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tax and housing situation in Denmark

No matter which citizenship you have, you must go to your municipality's citizen service and get a cpr number and a health cardIf you, as a foreigner working in Denmark, you have as starting point the same working conditions as Danish nationals - regardless of whether you are working in the private or the public sector. You are under the same conditions as to salary, holiday, dismissal, unemployment, health and safety in the workplace. Jobnet is the largest job portal, and the portal is the Danish jobcentres deals on the internet for all jobseekers and employers throughout the country.

The Web portal workindenmark offers guidance on international recruitment for both employers and foreign jobseekers as well as a job and cv-bank, which is tailor-made for international recruiting.

On the portal you can gain knowledge about the working and living conditions, e.g. In the job-the bank you can find available jobs, and in the cv bank you can put your cv. The website is available in Danish, English, German and Polish. The job centers on Zealand and Bornholm cooperates with the employment services in Scania to contribute to the development of a common labour market in the Øresund region. On Jobnet you can find the posts in the entire Øresund region. com also offers guidance on working in Denmark in Swedish and English. Information on recruitment and labour market conditions across the German-Danish border you can find on Eures-kompas. If you are considering to start their own business in Denmark or expand your existing business with a branch office in Denmark, you can find useful information on Investindk. com If you live or work in Denmark, you have a duty to pay tax in accordance with Danish rules. In order to pay the tax, you must have a social security number and a tax card. If you as a nordic citizen you are working or staying in Denmark for a period of time, you commit also to pay tax in accordance with Danish rules.

However, you can still have a home and be required to pay tax in the country where you live or have moved from.

If you are fully taxable in two countries, will you have to pay tax in both countries of the same income and assets. In these cases, it is important to clarify in which country you are resident for tax purposes in accordance with the provisions in the nordic tax agreement, so you avoid being dobbeltbeskattet.

hundred regulated professions in Denmark - e.g

If you have done a training done abroad and wishes to seek work in Denmark on the basis of the training, you can get it assessed by the Danish Agency for Higher Education. The agency belongs under the Ministry of Education and research. There are approx. doctor, teacher, lawyer and firefighter. If you want to search jobs in one of the regulated professions, it is necessary to have your foreign diploma approved, since you must be able to meet a number of specific requirements. You can appeal against the decision on an application for a residence permit to the Aliens affairs and Integration. You can not complain about the assessments made by the Danish Agency for Higher Education shall take, but the agency must consider all submissions it receives and may choose to make a new assessment, for example, if you have new information on your foreign education. If you wish to appeal against the refusal for admission to a training, you must go to the location of the school. If you disagree with a decision on the credit for your foreign education, you can complain to the Kvalifikationsnævnet. You can read more about the tax provisions of agreements to avoid double taxation, an agreement concluded between the nordic countries: You can see the current laws and rules on approval of foreign diplomas in the act on assessment of foreign educational qualifications. With the Ministry of Education and research, you will find a collection of Danish legislation relating to the assessment and recognition of foreign exams.