer relationships. The notice implements the rules on consumer protection, in particular in annex A of the EU directive on the supply of natural gas. Consumer information The notice implements the rules on invoicing and specification of costs of natural gas prices, which is particularly the result of the EU directive on the supply of natural gas. Produktansvarsloven regulates the statutory liability for personal injury and forbrugertingsskade, as a product is causing. Ansvarsgrundlaget objectively, ie. that the victim only needs to prove the damage, the defect and the causal relationship between defect and damage. Renteloven regulates the private claims on the payment of interest for late payment as well as the reminder - and applicable, collection fees. The code of civil procedure provides for rules on legal assistance and there are set rules in the 'Notice on the public legal aid by lawyers'. The code of civil procedure- actually the law on the court's care, contains the rules on the courts, the police and the public prosecutor's structure, on the conditions for the to become and work as a lawyer, as well as the rules governing the treatment of civil and criminal proceedings, for the recovery of debts, etc. at the bailiff's court, p. VarmeforsyningslovenLoven on heat supply regulates the policy in Denmark as well as a number of conditions in relation to supply heated water for residential purposes, for they could join.